The “brown” cheerleaders from Bobrowniki Wielkie returned home. There was a surprise waiting for them [WIDEO, ZDJĘCIA]

There was a big surprise, specially designed choreography, confetti, balloons, tears of great joy and happiness. The bronze medalists of the World Cheerliding Championship of the Bobrowniki Wielkie Voltage team returned home and were warmly welcomed here.

The girls could not hold back their tears when they saw how the fans decided to meet them.

– It was a complete shock. We were not ready for that at all. – This is very good. We wouldn’t think that so many people are our fans.

According to the girls’ nanny and coach Agnieszka Wlezień, they were overjoyed when they heard the final results of the tournament.

– There was a great shock and disbelief that we, who have never been in the joy division at the world championships and won a medal. In the ICU (International Cheerleading Union) competition, there is a tradition that three teams are called for medal places, they go to the floor, and only then the results are read one by one. The joy of hearing the name “Poland” was so great that I could not express it in words.

The Bobrowniki Wielkie team was represented by four players at the tournament in the United States: Gaja Raczkowska, Alexandra Skowron, Kamila Wolska and Julia Zmarzły. In a radio interview, DAM said that the level of the championship was very high and they were happy to take such a high place.

– The stress was great, but we managed. – You see that the teams are improving year by year, the competition is high, but I think we are on the same level with others. – I did not know what happened at all. – I thought we were mistaken for another country. because I expected us to take a lower place. – I expected it to be worse than other groups, but when I announced all the places, I was convinced that we were great and did a great job.

The organizers of such a warm reception of the group were, among others, their parents. The mother of one of the players, Monica Zmarzli, spoke about the preparations to meet the girls, the emotions that accompany her and the whole family during her performance.

– We had to meet our daughters modestly with other parents and loved ones, but we joined forces with the principal of the school in Bobrowniki Wielkie and it was a great party. Girls get tired after such trips and all these experiences, but they are definitely happy. As for us parents, it was impossible to describe the feelings. We all watched at home, I think the whole of Poland watched. Everyone cried when he talked to the girls after the results. Julka could not say a word.

Małgorzata Kiełb, principal of Bobrowniki Wielkie Primary School, said the success was due to the hard work and dedication of trainer Agnieszka Wlezień.

– Mrs. Agneska was a young teacher when she came to our school. You had to do all kinds of academies, and that’s how it started. He prepared his daughters for dancing. In addition, we have organized many festivals where they can show themselves. Agnieszka’s passion led the girls to go to competitions and trips to the World Cup. We are very happy with their success. Ms. Agnieszka Bobrowniki is known all over the world thanks to the commune of Wielkie and Żabno.

While the team was in the United States, Tarnów staroste, Roman Lucarz, strongly supported them and, as he emphasized, was not surprised by the success of the girls.

– It is a great honor and joy for us that the girls from Bobrowniki, from such a small town near Tarnow, are so honored and happy for us, because the hard work spent on all the preparations for the show was great. I have been looking at this group for several years. When they go to different tournaments, we subsidize and support them. For me, this medal at the World Cup is not a surprise, because the girls have repeatedly returned, for example, with a gold medal from the Polish championship. The impact of this hard work was felt in the United States, and it was no accident.

The Polish national team, which includes Małopolska: Voltage from Bobrowniki Wielkie and Cheer NS, won a bronze medal at the World Cheerliding Championships in Orlando last week.

This year’s struggle in major international tournaments does not end there. At the beginning of July, Athens will host the European Championship, which will be attended by Voltage, but is already in full swing. The appetite for success is great, so today the girls do not have time to rest and start training again.

They will go to the tournament in Greece with the financial support of the Marshal’s Office.

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