The best internet offer – what to look for when choosing a provider?

All the nuances, doubts and the most important issues related to the relevant Internet connection, decided to dismantle the Play Network, the only one of the few in Poland, which developed a unique educational platform. There, he reveals the Internet and explains its complexity to others.

Home Internet – Which Choice Will Be The Best?

Of course, many people can no longer imagine their lives without the Internet at home. Not surprisingly, access to the Internet, in particular, not only guarantees entertainment, but in many cases has become invaluable for work and education. Home office and distance learning helped to facilitate daily activities of good communication. It is worth choosing a home internet that will meet your requirements to ensure the comfort of work and provide the highest level of entertainment.

Fixed or wireless Internet? Types of Internet connections

When looking for the best solution for yourself and your family members, it is worth learning the most important information about fixed and wireless internet – what are these and what are the differences?

Fixed line Internet is the Internet that connects an apartment or house to a cable.

The advantages of this service include:

  • contact stability,
  • fast data transfer,
  • There are no data download restrictions.

Equally important and useful, for example, during work or distance learning, a fixed internet connection works regardless of the load on the mobile network or the weather outside the window. Whether you decide to use a radio connection or an optical fiber, the advantage of landline internet is also the price. Of course, the offers of different ISPs differ from each other, but they really have an advantage over wireless Internet.


When using wireless internet, it is possible thanks to a router and an active SIM card that you can create a Wi-Fi network..

LTE Internet is an excellent solution for people who need constant access to the network, no matter where they are. You can use it wherever and whenever you want. This connection works best with smartphones and other wireless devices. Keep in mind that the quality of wireless Internet is affected by factors that you should not take into account when connecting to a landline – data constraints or network congestion.

Do you choose home internet? Adapt it to your needs

Internet speed This is the main criterion you should pay attention to. The faster the download and upload speed, the better. However, keep in mind that not all packages offered by Internet providers will be available everywhere. Therefore, before making a final decision, you should check the technical capabilities of the infrastructure in your area.

It is another element that influences the final decision of the buyer price. This is directly related to the needs of the user and the quality of the connection. With market price differences, consider delivery terms, operator capabilities, and any limitations arising from technology or location.

Great flexibility will also allow you to decide The duration of the contract signed with the operator. The best solution in this case is a contract for an indefinite period, where you can cancel it at any time without any payment.

The internet is perfect for a large family

The speed you choose should be adapted to both the size of the family and the number of devices that will use the Internet. The number of home gadgets that are constantly connected to the network is really long – a game console, a few cell phones, a TV and even a refrigerator that informs about the lack of special products.
You need a minimum speed of 100 Mb / s to video conference with several people, watch a series or use social networks freely.

Larger network loads will require 200 or even 300 Mb / s download and upload speeds, which will ensure comfortable use of multiple devices for all household members..

Additional landline internet services

In addition to high-quality connections, in the case of landline internet, providers also offer many applications that users can benefit from. Access to streaming services such as TV packages, Netflix or HBO GO, including mobile services or gadgets. Wi-Fi amplifiers – all this is to make the offer more attractive and to make the choice of landline internet more affordable.


Selecting the perfect offer according to the needs of the user and the technological conditions requires, first of all, time and analysis of the available offers.

If you need internet at home, and want to enjoy a stable connection and a stable transfer rate, landline internet will be the best solution for you. In case of frequent actions, choose LTE wireless internet, which does not limit you in any way.

How to protect your Wi-Fi network? How to amplify the signal? Get answers to your home internet questions

Choosing the right home Internet is one thing, but it doesn’t end there. Security is equally important, as are the technical issues you need to address. Below we answer the most frequently asked questions.

How to protect your Wi-Fi network?

It is important to protect your Wi-Fi network. This action will help minimize the risk of others accessing your network. More importantly, you will be better protected from cybercriminals who can steal your confidential information, including. payment card numbers, access to bank and social media. While ensuring the security of your Wi-Fi network, it is worth remembering, among others, the following rules:

  • Use a strong password – many characters, including numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters. Change them periodically.
  • Rename the wireless network.
  • Limit network coverage.
  • Turn off remote access to the router.
  • Disable Wi-Fi Protected Setup.

How to optimize your Wi-Fi signal, ie where to connect the router?

The most effective way to expand your Wi-Fi range is to position your router correctly.

The appliance must not be covered, ie it must not be placed inside a cupboard or table. In addition, it should not be placed directly on the ground.

It is better to place the router more or less in the center of the apartment, so that the signal should reach all rooms.

How to connect the router to the Internet?

  • The router must first be plugged in and then reset to factory settings.
  • The next step is to connect the network cable to the mains socket of the device.
  • Now turn on and configure the router and the computer.

The exact instructions on how to connect the router to the Internet should be included in the device manual.

Become a home network master!

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