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In Poland, temporary masters have the longest lifespan. A leading innovation in the telecommunications market is the 5G network, which has been used by mobile operators for several months on frequencies shared with older technologies, as there is still no auction of so-called frequency blocks. The C band (3.4-3.8 GHz) and the 700 MHz band emitted by digital terrestrial television.

The C-band frequency auction had already been announced once, but was later canceled. The market has been waiting for the final version of the National Cyber ​​Security System (NSC) for months. On the one hand, to decide what equipment can be used to build a new network – and whether it will be possible to use the services of Chinese suppliers.

On the other hand, the topic of discussion is what Poland5G will look like, ie a joint 700 MHz network proposed by the public, in which the state and the largest operators will have a stake. During the European Economic Congress in Katowice, business representatives discussed delays in the implementation of 5G, the possible consequences of the still temporary network and the potential of next-generation networks.

– Especially in the current situation, it is clear that it is better not to build new infrastructure than to build unsafe infrastructure. However, this does not mean that we can wait indefinitely for the auction of 5G frequencies. To support the recovery of the Polish economy after the pandemic, thanks to the launch of new services in the 5G network, clear, clean and non-discriminatory rules in the CSC Act should be implemented as soon as possible, said President Andrzej Dulka. Polish Chamber of Information Technologies and Telecommunications.

Deja vu:

Emitel President Andrzej Kozlowski (right) noted that discussions on 5G technology have been a regular item on the agenda of economic congresses for half a decade. Despite several approaches, the Polish government has not yet been able to allocate the frequencies needed to set up the network.

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Reveal your potential

From the point of view of the user of telecommunication services, the incomplete implementation of the 5G network is not yet noticeable. What is the problem?

– If we were talking only about consumers being able to watch more videos on the road and transfer more bytes, then 5G would be useless, 4G technology would meet these needs. The advantage of the 5G interface is that it allows you to share bandwidth and provide a variety of services on it, providing a wide range of communication between devices needed in the economy of the future. When the network is accessible to the industry, we will be able to talk about 5G in Poland – so it is important that it happens as soon as possible, because this process has already begun in other European markets, – said Andrzej Dulka.

Panel participants drew attention to the potential of small industrial networks that can “sensor” and automate large industrial enterprises or logistics centers.

– The Polish economy is highly dependent on sectors that use a lot of human capital. 5G could support the march towards automation and robotization of the industry, add value to the Polish economy and, as a result, increase enterprise margins, said Andrzej Kubisiak, deputy director for research and analysis at the Polish Institute of Economics.

Infrastructure tranquility

Jacek Niewęgłowski, Cellnex’s director of transformation and public relations, who has invested in the mobile infrastructure of Playa and Plus, has kept his composure.

– You do not always have to be the first and apply “cool” technologies to make the economy feel positive. In the last two decades, we have never been the first to use any technology in Polish telecommunications, but we did it very cleverly, achieving high network quality, wide coverage and prices are among the lowest in Europe. is going to do – Jacek Niewęgłowski claimed.

Andrzej Kozlowski, president of Emitel, which is responsible for infrastructure, including telecommunications towers in his portfolio, among other things, called for the provision of frequencies to mobile operators as soon as possible to free up the 700 MHz band.

– I have a deja vu, because we discuss the potential of 5G every year and there is still no auction. In the meantime, there is nothing to wait for, this is really the last call and bold political decisions are needed. We are already three years behind and we are wasting the opportunity for Europe’s popademic re-industrialization. In France, for example, a fully automated 5G shoe factory has recently opened. And what do we offer? Low labor costs? By the end of June, we will have completed the reconstruction of the 700 MHz band, and these frequencies will be available in the north-east of the country, except for interference in the networks of Russia and Belarus. There is nothing to wait for – Andrzej Kozlowski called.

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