Psychiatric Market Consolidation – Medicover Seizes Allenort Therapy Clinic

Allenort, a nationwide network of highly specialized psychological and psychiatric clinics, has joined the Medicover group along with the hospital. Operational advice in the process of acquiring the company was provided by the consulting company Upper Finance. How is the consolidation process of psychiatry going and how will it affect the development of this area of ​​health?

Following the acquisition of Allenort Therapy Clinics, Medicover will increase its resources with six therapeutic facilities, including the first full-fledged private psychiatric hospital in Warsaw, Poland. Each of them provides services in the field of individual diagnosis and treatment of various types of mental disorders, as well as therapeutic support tailored to the needs of each patient. The solutions offered by Allenort are used by people struggling with developmental disorders, alcohol and psychoactive substance addiction, eating disorders, anxiety disorders and many other diseases that require professional care by a qualified professional.

– I am glad that Allenort’s next project in the medical industry has been successful. We have established a network of hospitals and psychiatric clinics, a new element of the integrated health care system, a system that can provide a full range of services for both adults and children. Mental health is an important part of public health as one of the foundations of a healthy and modern lifestyle.

Allenort is a research and development and business division with a established market position that sets new standards of behavior in healthcare. Therefore, I am happy to transfer this project to a medical operator with great prospects for intensive development in the future. Only the owner changes and the network of Allenort Therapy Clinics will continue as a project and will be systematically expanded. So far, all of Allenort’s established medical centers, both cardiology and cardiac surgery and neuroradiosurgery, have successfully completed the public medical offer in Poland and are successfully operating in the medical market. Dr. Allenort President of the Board. Grzegorz Goryszewski emphasizes.

The consolidation process of psychiatry is accelerating

Before the pandemic in Poland, about 8 million people suffered from mental disorders. It took 3-4 months (exactly 3.6 months) to register for an appointment at a mental health clinic run by the National Health Foundation. Among EU countries, we rank last in terms of the proportion of psychiatrists per 100,000 people (9.2). residents. According to the NIC, there is also a shortage of psychologists specializing in working with children and adolescents: 44% of them are missing. Polish schools. Due to poor access to services, a large proportion of people with mental disorders do not receive the desired treatment or start too late, deepening the mental health crisis.

– Mental and behavioral disorders are one of the most important reasons for losing healthy years of life. Indirect costs associated with these diseases can exceed 30 billion PLN. These are costs associated with resignation or incapacity for work. This situation creates a growing need for private investment in mental health. The challenges are met with enthusiasm by industry investors who offer packages to companies that want to meet the health needs of their employees. There is also great interest from financial investors. The acquisition of Allenot Therapy Clinics is a great success for Medicover and makes the group a leader in mental health. We see great value in building a care model based on psychophysical well-being. Mental health is important for the fullness and satisfaction of life, as well as for participation in social and economic life – Joanna Szyman, vice president of Upper Finance, says.

Consolidation processes in the psychiatric segment are one of the most complex and require professional support. Upper Finance consulting company supported the owners of Allenort Therapy Clinics in the sales process. Judicial process, including audit of operational activity with assessment of development potential, preparation of investment proposal, tender process, preparation for the necessary verification process, then support in final negotiations with the investor and assistance in preparation of investment agreements and conclusion of the transaction.

– The cost of M&A operations in the medical services market with the participation of Upper Finance is 2 billion PLN. We combine competence in operational and strategic consulting with competencies in capital consulting. The combination of knowledge and experience in these three areas, which permeates the entire operational process, ensures the security and efficiency of our customers’ operations. – Joanna Szyman, vice president of Upper Finance, adds.

The scale of mental disorders in Poland

The first and most complete epidemiological study of mental disorders in Poland, reflecting the scale of mental disorders, is the EZOP study conducted in collaboration with the World Mental Health Consortium (WMH) in accordance with the methodology of the World Health Organization (WHO). ).

The study population had at least one of the 18 disorders identified in the classifications (ICD-10 and DSM-IV). can be diagnosed for life in 23.4% of people! 25% of them experienced more than one of the studied disorders, and 20% experienced three or more disorders.

The most common mental disorders are those associated with the use of psychoactive substances (12.8%), including alcohol abuse and addiction (11.9%). The problem affected more than 3 million people before the pandemic.

The next group of disorders in terms of their prevalence is neurotic disorders. In general, all forms of neurotic disorders cover about 10% of the population studied. By extrapolating the data to the Polish population, the number of people affected by these disorders could reach 2.5 million. Depression, regardless of severity, was reported by 3% of respondents.

3.5% of respondents were diagnosed with impulsive behavioral disorders (resistance to opposition, explosive behavior) that could signal or precede a number of other clinical conditions. By extrapolating the results to the Polish population, the number of people affected by these disorders can be estimated at about 1 million.

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