Not just tests. People infected with the coronavirus … are also found by dogs

  1. Rapid screening methods are important to prevent a pandemic. Properly trained dogs can detect COVID-19 in seconds

  2. Dog odor will be especially helpful in asymptomatic cases. The virus itself does not smell, but the infected person emits a characteristic odor

  3. Specially trained dogs are looking for people infected with the coronavirus at a Metallica concert

  4. In the United States, quadrupeds operated by Bio-Detection K9 will receive additional training to better detect the Omicron variant.

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Four-legged guard

It should come as no surprise that there are trained service dogs at airports or border crossings. Dogs detect dangerous substances and drugs due to their ability to smell. Dogs, which are considered to be man’s best friends, can also detect diseases such as cancer, Parkinson’s disease and impending epilepsy.

That’s why scientists have begun training dogs for the rapid detection of COVID-19. Four-legged friends will not replace the tests, but their evaluation may be the basis for its performance.

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Dogs have a nose for the coronavirus

In March last year, Poland launched an investigation into the program “Detection of COVID-19 by dogs.”, Coordinated by scientists from the University of Life Sciences in Vroclaw, and e.g. Researchers, trainers, instructors from the Ministry of the Interior and Management, and people who compile and monitor the training of dogs. Similar studies have been conducted in the Czech Republic, France and Finland.

Their goal is to prepare dogs for coronavirus screening in large crowds such as shopping malls, airports and stadiums. Rapid screening techniques are important to prevent a pandemic, and properly trained dogs can detect COVID-19 in seconds. Such measures would be especially helpful for people with asymptomatic infections. An initial assessment of the dog would be a signal to take the test.

The effectiveness of this method in studies conducted so far is 85-90%. Therefore, it is very accurate.

– In an interview with “Gazeta Wroclawska” one of the team members, Dr. Hub. Michał Dzięcioł, from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Vroclaw.

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Training process

The pilot program includes Negrita, Sony, Bruce and Hunter. First and foremost, dogs need to forget odors like alcohol or drugs that they have learned so far.

The virus itself does not smell, but the infected person emits a characteristic odor. Therefore In the process of training, dogs are given samples from both infected and completely healthy people, and blind, ie empty samples. A dog that recognizes an infected person should stand with them.

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Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, which has been prevalent since 2020, many entertainment events, including concert tours, have been canceled. The musicians slowly decide to return to the stage. The concert organizers and artists themselves pay special attention to ensuring a high level of security for the participants. The most common way to reduce the risk is coronavirus tests or covid passports.

Metallica members, however, decided to seek the help of quadrupeds. During the fall concerts in Fort Lauderdale and Atlanta, as well as the 40th anniversary concert in San Francisco in December 2021, the musicians were accompanied by 12 trained dogs. The task of specially trained German and Belgian Shepherds and Labradors was to look for infected people among the spectators gathered at the concert. coronavirus. It was met with great interest by the fans.

People ask: What does this dog do? This surprises them, they are full of caution. But if they understand the instincts that control dog behavior, they understand the problem. Dogs also smell each other. We teach them to find something they are interested in anyway

Former US Department of Defense dog instructor Jerry Johnson told Rolling Stone.

The animals are monitored by Bio-Detection K9, chaired by Jerry Johnson. Before starting work, the dogs participated in a six-week training program. During this time, they were taught, among others, to smell human feet and hands. Now the quadrupeds have started training again. But this time they will learn to smell protective masks. Modifying the procedure is a new variant of the coronavirus – to increase the effectiveness of detection of people infected with Omicron.

According to Rolling Stone magazine, specially trained dogs also took part in Eric Church’s fall tour and will return to the Gather Again Tour with him. Bands like Tool, Ashley McBryde and Brothers Osborne also plan to catch a dog for their upcoming tours.

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