Movie Picnic at Helios Cinema Network!

As you know, the most movie day of the week is Friday, and the upcoming long-awaited May weekend begins! This is the perfect time to go to the movies, learn about the new Helios repertoire, or watch a movie. Each spectator will be able to decide which of the worlds of cinema to enter … full of magic, Viking clashes or daring pursuits. Demanding movie lovers will meet with the series Koneser Cinema and Polish cinema, and sports fans will enjoy the semifinals of the Champions League.

The premiere will take the audience to the seaside atmosphere with the heroes of the film from the surprise Helios on the weekend of May. “Lanet Bornholm”. A group of friends go on a traditional long weekend trip to the Danish island of Bornholm with their children. An incident between children will cause a wave of crisis in their relationship. Starring Agnieszka Grochowska, Maciej Stuhr and Grzegorz Damięcki.

Fans of the Scandinavian climate can also travel to the dark, 10th-century Iceland to learn about the fate of the young Viking prince. The tragic story of one of the families of the lands of that time, coming to power is paid for by bloodshed and dishonesty in the family. The title is character “Viking”returning after years of exile with a desire for revenge and a desire to get what belongs to him. The star staff, realism and speed of production will make it an unforgettable journey …

Audiences who want exoticism can go on a long journey with Nicolas Cage on the birthday of the head of the Mexican cartel Javi. The invitation can be a one-way ticket, because the CIA can also be seen among the guests, and the eccentric birthday party is not the quietest. The crazy adventure comedy, of course, will not allow any spectator to get bored and yawn during the show. “The unbearable burden of great talent”.

Everyone who loves the world of magic and Harry Potter will have an exciting journey with the heroes of the last part of the film. Fantastic animals: Dumbledore’s secrets. It will definitely be an unforgettable adventure, because the screens will show the duel of the greatest magicians the world has ever seen! Professor Dumbledore appoints Newt Scamander to lead a group of wizards fighting Grindelwald, the greatest evil that threatens the world.

Another movie offering is pure entertainment that appears at the top of the box office like lightning and becomes a global hit. This“SONIC 2. Fast as lightning”– the fastest space scammer on the planet. Another mission is to save the world from the naughty Dr. Robotnik and the Knuckles. But Sonic is not alone! Side by side, he fights for the well-being of the Earth by his loyal friend, the yellow double-tailed super fox Tails. Together they are invincible!

Helios, which continues a series of free screenings in Ukrainian, invites two films every day from next Friday. The first set of tales – “44 cats” –It was prepared with the youngest viewers in mind and will therefore be broadcast in a Ukrainian dubbed version. Older audiences will be interested in the film. “Lesse and Maja’s detective office: a bandit from Qatar” In the version with the Ukrainian voice – another part of the adventures of young detectives and a new riddle to be solved.

The film will be shown in the Koneser Cinema series on Monday, May 2 “Nightmare Strip”– Guillermo Del Toro, an Oscar nominee, is a real pearl among his films® Up to 4 categories. Under this sign is a typical cinema see – A dark detective story with Hollywood stars. The atmosphere of the films with Humphrey Bogart or Orson Welles, as well as the story taught by the director to the audience, is a recipe for success!

On May 3 and 4, sports emotions will peak! In the semifinals on Tuesday UEFA Champions League Manchester City will face Real Madrid. A day later, the players of Liverpool and Vilreal will face each other. No football fan should miss such emotions on the big screen!

As part of the series “Existing Culture” (shown on May 5), viewers will learn more about the life of the greatest scandal of the Polish People’s Republic – Kalina Jedrusik. “Because I have sex”. The symbol of Polish pop culture, known for its controversial statements, dazzling sexual attraction and living by its own rules, preceded its time.

Movie emotions are a great idea for an unforgettable time, but also a May weekend! Spectators can plan their visit to the cinema, choose the best places and save money by buying tickets in advance. Details are available on the site: and the new Helios mobile app. See you at the May demonstrations!

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