Mothers, daughters, wives in the pigsty

Fair sex? Yes, but certainly not because it is weak they independently manage a farm of 630 breeds, focusing on the production of milkers. The incident took place in Ruszkov district of Rypin. Maria and Monica nee Pietrzak set up a farm three years before their sister’s farm, assuming from the beginning that only women would work here. The female farmers benefited from the RDP’s co-financing, so there are officially two herds with 315 head of teeth in the piggery. The animals are marked with earrings and numbers so that they can be easily identified both in the pig house and in the documentation and calculation. They work at a rhythm for 3 weeks.

– We produce about 20,000. piglets that we sell to farms all over Poland – says Maria.

At first glance, you can see mutual understanding and trust in the team. The pigsty is clean, and the social rooms have comfortable, quiet music, elegant and cheerful sounds.

From week to week

Work at a rhythm for 3 weeks this allows the girls to have tasks that are carefully planned and shared fairly each week. Pairing is planned for the first weekKamila, a livestock technician, is primarily responsible for this.

– We are preparing the seeds for mating at the weekend. Then they fry and the boar walks around them. We cover from Monday to Wednesday. We start at 16:00 on Monday. We usually fertilize the two of us with Maria, although Natalya is often with us – she describes the model of Kamil’s work.

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The second mating takes place at 14:00 on Tuesdays and the third mating at 11:00 on Tuesdays, but Kamila notes that only after the second mating are the seeds, which are still tolerant, fertilized for the third time. This farm is depleted on average 2.4 servings of sperm at each temperature.Fertilization here always takes place in the presence of one of the two hunting boars, which are delicate and exceptionally friendly in the hands of the female. Gosia has the most to do with them, she is tied to ants like dogs and takes them around the farm. These walks are done to look for estrus, to stimulate the seeds before each fertilization and during each fertilization.

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Pig farm in the hands of women

– On Monday, when we fertilize, Krystyna and Gosia clean the maternity wards, but on Tuesdays and Wednesdays they join us and also help to mate. When we are all in the coating sector, work goes faster and more efficiently, explains Kamila.

Gym every day

– We have a wonderful fitness here. I can have more than 20,000 on the pedometer by 10 in the morning. steps. That’s what some women can’t do for a whole week – Kamila laughs. Working with a 3-week rhythm means that the herd is divided into 7 technological groups, in which case each of them is about 90. About 1,200 piglets are born here every 3 weeks. During rearing, each of them must be lifted several times with feminine, delicate hands, which made them extremely strong and durable. The average birth weight in this pig farm is 1.35 kg, therefore, more than 1.5 tons of piglets should be raised during the first treatments for newborns. Any subsequent seizure of them is only more severe. When weaning averages more than 7 kg, the whole group weighs more than 8 tons, and the load is even greater, given that the piglets run away during capture and lifting. But the girls do not complain.

They live in a pigsty in a 3-week rhythm adapted to production. When they rest on the weekends, they plan their off-duty activities for a week’s coverage. One of them tries to replace it on the weekend, and the others will replace it without unnecessary complaints.

– We work with live animals. We can’t close the door and go on vacation. There is always someone to be there and watch. But everything can be organized. We exchange fairly on weekends and holidays so that everyone can rest and be free on Monday before Easter, so we wean the piglets on Friday, not Thursday, as usual. As a result, we start mating on Tuesdays after Christmas without damaging production – explains Maria.

The staff participates in conferences and trainings. Natalya and Kamila study at a correspondence animal technical school. But man does not live by work alone.

“Sometimes we go to town together for dinner.” We go to the movies, and on Women’s Day we were in the theater. We try to spend time together outside of work because we like each other – Monica admits.

In a small community like Ruszkov, home to just over 400 people, it’s impossible not to recognize someone. Girls can see their houses through the window. When one has to go to the pigsty, the other can look after the children from his yard.

– When an interview is planned at our school, we work to meet with teachers. We are mothers and understand the needs of ourselves and our families – Maria emphasizes.

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