It’s finally time to get your home internet in order. Fritzbox 4060 and Fritz Repeater 6000 routers

Can you believe I never had the opportunity to use a repeater? Living conditions never required this, and even at the beginning of my professional career, when I was a teenager, working on the local Internet, I avoided contact with repeaters. Living conditions are a little better now, in a built-in house, it’s time to solve the problem of the Internet at home. The package of the first impressions of the dream team is: Fritzbox 4060 + Fritzbox Repeater 6000.

I had a micro-infarction when a local (and the only!) Internet provider said after range tests: You won’t have internet from us, you won’t have it. There is no range. It is strange that my house is located on a small hill in the center of my village, but it turned out that the antenna had to be directed in the opposite direction … where is the next hill. Who would have thought that in the 21st century I would … complain about not being able to connect to the radio network.

Finally, the installer found a small link, where the coverage was very good, and I became a radio operator, ie the owner of the radio Internet. I will feed you, all fiber optics in the city center: I pay 140 PLN per month for 60Mbps / 12Mbps. Not only that, after the transition from LTE to T-Mobile, I am completely satisfied with these parameters.


Fritzbox 4060 router and Fritz Repeater 6000 – first impressions


I bought an anonymous router in the set, even at home it is well managed, unfortunately the internet on the first floor was a very exotic thing due to the underground heating and mats. I knew I would finally have to install a repeater. That’s what happened, and Fritzbox helped, which allowed me to test its 4060 router with the Repeater 6000. Of course, a full review will be available soon, and now I would like to briefly share my first impressions with you.


First of all, I know Fritzbox very well, because I have had the opportunity to use their equipment many times in the past. They saved the skin more than once. But from the beginning, the design of the Fritzbox is very different. I’m not lying when I say that there are more beautiful devices in the segment, but it doesn’t matter. Finally, the router will end up somewhere behind the closet anyway. However, there is no denying that the quality of materials and plastics used is very decent.


Both in one package and the other, just what you need. Device, power supply and cable with Rj-45 terminals. In the case of the Fritzbox 4060, the configuration is as simple as ever, although I always have a problem using the Fritbox’s own custom 178.1 address, rather than the standard address. This is a characteristic feature, because I do not think there is any philosophy behind it.

Screenshot 2022 04 28, 10.47.33

The configuration process was very simple, and the panel itself, available in Polish, was simpler and more intuitive. Probably the only thing that makes sense and should be taken as a habitual problem is to change the administrator password. By default, in the basic settings, I was looking for an option to change the administrator password in aka security. In the case of Fritzbox 4060, changing the administrator password is done by changing the current user’s password in the upper right corner. Password, network name, security and pyk settings. Everything flashes!

Now it’s time for the Fritzbox Repeater 6000, which will be responsible for internet service on the first floor. Surprisingly, the 4060 itself copes with the Internet service on the first floor very well, but of course only near the stairs (in two rooms the row next to it is almost full), unfortunately in other rooms the mat under the floor is effectively heated. compresses the range.

The configuration of the repeater, as a rule, had to be very simple, to capture the configuration, connect it to a computer or router, then disconnect the cable and press the button on both devices. Army. After this operation, you just need to place the Repeater wherever you want and turn on the device. And here the stairs began, because the devices simply did not want to catch. In the end, I was able to manipulate the repeater, but I probably didn’t choose the best point, because the connection quality to the router is about 30%, and as a result, the internet on the first floor works a bit. , and a little gone.

However, I am surprised that it went so smoothly, and now the real problem will be to find a good place for the repeater (the stairs would be perfect, but I did not see an electrical outlet there). In addition, I feel that if the power is there and he can throw the repeater there, my husband will start a sedentary vacation.

I am still looking for the perfect place and I will give you full information about these devices in the near future.

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