How fast is the internet to Netflix, HBO, YouTube and internet movies?

How fast should the internet connection be to watch movies comfortably on the Internet? Broadcasting movies from Netflix, HBO GO, or Showmax, or perhaps watching live sports events – it’s important to have smooth and fast data transfer.

If we look at movies on the Internet – whether VOD, YouTube 1080p or 4K – it is good that the bandwidth gives us optimal comfort and smooth transmission. Nobody likes the fact that the image stops suddenly in the moment of dynamic movement and has to wait for the film to buffer. It can ruin the whole climate, and if it happens several times during the course of the film …

How fast should the internet connection be to avoid this type of problem? We have analyzed the recommended speeds for the most popular websites.

Netflix switching speed?

Netflix is ​​currently considered a Mecca for serial fans. We must have a connection speed of at least 3Mb / s (DL) to watch in standard quality. A better picture will give us the HD quality we need at 5Mb / s.

Netflix also allows you to view its production in 4K resolution, also known as Ultra HD (UHD). In this case, the amount of data transmitted is very large, and in order to enjoy this hyper-realistic image, we need to be connected to a data download speed of at least 25 Mb / s.

Check your connection speed with a tester – Speed ​​test.

How fast is the connection with HBO?

Netflix’s biggest competitor, HBO, has similar requirements, but recommends a minimum internet connection speed of 5Mbps. Of course, you have to keep in mind that the minimum speed is related to the ability to watch movies in lower quality than the faster connections allow. So, if we want to be sure that we will watch your favorite series at least in HD quality, then there is nothing that will fall below 10Mb / s.

What is the connection with YouTube, CDA, Vimeo?

5-8Mbps is considered acceptable for popular video streaming sites like YouTube, Vimeo or CDA. This should allow them to play smoothly with decent quality.

But if we think about higher resolutions, we will need a relatively faster connection – 10Mb / s in FullHD, and 20Mb / s in 4K.

The above speeds assume that you are transferring one movie at a time and using one computer. If someone at home (or company) is using the Internet at the same time, you need to add the appropriate transfer.

The link is fast, but the videos stutter

It happens that people with high-speed connections see a sudden drop in image quality or its stuttering (except when someone from home swallows the Internet or has problems with the bandwidth of the router).

Does this mean that the ISP is blocking connections and slowing down the data transfer is its fault? Not often, but you can quickly check it using the Speedtests available on the network.

The speed of downloading data from streaming services is affected by many factors on the part of the recipient. In the case of computers and laptops, these are services and programs that are constantly connected to the network. This is especially true for Windows 10, where telemetry and updates are enabled. Updates often start downloading when the user is inactive for a few minutes, ie while watching movies.

pending updateMessages about Windows 10 updates that you often see while watching movies or playing games.

The other could be an antivirus program and a Firewall program that is in constant contact with the signature database. The amount of transitions that these programs capture increases, especially when updating their data and mechanisms.

Other elements that can greatly affect the speed of your Internet connection are programs for downloading and uploading data running in the background, such as instant messaging, programs for synchronizing data with the cloud (for example, OneDrive installed on Windows 10, if you “do not block” it will automatically send data to cloud servers) ).

The last reason for the delay in the transfer may be due to the virus. In each of the above cases, there are appropriate, effective solutions, after which you will be able to enjoy watching movies comfortably.

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