He listens to DAB + on Polish Radio every day … 27 min. Nation. Will someone finally put an end to this absurdity?

For several years, the National Broadcasting Council and Polish Radio have been the only bodies in Poland that believe in the meaning and success of the digitalization of DAB + radio. In turn, commercial radio stations claim that the digitalization of radio has long been on the Internet. Who is right?

Of course, even when you have money, it is on social media – you can burn our money indefinitely. Commercial stations calculate the money and invest it where it makes sense and generates revenue, because their budgets have to be consistent every year.

In 2019, 1.3 billion PLN was financed from the state budget of social media, and a year later almost 2 billion PLN, and as we know, this level has been maintained so far. In total, since 2017, social media has received about 10 billion PLN, not counting subscription and advertising revenues, which is a lot of money. Of course, most of this amount is appropriated by public television, but radio also receives enough support. Why?

Well, of course, at DAB +. According to the industrial portal Wirtualnemedia.pl, 5.36 million PLN was allocated for the emission of Polish Radio channels (excluding production costs and salaries) in DAB + in 2020, but as it turns out, they reach a handful. buyers. In 2019, the average daily total number of listeners was 26,000. people, a year later 27 thousand, and last year again 27 thousand. Just look at the decline on the side of Trójka, which collapsed in 2020, and its journalists set up two Internet radio stations that year – Radio Nowy Świat and Radio 357. nationwide DAB + multiplex.

Average daily number of listeners of individual stations of Polskie Radio SA using DAB + receiver
Average daily number of listeners in DAB + (thousands) January 2019: December 2019 January 2020: December 2020 January 2021: December 2021
Polish radio Chopin 1 3 3
Polish Radio Fourth 1 2 2
Polish radio for children 1 1 1
Drivers Polish Radio 1
Jedynka – the first program of Polish Radio 7 8 9
Dwójka – Polish Radio Program II 2 2 4
Trójka – Program III of Polish Radio 15 14 6
Polish radio 24 1 1 5
In total, Polskie Radio SA (8 stations – including joint listening) 26 27 27
Spectator information source: Radio Track, Kantar Polska, signal source: DAB +, target: all 15-75 years old

However, there is little interest in DAB + in Poland, 30 min. The number of listeners sounds strange on average every day compared to 19 million FM radio listeners and even 2 million FM radio listeners via the internet. See what it looks like in 2020:

1.93 million FM radio listeners over the Internet, 620 thousand. cable decoders and 30 min. Through DAB + receivers. How did it happen in 2021, a year later?

1.95 million FM radio listeners over the Internet, 550 thousand. through decoders and 40 min. DAB +. This is what it looks like in Poland today. We all understand the need to digitalize television – the first and what is happening now, but what to do when there is so little interest in it.

The digitalization of television made sense, as it simply gave more stations to buyers who did not have access to cable television, giving nothing but those available on DAB + FM and the Internet, where you can listen to the stations. Mobile Internet, even the recently popular “funnel” “1 Mb / s” is available after the main data transfer limit in mobile packages is exhausted.

In addition, on the Internet we usually have a great opportunity to listen to radio stations (for example, the above-mentioned RNŚ or Radio 357), music profile stations in all genres, streaming services (even free – Spotify), podcasts – whatever. your heart desires and never gives. Appropriate advice, even DAB +++++.

Everything that Polish Radio offers us in DAB +, everything that can be heard on the Internet and FM, ie the doubling of the message, of course, no one will invest in a digital receiver specifically for this purpose, it just needs a smartphone.

I am also afraid that if the interest in DAB + in Poland continues to decline, the idea of ​​a forced transition to digital broadcasting, as now on DVB-T2 television, will certainly appear only for commercial broadcasters (more on this here). In addition, another million for digital DAB + receivers for citizens … well, that’s enough – I don’t want to make any other nonsense.

I just hope that someone will finally shake it up and stop these absurdities, especially now, at this difficult time for all of us, and the money we need will be directed to areas where we really need it.

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