“Diana looks like a million dollars and is driven in a more expensive car than my mother’s apartment. I fell in love with a gangster girl “- Real life

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I waited patiently for the bearded boy to finally choose something to eat. The boy is wearing a torn shirt and Bermuda shorts. This set would not be unusual without a thick hat. Before she left, I wondered how much she thought about clothes and whether she had seen the idea of ​​a hat on any fashion blog. People can be completely stupid these days.

I didn’t have a beard myself, and I only wore a hat in the winter, so to work as a barista in a fashion restaurant, I had to lie that I only drank soy milk and planted cucumbers and lettuce in a box. balcony. I also expressed my hatred for GMOs and nuclear power plants, although in my heart I considered them very important.

“African Dream” coffee and a slice of spinach cake, please, decided the bearded man.

I shook my head.

– Forty-two zlotys.

A rude rip off but the guy paid without blinking and also left a tip! He approached the table where his bearded colleagues were sitting. It is as if they ran away from the same psychiatrist. When I gave him the order, he simply told him that he was going to live with Buddhist monks in Asia for two months because of the consumerism and the depravity of Western civilization. I almost roared from laughing.

He was talking to me about smoking

After a few minutes, I was able to take a break and smoke and be alone. The restaurant promoted health, so customers avoided any harmful addictions. The manager did not like my nicotine poisoning, of course, but he turned a blind eye to it.

I sat on the curb near the stairs leading to the terrace and opened my favorite book. Just today, during my favorite lunch break, I met that girl. First I heard women tapping their heels. I looked to the side and saw sky-high shoes, a little strange, because they had silver nails on them; stylish legs in skinny pants and a bright leather jacket.

I raised my head from the sun and saw the face of a girl who looked phenomenally beautiful to me. The girl was tall, very shapely, and had brown hair up to her shoulders. I couldn’t see his eyes because he was wearing sunglasses.

– Would you like to share with me? He asked, pointing to the smoking cigarette in my mouth.

I reached the crushed package. She took out her cigarette and smiled gratefully. I would give him a kidney for such a smile … He was very handsome. I noticed the large lips, which looked like two ripe halves of a sweet fruit covered in bright lipstick.

“Smoking is out of fashion …” he said.

– Yes, it is not healthy. But I didn’t care, I said.

He inhaled the smoke and looked at the book in my hand.

– Is there anything interesting?

– Kamyun’s “Alien” is my favorite work.

– About that monster from space? He asked.

– Are you serious? – I was surprised.

The girl was clearly confused, so I decided to save the situation.

-Well, you know, some actually consider the hero of this book a monsterSo you were right, I smiled.

– But I’m an idiot, I’m sorry. I don’t even remember the last time I read it, although I liked it, he admitted.

“You can always come back to this,” I said, handing him my book, and he hesitated.

“No, relax, I won’t give it to you forever,” I explained. “After reading, you can put it in a cafe,” I added, pointing to the door.

– Do you work here? He asked while throwing my gift in a large bag.

– Yes. If you want to spend a lot of money on lettuce, do not hesitate. There is no more expensive place in this city. Let me tell you a secret that if something is missing, they will force us to go to Biedronka to buy goods, and customers think they are chewing vegetables from protected and environmentally friendly products.

– You are not a very loyal employee! He laughed as he carried the scent of the wind to me.

It smelled good.

– Not much, in fact, but I learned to make beautiful coffee. If you want, I can also make you a caramel vegan latte macchiato. Apparently, not bad.

She looked at me strangely, for a long time. He did not refuse, but he did not accept my invitation. So why, fool, did I deceive myself? Someone like him will never be interested in someone like me. At the same time, a new black Nissan GT-R stood next to us. The girl said goodbye and got into the car. I watched him walk away, struggling with a wave of embarrassment.

plague! There was a boy in my mother’s apartment who drove twice as expensive. No doubt he could offer her something better than a stupid vegan coffee and an old killer book.

For a few days I had a failure with a stranger. I told myself that this chick was just for the money, and the Nissan pair is definitely a swollen cat wearing a winter Bermuda hat. It was very much my style. When I couldn’t get anything, I walked away from him. Although I knew it was self-defense, I kept rationalizing it: it wasn’t so great! Plus – snob, in the end he had at least a few thousand shoes. Unfortunately, it was not received.

He just came here for me

“A caramel latte macchiato, please,” I suddenly heard.

I turned sharply towards the counter. That’s him … He’s back! In an instant I forgot my bad thoughts, a there was joy in my heart.

“My name is Diana,” he introduced himself.

Unusual … Incredible … The most beautiful, kind of world!

“And I’m Rafalam,” I stammered. – Sit down, I’ll bring you coffee at the table.

He was alone without a Nissan friend. I looked at him while serving other customers. He followed me with beautiful green eyes. He came here for me. Just for me! – I was happy. When the opportunity arose, I sat next to him. I didn’t know what to say to impress him. I still remember the car he rode yesterday.

“I read your book last night,” he said. – Scary, sad, but very real. The hero acts as if he is not a human being, and at the same time he is … familiar to me.

I shook my head. He really did.

– This story is a kind of provocation. The protagonist should not be taken literally. I do not believe that there is such a soulless and indifferent person as him.

“Well, you don’t believe it,” he sighed, and looked out the window as if frightened.

These words made me a little cold. Did he know such cruel people?

I said, “I’d like to give you another book,” and then the sadness in his eyes disappeared and he took his place.

– I want something adventurous.

– Are you looking for adventures?

– Do you think this is an advantage or a disadvantage?

“It depends on whether you live these adventures with me or not,” I said.

Her cheeks turned a little pink. For a moment I forgot the world around me and the Nissan he was riding in yesterday. Only he and she had interesting views.

– Can we go to the movies? Today? After work? He suddenly offered.

His voice trembled a little, as if frightened for some reason. It was as if he didn’t believe he wanted it. I was glad, but even though I knew, I had to ask the damn car and its owner first. Diana waited all day for my turn to end. Sometimes I approached him and asked if he needed anything. He looked at me with those strange, long eyes, neither longing nor cautious, and told me that he had everything he needed.

We chose a movie whose name I do not remember. He watched the action with interest and I looked at his profile many times. I couldn’t look good, I couldn’t get enough. I have never seen such a beautiful person before.

He realized I was looking at him and grabbed my hand, then pulled me out of the chair. I thought we were leaving the cinema, but we stopped in the dark lobby of the hall. Diana wrapped his arms around my neck and pushed me against the wall. Before I could do anything, he kissed me passionately as a couple.

The inside of his mouth was cold and sweet from the Coca-Cola he had drunk before. My glasses fell off my face. I put my hands under his short shirt. He muttered like a kitten. This explosion of hopeless passion made me both sad and happy. What was behind this commotion? What was actually happening? It took a few minutes to find the glasses in the dark. We left the cinema.

We walked. We talked about dreams and moments from the past.

– See you tomorrow, the other day, the other day? I kissed him and asked.

“I would love to,” he whispered.

– But…? – I withdrew.

– You know I have one.

The cold blood in my veins cooled my frustration like ice. Reality fell on me like a bucket of cold water.

– It’s a car, my friend?

He shook his head.

– You love him? Or are you bored? So did you meet me? – I asked.

I don’t love him, but I can’t leave him. I have to wait.

– Are you making me stupid? What do you want to expect? I thought everything was serious between us and you … ”I was silent when I saw his eyes.

– Because he is Rafał, but I have to wait until he misses me.

I did not believe what he said. He probably lied because it all sounded like nonsense or a simple forgery.

– How boring is it? How does that leave you? What is all this about?

Diana looked at her watch, then held out her hand to me to look at.

– Do you know how much it is? He asked.

“A lot,” I said.

– Exactly. I got it from him. I also have an apartment and a car. He has a lot of money, and you have to do bad things to get that much money, you know? He is a dangerous man, and I am expensive to him, like any other car for the collection. That’s why I … look like. I just can’t get away. He should let me, you understand? Otherwise, he might hurt not only me but you as well. Basically you want to hurt me more.

He was telling the truth. There was fear in her beautiful green eyes. And a plea.

“I understand,” I replied, although I still didn’t want to believe it.

“I can’t tell you anymore, but please wait for me,” he sighed.

– When I saw you sitting on that curb, I immediately realized that you are unusually out of fashion, and even if I do not know, you are always looking for me. These glasses, messy hair, ordinary clothes and books instead of smartphones … Please promise to wait!

Although he spoke like a madman, even though I knew him so briefly and knew practically nothing about him, I realized that no woman could replace him.

“I’ll wait,” I replied shortly. – Even if I have to wait until the end of my life.

There was relief in his eyes. He kissed me goodbye and took a taxi.

With heartache, fear, and longing, I watched the car disappear around the curve. When I got home, I stood in front of the bookshelf. I thought for a long time before choosing the right title.

“It’s going to be a new adventure,” I smiled. – And a happy ending.

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