Vectra or Orange? Comparison of proposals from 2022

Which Internet is better – Vectra or Orange? Which company do you think you will use? We have compared two leading internet providers for you. Whose offer is better? Of course, a lot depends on exactly what you need and the availability of a certain operator in your area.

Range – Vectra or Orange?

This is a fact in terms of the scope of cable internet offer In Poland, Orange offers the widest network. He inherited the network structure from Telekomunikacja Polska and additionally expanded and modernized it. Orange is available in all major cities of the country. The main thing is that many small towns also have access to optical fiber. In addition, it often happens that Orange has this option in places where other operators do not have the technical capacity to provide services. In addition, Orange is nominally one of the 4 main mobile network operators, and thus the mobile Internet. Therefore, there is an advantage here.

In this case, Vectra is in a worse situation. This does not mean lost. Over the years, it has invested and expanded its infrastructure. It is available in a wide area all over the country. In almost all major cities, as well as in many small towns. However, it is possible that he will not serve on a particular street because he did not come here. Therefore, it is always worth checking a certain place at the very beginning. As for mobile Internet, it uses the infrastructure of the Vectra Play network. Thus, where there is coverage of the purple operator – Vectra services should not be a problem. In this category, if we look at it independently, the Orange proposal definitely wins.

Winner: Orange.

Fiber-optic Internet – Vectra or Orange?

Here, as always, the issue is complicated. However, we will try to simplify it a bit. Vectra currently has several cable Internet subscription options. The lowest subscription here starts from 44.99 PLN. As part of the package built in this way, you get access to the network at a maximum speed of 300 Mb / s. In this case, the download speed is a maximum of 40 Mb / s. In addition, you have access to 39 TV channels. The next limit is 49.99 PLN per month. And here are a number of options to choose from. With 39 TV channels, you can choose download speeds between 450 and 50 Mbps. You can also simply choose faster Internet and for the first 3 months with the same payment you will get 600 Mb / s download and 60 Mb / s download. From the 4th month you pay 59.99 PLN for this subscription. All contracts are for 12 months. In addition, there is now a special offer where you can win selected packages with a shorter commitment period (9 months). If this is not enough, you can also choose an unlimited offer, but here you need to take into account fees higher than 5, 10 or 15 PLN, depending on the offer.

Now offer Orange. In this case, you get three basic internet tariffs to choose from. You will have to pay 59.98 PLN for the main offer. As part of this offer, you will get access to fiber with a speed of 300 Mb / s. At the same time, it is the speed of downloading data. The data transfer rate is lower, in this case 50 Mb / s. Another option is the value of 69.98 per month. The download speed is 600 Mb / s and the download speed is 100 Mb / s. The last subscription limit is Orange 1wiatłowód 1 Gb / s. You will have to pay 79.98 PLN per month for this subscription. The download speed here is a maximum of 1 Gb / s, and the download speed is up to 300 Mb / s. These tariffs are valid for a 24-month contract. You can also sign an open contract, but then each subscription will cost more with 10 PLN.

How can you decide who is better in this situation? If we look at the configuration options and price, Vectra looks better here. The only strong element of Orange is the highest offer, with speeds up to 1 GB / s

Winner: Vectra.

Offer type – Vectra or Orange?

In this section, we will also quickly discuss the mobile Internet offer, as both operators have one. Plus, even where you can’t play the Internet on cable, you can consider the mobile option. It can always be added to the main service.

Vectra offers There are three main options for this service. For basic mobile Internet you will have to pay 19.99 PLN per month and you will receive a data transfer limit of 20 GB. The next limit is mobile Internet for 44.99 PLN with a limit of 100 GB. The price of the last option is 64.99 PLN, and in this version you get a data transfer limit of 300 GB. Here you sign 24-month contracts and the activation fee is 19.99 PLN. However, you can also choose an unlimited offer. Prices and parameters are the same, only the activation fee increases to 49.99 PLN.

What about Orange? Here it is as well as three main options. On Basic Mobile Internet, you get a 10 GB data transfer limit and you pay 9.99 PLN per month. On Optimum Mobile Internet you get 50 GB for 39.99 PLN. In both of these options, you pay an activation fee of 19.99 PLN. The third option is 4G Home Internet for 59.99 PLN. Here you get 250 GB data transfer + so-called additional 250 GB Home area. In addition, transfers between midnight and 8 am are not considered. In this case, the activation fee is 49.99 PLN. The contracts are signed for a period of 24 months. Orange also has a short contract – 12 months. The price of such a subscription is 69.99 PLN, and here you get a 250 GB data transfer limit.

We have quite a different offer here. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. However, Vectra has a slight advantage in choosing a permanent offer.

Winner: Vectra.

Additional features – Vectra or Orange?

Both Vectra and Orange have a comprehensive offer. This means that they are not limited to the internet offer itself. If you choose Vectra, you can also choose other services, for example, television. It is usually more profitable in a combined package. You can also choose streaming platforms such as Netflix. But that’s not all. Vectra also offers mobile phone services. Of course, it offers additional data packages, as well as devices that expand the capabilities of services such as multi-room rooms.

Orange is not far behind in terms of additional services. Here you can also choose the full package of services. The orange network is, of course, known for its mobile phone. But it also offers television or so Services like Orange Energia. So, if you want to choose a comprehensive offer, there will be no problem with it.

At this point, it really depends on your needs.

Winner: a draw.

Term of the contract – Vectra or Orange?

It looks interesting here. Vectra has major internet offers in 12-month contracts. You can also choose the permanent optionHowever, depending on the subscription you choose, you will pay 5, 10 or 15 PLN more. In the latter case, of course, we compare the first 3 months, because then the difference is only 5 PLN. In addition, Vectra also offers a special offer for only 9 months.

Orange, in turn, promotes 24-month contracts in the main offer. Of course, you can choose here indefinite variant, however, in this case, you must take into account the fee, which is more than 10 PLN per month for each subscription. Therefore, Vectra is a strong enough winner in this category.

Winner: Vectra.

Summary – Vectra or Orange?

The result: 4: 2.

Both networks have a lot to offer. Both Vectra and Orange kits have comprehensive offers. In our rating, Vectra won, among others. the duration of the main offer or contract. However, much depends on the range and input of a particular operator and in this case Orange is better. It should be noted that the result may be different if you want to choose additional services. Here you must consider an individually configured offer.

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