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New York is a city known to us from movies, series and novels. Woody Allen praised them in his productions. She showed us her party page in Miranda Sex and the City. In turn, Akeem – the protagonist of the Prince of New York, was looking for romance here.

The Big Apple is a fairytale metropolis for us. And probably that’s why more and more Poles are leaving Vacation in New York. We want to see the attractions we see hundreds of times on television.

Statue of Liberty – the highlight of the New York holidays
The Statue of Liberty is featured in dozens of postcards and is one of the most important symbols of the United States. We all know that much. But not everyone knows that this huge monument is a gift from the French government to Americans.

The countries handed it over in 1884, the centennial of the colony’s declaration of independence.

Visit the Statue of Liberty
Anyone can reach Freedom Island. It’s just a matter of getting a ferry ticket. Visiting the Statue of Liberty inside is a little more complicated.

Tickets are on sale at lightning speed. To plan Vacation in New Yorkit is better to think about their purchase in advance.

In addition, there are material and technical problems. The road to the summit is long and winding, and it should be noted that it is impossible to get to the crown of the statue by elevator. People who do not have motor problems should decide on this trip.

Although the landscape is definitely worth the effort. From above we will see a panorama of the city, in the true sense of the word – the statue stands on the bay and is surrounded by a beach on all sides.

Central park
It is larger than the Principality of Monaco and older than many existing nations. The Central Park covers an area of ​​341 hectares and was founded in 1853.

This is an enclave of greenery among the concrete – a place where residents come to hide from the heat and noise of a big city. However, it is quite natural that this huge green area is also visited by tourists visiting the city.

Of course, when going to such a large park, it is worth choosing the points we want to visit.

Important places of Central Park

  • Belvedere Castle – A place in the United States where a European can feel at home. Built in 1869, the building serves as a viewing point.
  • Bethesda Fountain – crowns one of the alleys and has been a popular place for walks for many years.
  • Conservatory water – a pond that is very much remembered in the movies. Here you can admire nature or feed ducks.

Brooklyn Bridge – the perfect place to take a selfie on vacation in New York
The construction is immortalized not only in American cinema, but also in Polish poetry. One of Edward Stachura’s works by Stare Dobre Małżeństwo is called “Nie Brookliński Most”.

We can come here to fully understand this hit of the poem being read. Of course, we can also take a selfie with the bridge – it will surely create a sensation on Instagram. While in New York, you should also take the pedestrian crossings on the sides of the structure.

You often hear that a show has been played on Broadway for decades. Or that the actor gained popularity there.

A Polish tourist may have trouble understanding what this mythical Broadway really is. There is no phenomenon in our country that is at least similar to it.

Broadway is a street with several large theaters (more than 500 seats each). They give extensive shows, but the show is musical.

The world-famous “Cats” come from here. For many seasons, “Chicago”, “Wretches” and “Phantom of the Opera” were staged here. The latter performance is a global phenomenon. It has been exhibited continuously for more than thirty years.

On Broadway, of course, it is worth going to one of the performances. Of course, in order to fully enjoy art, you need to know English perfectly.

However, even if you do not want to visit the theater, it is worth walking along this amazing street. Neon signs and symbols will remain in the memory for a long time.

Times Square
Broadway flows smoothly to another landmark in the city. Holidays in New York it’s hard to imagine without visiting Times Square. This is the charm of a real big city.

The main element that attracts tourists here is neon signs and other types of advertising. They dazzle, shine and compete with Los Angeles or Tokyo in their grandeur.

The square attracts the most tourists on New Year’s Eve. However, on an ordinary day, there is enough crowds here. Three hundred thousand people pass through Times Square every day.

The question is, of course, in addition to admiring the ads, what can you do in the heart of Manhattan.

Of course, many restaurants and pubs are waiting for us in and around the square.

We can eat from anywhere in the world and at almost any price. Here we will taste Italian, Asian and local cuisine. Obviously, in many places there is an American version of burgers or pizza.

After dinner, pubs and jazz clubs are waiting for us, offering the highest level of entertainment.

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