Secure Internet is one that is always there

Recently, fast and stable access to the Internet has become almost as integral as hot water or electricity. In the current situation, it is thanks to him and remote work that companies are able to maintain efficiency and employees; children and adolescents continue their education and contact with their peers; e-commerce allows a large part of the needs of families and businesses to be met; Internet movie rental and VOD services provide entertainment after the hardships of everyday life. On the occasion of Safe Internet Day, it is worth taking a closer look at the infrastructure of your home network, especially the router, which plays a key role in terms of reliability.

Router – the heart of your home Wi-Fi network

Even the most sophisticated and functional router will remain just a delicious dust trap if the time between its necessary restarts is calculated in hours. We must demand that the device, which is the heart of the home network, work so perfectly that everyone forgets its existence. Uninterrupted working time, measured in weeks and even months, is characterized by well-thought-out and designed devices with the necessary computing power. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers design their devices in this way during the period of profit growth. So how do you know the equipment that the manufacturer predicts will be as long-lasting as the product? Among other things, after frequent software updates, new features and a longer manufacturer’s warranty period. An excellent and quite rare example on the market can be devices from the FRITZ! Box family of the German company AVM, which have a 5-year warranty. The backup of the hardware platform’s capabilities allows for further, programmatic development of the device’s functionality, and the selection of high-quality components ensures a good night’s sleep for users.

Everyone according to their needs – ie Quality of Service

Today’s home and small business routers are often combined. They should provide many demanding network functions to many users at the same time. Email, browsing, streaming media, networking games, video conferencing and online meetings – each feature has its own requirements and consumes valuable bandwidth. However, how should a router know which user is currently most in need and should be preferred? The most advanced devices, such as the FRITZ! Family, have QoS – Service Quality (QoS) controls and are able to model traffic in such a way as to provide access to the transition for the most important at the initial stage. place. While small delays in sending emails or opening websites are practically unnoticed, video conferencing with real-time video and audio is completely hated.

At work remotely, don’t be surprised if the connection fails

Intensive use of Internet connections around the clock, both by institutional and household users, does not give service providers any delay and causes periodic failures, preventing the use of the network for several hours. Although children may secretly laugh, claiming that they are worried about the lack of distance lessons, not having an important meeting at work can have dire consequences. The backup gives the defender a chance to get out of the situation. FRITZ! High-end routers, such as Box, for example, have access to two Internet providers at the same time: under normal operating conditions, they use DSL, cable, or fiber access, but if default switching fails, they automatically switch to LTE mobile Internet / 5G and they do it in a way that is transparent to the user.


In every corner of the Internet – just with mesh

If we have a really good, stable router connected to two Internet lines to make sure, the only problem that needs to be solved is to provide network access at home. It’s hard to imagine the whole family working and learning remotely in the living room, as it has the best Wi-Fi coverage. The family quarrel is ready. Due to the proliferation of wireless networks and their significant effectiveness, today it is unlikely that not everyone plans to install a traditional wired LAN in their apartment. However, the same reason limits Wi-Fi capabilities: modern broadcasting is mostly packed with co-existing networks that use a very small 2.4 GHz band. When choosing an effective Wi-Fi router for your home, it is worth anticipating this situation and investing in a device that will operate in at least two bands, ie 2.4 GHz, as well as the less used 5 GHz. For this purpose, you should look for information about Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) and Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) standards in the router’s description. In addition, to ensure that the entire territory of an apartment or a small company is covered by a strong range, you can use signal amplifiers (repeaters) that necessarily support the mesh topology, thanks to which even when traveling with a network. laptop or phone around the house, we’ll switch between serial antennas without being noticed. If you choose a router and signal repeaters from a product family, for example, the flagship FRITZ! Box 7590 router and FRITZ! Repeater 2400 signal repeater, devices connected to the network automatically change their configuration information and independently based on the analysis of the radio environment. Choose wireless network settings for you anywhere in the house.

Hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst

We may become angry at the reality that suddenly forces us to stay home and transfer most of our life activities to the Internet. However, let’s appreciate that thanks to the development of the global network, it has become possible to carry out these activities. Can you imagine working and reading remotely while dialing 0202122 and accessing the Internet with a 56 Kbit / s modem? We hope that in the near future we will not have to make our daily lives so dependent on access to the global network again.

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