Orange or T-Mobile – which operator to choose in 2022?

Orange or T-Mobile – which network to choose in 2022? To help you choose the perfect operator, we examine the strengths and weaknesses of both. Which will be better for you? Much depends on whether you choose a subscription, a card or perhaps a mixed offer.

Last updated: 01/27/2022.

Coverage – Orange or T-Mobile?

Both Orange and T-Mobile are so-called infrastructure networks, which differ from their virtual counterparts in that they have their own infrastructure that allows them to transmit signals. Both operators can almost boast It covers the entire territory of Polandthere should be no problem in the range when choosing any of them.

It is difficult to clearly indicate the favorite here – in most cases, the difference will not be felt, but, of course, there are regions of the country where one operator will be superior to another, and on the contrary.

Winner: a draw.

Subscription – Orange or T-Mobile?

First, let’s look at an offer from Orange. There are many things to choose from four different subscriptions. The first of them, the smallest and cheapest, is 40 PLN, and in this plan we receive 4 GB transfer and the same amount for use in the European Union. For 50 PLN it offers 12 GB in another country and 5.84 GB in the EU. The latter costs 60 PLN and 25 GB in Poland, 7 GB in the EU, and the latter is a real monster. It costs 80 PLN and gives 80 GB (and 9.35 GB in the EU).

New Orange 5G 2021 subscription

Each of them offers unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. The last two allow the user using a high-speed 5G networkand a discount on the popular HBO GO streaming service – PLN 5 and PLN 20. respectively, it should be noted that depending on the selected package, the user will receive an additional one-time data package, the larger the subscription, the more expensive it is.

T-Mobile has a slightly different approach to the subscription offer. Pink operator There are also four plans – This is a new T-Mobile subscription from 2022. The cheapest start starts at 45 PLN, but there is a difference. The simplest offer for PLN 45 is an 8 GB data package, where the contract is for 24 months. The latter, which costs 10 PLN, offers 40 GB of data. The latter is less typical. The price of the next offer is 65 PLN and offers unlimited Internet (30 GB at full speed) and provides the highest offer for 85 PLN. not only an endless transfer, but also a transfer that will never slow down!

T-Mobile subscription 2022 is unlimitedThus, T-Mobile is the only player in the market that offers completely endless Internet for mobile phones! So far, such an offer is available in very few business offers … also by T-Mobile.

Given which operator offers a better subscription offer, it’s hard not to notice that the cheapest offers are very similar. In addition, both operators offer free SMS and MMS as part of their packages. You can see the difference even more. As for the “mid-range offer”, I think the most popular is T-Mobile, which combines a relatively high price and a fairly large internet package – here we get 40 GB of data transfer for each PLN 55. month, while the competitor offers 25 GB for 60 PLN. T-Mobile also wins by offering a richer range of options – the customer has a wider choice to choose from, and in this case, more is always better. And the icing on the cake is really strong The largest T-Mobile L package – real unlimited!

Winner: T-Mobile.

Prepaid offer – Orange or T-Mobile?

New offer for T-Mobile card

T-Mobile builds its card offer on three main plans. Unlimited M is updated periodically and offers unlimited calls, SMS and MMS for 25 PLN. This includes 20 GB of Internet (after paying 25 PLN, it used to be 10 GB). Its older brother, the Bez limit L, costs 5 zlotys and the 10 GB package (30 GB after refilling for 30 zlotys, previously it was 15 GB) is larger. No XL limit, in turn, costs 39 PLN and offers 40 GB (after charging 39 PLN, it used to be 20 GB). It is worth adding here two more expensive packages offer access to VOD programs and social media without the use of valuable data. The list includes, among others, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Tik-Tok, Polsat box go,, Player or YouTube. The fourth option is the cheapest, for 20 PLN it will allow you to transfer only 1 GB of data, but at the same time text messages and calls are free.

On the other hand, there is Orange, which has a slightly different approach to the prepaid offer. Here you get a prepaid starter, top up your account and use it. And the more you throw, the more you get. For example, you will receive a 2.5 GB bonus for using it for two days to top up 5 zlotys. Unlimited calls and SMS are available with activation for 7, 30 and 39 PLN. In addition, there are numerous operator promotions, for example, adding 40 PLN allows you to get an additional 40 GB.

Both operators allow Access to 5G network with higher additions – both Orange and T-Mobile with amounts starting from 39 PLN.

In this case, the Orange proposal seems more advantageous, mainly due to the greater opportunity to individualize the supplements. T-Mobile’s strength lies in its simplicity. As for the profitability of the most popular options, 40 GB of data transfer in T-Mobile costs 39 PLN, and in the case of the orange operator, we will get up to 60 GB of the same amount, and it will be Orange. win in this category.

Winner: Orange.

Mix offers – Orange or T-Mobile?

T-Mobile 50% more transfers

MIX offers are available on T-Mobile by phone and without a phone. A customer who decides not to use the device has two packages to choose from. The first one costs 30 PLN per month, offers 12 GB of data transmission, as well as free SMS and MMS messages to all networks, as well as a 400-minute package to all networks. More expensive with 10 PLN, it has 18 GB data transfer and there is no limit on the minute limit.

Happy Friday T-Mobile ->

Orange Flex offer

In turn, Orange has not received a typical mix offer for years. That’s it FLEXThere is a completely different approach to prepaid phones. Here the payment is deducted regularly and from month to month the user can increase, decrease and even resign his package. The subscription starts with 25 PLN and 15 GB of data transfer and ends with 80 PLN with 100 GB and 5G network support. His The big advantage is eSIM supportie virtual card, as well as unlimited SMS and MMS.

It is difficult to choose a winner in this category, because both operators are betting on something completely different. T-Mobile’s offer is cheap, but very archaic (like a mix). Orange’s approach to the subject is fresher and simply more appealing.

Winner: Orange.

5G Network – Orange or T-Mobile?

Both operators are increasingly boldly investing in supporting 5G networks, and both have to deal with the technical limitations it imposes. Customers who want to use this fastest mobile technology so far will have to accept it it will be caught mainly in large cities. Both T-Mobile and Orange have developed packages adapted to 5G (both described in more detail above). In this case, it is difficult to distinguish the winner, because both “pink” and “orange” are increasingly entering the consumer market of new technology, offering a variety of offers for end customers. At the same time, the disadvantage of both is that the cheapest 5G offers start at only 60 PLN, so there is room for improvement.

Winner: a draw.

Phone Prices – Orange or T-Mobile?

Orange - the second phone as a gift

And what does it look like when we decide on a device? I chose this for comparison purposes two very similar plans – from Orange, as its name suggests, 50 PLN, and in T-Mobile Plan S – Plan 50, which is 45 PLN per month.. For both proposals, the contract must be signed for a period of 24 months. However, what is worth appreciating – both operators do not hide the price of the phone, and the orange directly writes what the price of the device will be.

Orange week offer – discounts ->

Let’s take the middle layer first OPPO Reno5 Lite. This Chinese smartphone costs about 1300 PLN in regular sales, and what does it look like for operators? In Orange, in addition to the subscription, you will have to pay an additional 60 PLN per month. The total price of the phone will be 1440 PLN. The monthly payment on T-Mobile will be 50 PLN and you still have to pay 99 PLN to start – the final price of the equipment is 1299 PLN. So a hundred less than Orange and as much as you have to pay at the store.

OPPO's T-Mboile promotion

When deciding Samsung Galaxy A12 In the version with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory, ie a phone from a lower price shelf, the user in the store will pay about 650 PLN. At T-Mobile, he will have to add 25 PLN per month to his monthly account and pay 49 PLN to get started, a total of 649 PLN. In turn, the orange operator has a slightly higher version and is more expensive than 150 PLN (1 GB more RAM and 64 GB of internal memory), the price of this phone in the store is 800 PLN, and in Orange only 744 PLN (the bill is 31 per month PLN will increase). The prices of both devices in this category are very similar to the prices in the store.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra for sale

In a very expensive condition, because it costs 3,500 zlotys in stores Samsung Galaxy S21 In the 128 GB version, Orange offers a starting fee of 299 PLN and a monthly payment of 166 PLN. This gives a total of 4,283 PLN. T-Mobile, in turn, wants a monthly payment of 1,000 PLN and 120 PLN per month to get started. Thus, the final price will be 3899 PLN.

Looking at the phone offers, it becomes clear that the closer the T-Mobile is to the store price, and the shorter the distance, the higher the price of the equipment. One example shows that it is worth checking all the offers before choosing a phone, because Orange also has good prices at home.

Winner: T-Mobile.

Summary – Orange or T-Mobile?

Orange or T-MobileThe result: 4: 4.

This fact sheet clearly shows this both operators go head to head and each of them has its strengths but its weaknesses. T-Mobile subscriptions are excellent, the choice is very wide and basically every user can find a suitable option for himself. In addition, they are simply quite valuable, there is no one who is very different from others and does not look profitable.

Orange, on the other hand, is great where the user doesn’t want to be bound by permanent obligations. The ability to tailor a prepaid offer to your needs is definitely commendable, and it’s hard to find a weak point like Orange FLEX in this category. Both networks target their offers to buyers with completely different needs, which is very good news because everyone will find something for themselves..

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