Adolescent problems in the form of animation [RECENZJA]

A teenager who turns into a red panda under his influence. Sounds absurd, but nothing could be worse. This strange idea is the basis of a great animation that is worth watching for the whole family.

For many of us, the long weekend of May is an opportunity to spend time with relatives and friends. Among the various activities recommended at this time, I want to encourage you to watch a good movie. This time my choice fell on an animation called Disney and Pixar “It’s not an attack.” This is a movie worth watching for the whole family – then it’s worth talking about the issues that appear on the screen.

Red Panda

“To nie wypanda” is not only great entertainment, but also another great animation that offers the audience more. It has a deeper and more wise message. This is a movie about growing up. The protagonist of the film is Meil’s “Mei” Leader. He is thirteen years old, struggling with a strange disease – when he is accompanied by strong emotions … he turns into a red panda. Meil is in her teens and her hormones are shaken. Gradually, she changes from a child, a teenage girl to a young woman. The main plot of the film is this transformation – it is crucial for everyone’s life. We see that the protagonist has strong emotions that accompany him. After all, he is growing up, and this is a very turbulent time. Then a lot happens to everyone – it boils down to us. Then the young person has many needs – not always noticed by adults. We sell young people, we forget, sometimes we consider their problems so small. This is wrong.

Different needs

Children against parents. Eternal confrontation of generations. As each of us grew up, we clashed with our parents several times. We felt misunderstood and rebelled. It’s the same in Meili’s life. The girl’s relationship with her mother, in particular, is getting tougher. You can see that both women are starting to miss each other. In addition, becoming a red panda becomes a family “curse” that affects all the women in Meil’s family. The girls’ mothers, grandmothers and aunts also turned into panda due to emotions. Therefore, the mother knows what is connected with the release of pandas and therefore wants to protect her daughter from it. Meilin, meanwhile, doesn’t want that. In fact, he even discovers that being a panda sometimes pays off (he will even start earning his first money from it). We have a complaint – but in fact more. The relationship between two people who are close to each other begins to deteriorate – because there is no attempt to communicate between them. We see that both heroes love each other very much, but it is not easy to show them this love. In fact, they do not want to show this love to the other party as it should.

Build a garden

Meil is a rebellious teenager, but I think most of the audience will be on his side. Yes, her mother thinks rationally, her arguments are well-founded, she is very mature and mature. But at the same time, he did not seem to feel the need for his daughter. That is why we are wholeheartedly on the side of teenagers. He is 13 years old – but that doesn’t mean he’s unreliable. He is an autonomous unit – so you need to listen to him, take his opinion into account, take into account his needs. You have to trust a growing person and give him some freedom. Meanwhile, Mei’s mother is extremely protective. He wanted to take control of his daughter’s life – although he had good intentions, he cared about his daughter’s well-being and couldn’t control himself as he raised Meili. The film cleanses and rebuilds the girl’s relationship with her parents. And this shows how important it is to build a garden between children and their parents. Adolescents need a different perspective, they need to be treated with the same seriousness as young adults – then the relationship in the family will be healthy and well organized.

Growth problems

The film “To nie wypanda” introduces us to the world of youth. A world that may seem insignificant to adults at times – but it can’t be overestimated. Although many things may seem insignificant after many years – when we grow up, they are really real problems that can keep us awake at night. The picture is about the first love that accompanies adolescence. The screen, for example, perfectly captures the feelings of first love (They have a lot of experience, including Disney and Pixar – thanks to the excellent animation of “Beyond the Head”). Meilin and her friends are charmingly watched, for example, they blush when they see the boys they like. The girls are also fans of the boy band, and they want to see their favorites at the concert (the action of the film takes place at the beginning of this century, so the audience in their 30s will no doubt see similarities with the very popular musical structure. We can see how much the heroes care about this concert – how much they can do to meet their idols. There is another aspect of maturity that is boldly discussed in this video – the first period. Menstruation is still a taboo subject. Girls do not always know exactly what is happening in their bodies. Boys’ literacy in this regard may generally be very low. The film may be the subject of a family discussion about what accompanies adolescence. And such a conversation is very necessary in every family. There should be no taboo between parents and children – especially when it comes to issues that are important for teenagers. This movie is worth watching for a long weekend – it’s a show that can really help.

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