3 Orange mobile internet offer in 2022

What will Orange mobile internet look like in 2022? The orange operator offers very interesting packages. What does it look like in terms of price and transfer? Today we will look at how and under what circumstances you can configure the best mobile Internet offers for you at Orange.

Last update: 04/01/2022.

Orange mobile internet

So, if you get an offer from Orange, what can you choose? To get started, let’s say you don’t need any devices because you already have a compatible modem or router. You can also do as described in the article “Mobile Internet for Laptop”, because it simply pays. It is mainly worth checking the coverage of the network where you will use it. You can do this by purchasing a prepaid startup.

The operator also allows you to cancel the contract at any time. It’s coming soon introduced innovation (“Test Internet”). However, this is always complicated, because depending on how you finish the contract, you will have to spend some time on it. In addition, you must keep in mind that the termination of the contract occurs after a full settlement period.

Orange offers mobile internet

What can you choose if you decide on an orange offer? If you only need the Internet for casual use, you can choose the Basic Mobile Internet offer. you will have to use 10 GB data transfer limit at full transfer speed. You will pay only 9.99 PLN per month for this offer. After exceeding the limit, 10 PLN fee is added for the next 10 GB of the limit. Transfer is limited to a maximum of 1 Mb / s only after using this package.

What to do if you need a larger data package? Choose Optimal Mobile Internet. Here you will get a start 50 GB at full speedFor this you will pay 39.99 PLN per month. In this case, the rule also applies that if you pass this package, you will pay an additional 10 PLN for 10 GB of the next data package, and only then the speed is limited to 1 Mb / s. Or maybe you are already an Orange customer? If so, that’s a good thing, because it’s an offer You can steal up to 19.99 PLN as part of the Orange Love campaign where you combine products in one package!

You can also choose 4G Home Internet. The principle of operation of this package is slightly different from the previous ones. Here it is total 250 GB data transmission packet. When the Internet was first launched, the so-called Home Zone. And you have a full limit in this area. If you go beyond the designated area, the limit you get is 100 GB. After exceeding the data package, the speed drops to 1 Mb / s in the home zone and 16 kb / s outside. You will pay 59.99 PLN for the service configured in this way. This is a useful option in this situation “Happy Hours”which does not reduce the data transfer limit from midnight to 8 am. The service is free.

Please note that all of the above packages are included Discount for launching an electronic invoice and marketing agreement. Otherwise, you will have to add 5 PLN to the subscription as you will not be able to complete any points.

However, if you decide to buy the device on a contract basis, Orange also offers you this option. Then up to cost an additional monthly fee (part) must be added for the device and the first possible payment for a start. Here, the price of the device has spread for 24 months. Keep in mind that even when signing a 12-month contract, the installment for the equipment will be extended for 24 months. Here the choice of devices is important. In addition to the classic routers and modems, you can choose one of the offered laptops. You can also select sets in different configurations. Among other things, there are TVs and tablets. The decision is yours!

Orange prepaid Internet

There is another offer that you can use in Orange and enjoy mobile Internet. Exactly prepaid offer. Don’t worry about any contracts and formalities here. You simply get a startup, register it – as required by law – and add it if necessary. Of course, you can choose from different packages. Turn the services on and off when you need them.

Currently, the prepaid Orange Free offer is dedicated to internet options. In this case, depending on the download amount, you get the appropriate internet package. If you top up your card through a special Orange website, you will even get a double bonus. For example, you will receive 100 GB for data transfer to increase to 100 PLN. There will be a package Valid for 5 months from the date of replenishment. Of course, you don’t have to choose a device here. This is the price of freedom.

As you can see, there is a lot of choice between the different configurations available and the orange operator. It is worth noting that, in some cases, it allows for early termination of the contract. If you already have other services at Orange, it is worth considering its offer, because then you can count on additional discounts!

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