YOUNG WOMEN. The end of the championship adventure

Ore Slaska

This year’s adventure of the Young Lions in the fight for medals at the Polish Championship in Ruda Slaska has come to an end. The charges against Patrycja Głąbik and Monica Pastwa played as part of Group J last weekend, where they faced their peers from Ruda, Zabrze and Sianow. In any case, the competitors turned out better. Finally, Olkuszanki will be 13-16 in the national hierarchy of the 2021/2022 season.

For some reason, the Harmony Hall does not belong to the Young Lions. A year ago in an obsolete facility ul. In 2004/05, 10 athletes and handball players from the SPR age group lost the fight to get into the top four in the country, and now they have to come to terms with leaving the next fight at an earlier stage.

MATCH 1. SWP Pogoń II 1945 Zabrze

The first game against Pogo Zabrze on Friday showed how difficult the tournament will be for Olkusz players. The Silesians, as usual, defended hard and ruthlessly, and our players could not cope with it. It was very difficult for them to reach the throwing positions, and when they managed to break through the tight defense of the opponents, the ball either went through the door light, or Pogo’s goalkeepers intervened well. In addition, there were many non-mandatory errors often used by Anna Niewiadomska’s accusations. Zabrzanki also had a real leader in his ranks. Natalya was the Guardian. The opponents’ well-established midfielder not only hit, but also beat his teammates so that their way to the goal was open. Zabrzanki players also skillfully removed Victoria Kozyra and Nikola Soloshyuk from the game. The players who played in the 1st league SPR did not have an easy life and therefore they did not actually “start”, which effectively reduced the firepower of the Olkusz players. Until the break, the situation of the “Young Lions” was not enviable. They lost with a score of 9:14, and the difference of 5 goals in the game, which did not go obviously, was really a lot … The confirmation of these words was the second part, where it is impossible to look for a leap. this gives hope for compensation for losses. Despite a significant advantage, the Zabrzanians still made a better impression, not only maintaining the lead within two quarters of the premiere, but also adding a little to their score by winning with a score of 25:18.

The most influential player of the game was the author of ten goals of the Guardian. On the Olkusz side, Kozyra scored the most goals – five.


SWP Pogoń II 1945 Zabrze – SWP Olkusz 25:18 (14: 9)

Follow-up: Kciuk, Bochaczyk – Guardian (10), Mynarek (9), Bałazy (2), Marcinek (2), Dubiniak (1), Pietkiewicz (1), Rejdych, Szaruga, Tobolewska, Wypierowska and Hoffman, Ostend.

SPR: Qamrot, J. Czarnota – Kozyra (5), Pawłowska (3), Solosciuk (3), Basara (2), Krupa (2), Łabuda (2), Sidor (1), Z. Czarnota, Farynska, Marszalek, Sarota and Woszczek, Rasiak.

MATCH 2. KS Zgoda Ruda Śląska

It is said that it was really difficult to find an optimistic accent in the “first cats for fences” and the Young Lions game on Friday afternoon. Saturday should have brought a better tomorrow, but unfortunately it didn’t. The housewives who defeated the Western Pomeranian Sianów team the day before were also enthusiastic about the duel with the SWP. We did not have to wait long for the effect of such an attitude, so much so that Olkuszanki still had problems, they could not find an effective recipe for it. First, the attack failed, chasing the box. On the other hand, the women of Rudzinas, who systematically built the sports capital, were in a completely different extreme. The agreement, which was applauded by loyal and noisy fans at the break, came with a 16: 9 advantage. Olivia Shevchik was the leader among the locals in both the first and second parts of the match. Ruda Śląska’s nominal winger became the real executioner of the Young Lions and finished the match with fourteen goals. Young lions could only imagine such a result. Victoria Kozyra, who again became the best player for her goals, was included in the list of shooters five times. Individuals and at the same time the trends of the day were again on the side of rivals. The agreement was won at 30:22, and the most important decisions had already been made because Morsky Syanov had previously been subject to Pogon. On Sunday, Zgoda and Pogon had to play in the lead, while the Young Lions had to fight only to say goodbye to this year’s championship.


KS Zqoda Ruda Śląska – SPR Olkusz 30:22 (16: 9)

Agreement: Gontarek – Shevchik (14), Vozniakovska (7), Dera (4), Shimanska (2), Tukay (2), Opiłka (1), Gozdechka, Kondas, Kot, Madej, Nokon and Macioł.

SPR: Qamrot, J. Czarnota, Woszczek – Kozyra (5), Krupa (4), Sidor (4), Sołościuk (2), Basara (1), Farynska (1), Fiolna (1), Łabuda (1), Pawłowska ( 1), Petlic (1), Sarota (1), Z. Czarnota, Marszałek.

MATCH 3. UKS Morski Sianów

Sunday’s shootout with the Sianow team, like the previous two fights, was not successful. A few hours ago, rivals from northern Poland, who also lost the chance to rise to the TOP 8 group, became an insurmountable obstacle. The scenario, which was almost identical to Friday and Saturday, was a weak start in the Young Lion attack, and when the advantage of more influential opponents reached a few hits, there was nothing to collect. Of course, Olkuszanki struggled, squeezed and bit, but again it was not enough to fight for points. Morsky took the lead at 17:12. The second half is the same as the previous days. Apparently, the Young Lions were ambitiously looking for a starting point, but in the end not much came out. UKS used their strengths, played hard and it was enough to win by eight goals.

Since the Young Lions have been almost the same all weekend, it is no secret that Victoria Kozyra has again become the most influential player in the SPR, and there were more similarities, she scored five more goals.


SWP Olkusz – UKS Morski Sianów 23:31 (12:17)

SPR: Qamrot, J. Czarnota, Woszczek – Kozyra (5), Sołościuk (3), Basara (2), Farynska (2), Marszalek (2), Pawłowska (2), Sarota (2), Sidor (2), Fiołna ( 1), Krupa (1), Łabuda (1), Z. Çarnota, Rasiak.

UKS: Orczyńska, Lankut – Worożanska (7), Pilarska (6), Kruk (5), Sadecka (4), Leczycka (3), Hejduk (2), Wikierska (2), Cygert (1), Zabrovarna (1), Gruszczyńska , Lawrenc, Olszewska, Wierzbicka.

Thus, our junior girls said goodbye to the struggle for medals of the Polish championship. Not surprisingly, those who hoped for more girls were upset. The competition in Ruda Ilska was very strong and the Olkusz players did not reach the top of the day. Although coaches Glabik and Pastvi have lost all three matches, Olkusz handball players cannot be deprived of their ambitions and desires. There is no need to convince anyone that they really want to. However, the pitch decided to check all the plans.

In such moments, it is more important to remember the old sports maxim that “failure is the mother of success.” Apparently, it wasn’t then …

SPR Olkusz (PK)

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