Which mobile internet in Germany 2022?

Do you need mobile internet in Germany? Its use with our western neighbor, as well as in other European Union countries, may result in certain risks. This is despite the internal offer with free EU roaming. In what cases will the Polish SIM card fail and are there any alternatives? What kind of internet will there be in Germany in 2022? About this in the text below.

Last updated: 02/04/2022.

Poles in Germany

In 2016, 350,000 Poles worked in Germany. Some of them lived permanently in our country and went to the western neighbor only to earn money. Despite the introduction of free EU roaming in June 2017, it is still difficult to contact a family living in Poland.

Who has free EU roaming?

Less than a year after the introduction of RLAH (home roaming), there has been a significant change in EU roaming provided by Poland’s largest GSM networks. Fair roaming rules in so-called practice Persons permanently residing outside the country, as well as those who stay abroad for a longer period of time are excluded. (for example, in Germany) compared to Poland. The fair use policy applies to the largest Polish mobile operators – Orange, Play, Plus and T-Mobile.

The new rules create a kind of safety valve for the GSM network, making it virtually impossible to use Polish SIM cards abroad. Free roaming in the EU is for campers who occasionally travel to other countries. Often you can use it for free – or rather without additional payments to the bill – Within 30 days. After returning to Poland and resetting the RLAH “meter”, you can still use your phone freely abroad. Keep in mind that operators in the EU offer less transfers than in the country – this usually ranges from 1 to 5 GB per month. Only some GSM networks offer larger data packets in the top packets.

Polish Mobile Internet Abroad ->

To summarize – if we are visiting Germany for tourist purposes, the Polish SIM card must be large enough. For people who work and even live permanently in Germany, this is not entirely profitable. So how do you keep in touch with your family and how to choose mobile Internet in Germany?

Mobile internet in German GSM networks – what are the prices?

Local offers will be a natural alternative. Mobile Internet in Germany is offered by many operators. Among them:

  • Curved
  • Congress
  • O2
  • T-Mobile
  • Smartmobil

The table below shows the available offers and (with a later paid) contract Transfer of 20 GB and more. Some of them are indefinite, while others require a 24-month contract.

Mobile internet in Germany

Package name Transfer Price
Curved O2 Homespot by Curved Unlimited 19.99 euros
Congress Homespot 200 200 GB EUR 40.00
Congress Homespot 100 100 GB EUR 30.00
O2 O2 my Data L 60 GB 29.99 euros
Congress Homespot 30 30 GB EUR 20.00
T-Mobile Data Comfort L 25 GB 29.95 euros
Smartmobil LTE 20 GB 20 GB 19.99 euros
O2 O2 my Data M 20 GB 19.99 euros

Condition: 02/04/2022. Information: https://www.mygermanphone.de/best-german-internet-data-plans/

As you can see, there are more modest packages, as well as a very rich 200 GB. Their monthly price is changed (exchange rate as of 04/02/2022) Around 91-182 PLN.

What other mobile internet alternatives are there in Germany?

What if we plan to go to Germany to work? only 2-3 months? It is too short to give the result of a long-term contract with the German network, and we will not use it very often anyway. At the same time, it is too long to hope for free roaming in the EU by Polish operators. Moreover, the transfer they offered would be very modest.

On the Internet we can find special mobile Internet offers in Germany without a contract, ie prepaid. They will only allow you to connect with your family and the whole world when we are abroad – at this point it is enough to top up the account with the appropriate amount.

This is one of such packages Internet Flat 50 GB. The service provided by Ortel Mobile is available only in Germany. The most important features of the Internet Flat 50 GB package are (currently only an option for 4 weeks):

  • 50 GB transfer
  • High transfer speeds up to 50 GB
  • ability to use a mobile phone
  • there is no contract
  • price: EUR 79.99 (= about 363.15 PLN)

The service can be ordered in 3 ways: via SMS, phone and Ortel Mobile. It is available in the Google Play Store and App Store. You will have to buy a starter for 5 euros (about 22.70 PLN). For many, this can be an excellent alternative not only for the Poles, but also for the most popular German offers.

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