What is 5G Internet and what will characterize it in 2022?

5G – to put it simply – is a new standard for mobile communications. Until now, this was the meaning of the next generation of mobile phones, ie 1G, 2G and so on. A little confusing is the most common LTE abbreviation for the 4th edition of this mobile technology (ie. Long-term evolution). However, in each case, it is almost the same, that is, an indicator of the stage of development of the communication system in which we are engaged.

Why is 5G Internet so special?

The difference between the networks is important, because each generation brought new opportunities. For example:

  • 1G only allows conversations
  • 2G also allows you to send SMS and use the Internet at a speed of 0.2 Mb / s.

However, the real development of mobile communication began with the next version. 3G allowed the use of data transfer speeds of up to 21 MB / s, which at that time allowed to support smartphones and multimedia on touch screens. In turn, 4G (LTE) has a speed of up to 300 Mb / s, which allows you to easily use even the most complex applications that perform mass data exchange, as well as work comfortably on larger files.

Theoretical transition speeds

4G LTE Advanced
Download speed
20,000 Mbit / s
300 Mbit / s
100 Mbit / s
28 Mbit / s
download speed
1000 Mbit / s
100 Mbit / s
50 Mbit / s
11 Mbit / s

Last but not least, the 5th generation is faster! in addition 5G mobile internet is a greener solution than its 4G predecessor. It is estimated that for each gigabyte transmitted, energy consumption can be as low as 100 times.

5G Internet also works on different frequencies than its predecessors. The 4G network operates in the range of 700 to 2600 MHz. 5G operates on three different frequencies – 700 MHz, as well as in the 3.4 GHz and 26 GHz bands. Each of them serves a completely different purpose and has a different role to fulfill. 700 MHz is a frequency that operates in a very long range, but does not reach the network to many devices. And the larger the range, the smaller the range, but also the ability to work with more devices. Therefore, different transmitters and antennas have different targets, those with the highest frequency registers will be used in densely populated cities where you need to connect to multiple smartphones and other devices, but more will be required because their range is large. very limited.

What speeds does 5G mobile internet achieve? While LTE mobile internet can reach speeds of 300 Mb / s, the higher generation will be able to reach even more. However, it should be remembered that the above speeds are only its maximum capacity, in fact in Poland it was set at around 20-30 Mb / s.

Examples of 5G Internet offers

Last but not least, the 5th generation can theoretically reach 20 GB / s! However, it should be borne in mind that the final speed depends on many factors, and this is, for example, the result of the technological capabilities of the transmitters. However, this does not change the fact that recent reports show that 5G mobile internet is capable of downloading data at a speed of 100 Mb / s. So the difference is visible to the naked eye!

What are 5G mobile internet applications?

More speed means more access, which is the shortest thing about 5G Internet. The fact is that the number of possible applications is really long and growing every year.

Online developers are increasingly turning to cameras that can shoot in 4K, and high-quality shooting and shooting are also switching to cheaper mobile devices. Just looking at such a work of art can heat up your internet connection, not to mention the attempt to send or upload a pig or a finished image. 5G Internet will undoubtedly be a great help to such creators and their followers. Businesses will also benefit from Wi-Fi networks, which are often limited to office space.

The same situation applies to computer games. Due to the low PING (ie delay), players will not have a problem with what they see on the screen does not correspond to what is actually happening. It will be especially appreciated by players who choose titles aimed at arcade games with other people. Even larger “games” should have a significantly improved download time.

It can also be a quantum leap towards virtual reality. The so-called VR has been declared as a technology that can change the way we consume content over the years. One of the factors hindering its development is the relatively low bandwidth of the network. 5G mobile Internet can change that – its popularity will probably help manufacturers to take more risks and decide on such solutions. Wouldn’t it be nice to see an exhibition in a museum across the world and feel like you’re really there? This is possible thanks to the development of 5G network!

5G network can also be of great importance for the so-called Internet of Things. Today, when almost all devices are connected to the network, this is a step in the right direction. In the future, even when our refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines are connected to the mains, this will become a necessity.

Existing technologies were simply too slow to develop the idea of ​​a smart city. Thanks to 5G mobile internet, it will be possible to send a lot of information in real time to devices that affect our daily lives. Experts note, for example, urban lighting, as well as those that provide, for example, heating systems or hot water.

5G network at home – does such a solution make sense?

Not always. Often Wi-Fi networks can achieve better transmission results, and if we have access to fiber-optic communication, the transmission quality is phenomenal. However, there are cases when the user is forced to use 5G mobile internet. Sometimes the reason is the lack of other options, and sometimes the poor quality of the transition in fixed line operators. Then alternatives are usually sought and 5G mobile internet will be the best choice as it is widespread.

In this case, it is necessary to check whether such a network reaches our apartment or house and choose the appropriate operator. But the preparations do not end there. Home 5G Internet also requires us to buy a router. How to choose it? In the beginning, it’s worth checking out why you need it – if it’s always going to be at home, there are no big restrictions.

However, if you want to take it to the office, cafe or outdoors, you should check that the device has a large enough battery. It is also worth betting on adding a few zlotys to a model that can also display information about the status and quality of the network on the LCD display. If you live in a large house or apartment and know that you may have problems accessing the Internet in more remote areas, you should seriously consider a mesh router network. A mesh is a set of several interconnected routers that “connect” a network to each other, allowing them to cover a much larger area than a single device.

The choice between routers is really huge. The only limitation here may be the budget, as there are units up to several thousand zlotys. In this case, it is worth checking whether the operator we bought 5G mobile Internet offers such devices. Thanks to this the cost of the equipment can be freely included in the cost of the bill.

Does my smartphone already support 5G internet?

If this The pre-2020 model is not like that. 5G mobile internet is a relatively new technology, and only relatively recently have manufacturers begun to adapt to new market realities. The latest high-end devices, of course, meet the latest mobile network standard. The first attempts to apply this technology to cheaper devices have begun, but still a significant part of them will not be able to support this standard.

The most popular 5G phones:

5G phones ->

But the important thing is that each of the new generation of mobile networks is compatible with the previous one, and the purchase of a device that supports 5G mobile Internet does not mean that LTE will not work. It also forces equipment manufacturers to find ways to add new innovations to their smartphones cheaper and cheaper. No one wants to be left behind.

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