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Outdoor swearing is becoming increasingly popular, and despite our climate, the romanticism and fairy-tale character of such weddings prevails. What’s in fashion? Ivona Rduc from the wedding salon in Wodzisław Śląski says:

Iwona Rduch: This season, blind and blind clothes are very popular, so girls love bright underwear, everything must change. The colors at the moment are a lot of beige, ivory, open back, shoulder straps. There are dresses with very detailed sleeves this season. The girl goes to church with her arms, then takes off her clothes and the top is left open.

The most natural bouquets. The florist explains:

Barbara Szymura: Boho style, loose, elegant, colors are white, broken with cream, green, very natural. Simple, hand-arranged bouquets, wreaths in the hair, everything that is natural! This is a trend that can last for a year, the bouquet should be adapted to the dress and the bride, so it is better to choose this bouquet as much as possible. (…) Then you can give advice and choose well.

Barbara Shimura adds that the table decorations in the wedding palace often create harmony with the bride’s wedding bouquet, creating a whole, a composition. Makeup and hairstyle are also important for every bride. Makeup artist Marzena Swaczyna and hairdresser Karina Sulik-Brol say:

I never follow trends, because I usually look at the customer, his expectations. You have to adjust everything to make the whole style consistent, but I always follow the customer’s expectations.

Radio 90: Can you allow yourself a little madness in your wedding makeup? Or is he more sober?

You can, everything depends on the person, personality, style, but you can always miss something crazy. Increasingly, glamor, high hairstyles and boho are becoming a thing of the past.

It is still a trend in classic jewelry

– Sastawomir and Dawid Salachna from Jastrzębie say:

Classics are always in fashion, although we have seasonal trends, for example, this year we have cardio, that is, wedding rings that show the line of life. In addition, heart-motivated wedding rings are a very fashionable trend, when combined, they form the whole heart.

Radio 90: White gold or classic?

Everything, classic, yellow, combined. However, we believe that the trend is returning to the classics.

Radio 90: And what about the first dance … Which style prevails?

Waltz, something for free, but there are cases of disco polo! (…) I think everyone can be taught to dance, there are more difficult situations, but everyone can learn. Fear of the stage can sometimes eat, it’s worth preparing.

– adds dance teacher Julia Gawlik. It is good to capture this special moment in photos and movies. That’s why there are professionals like Sylwia and Sebastian Kruk:

Everything is natural, modern, everything must be done spontaneously without such artificiality. Just like a pair of stops, this should also be described.

Radio 90: And all kinds of places …

These are mountains, palaces, castles, waterways, forests. The more natural it is for us, the better. We do not build, we try to capture the moments. (…)

You need a hall for the wedding. We recommend Amadeus Restaurant and Hotel in Wodzisław Śląski. Amadeus Hotel and Restaurant Manager Dawid Lauczak says:

David Lauczak: We invite young couples to each other, we organize weddings for up to 450 people, we have a very large area, we have many attractions, a spa, a bowling alley. We can offer our guests a lot of fun.

Radio 90: Do you realize the different dreams of a young couple?

David Lauczak: Yes, of course, of course. Each young couple is given a suite with breakfast.

Radio 90: And when is the wedding getting ready? So do you decide with them in advance what style the wedding will be?

David Lauczak: Yes, we prepare an individual proposal. We try to approach each guest individually. Of course, we have standard proposals.

Radio 90: Classics still prevail? Rule and broth?

David Lauczak: Yes, but we are in Silesia, so it prevails. After that, we can allow ourselves to imagine, but all this according to the needs of our guests.

When organizing a wedding, it is worth thinking about animations for the youngest and additional attractions for guests, such as a photo booth. And then just honeymoon: preferably as much as possible. Mexico and the Dominican Republic are on trend.

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