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Holidays are fast approaching. Are you out of town? To avoid worrying about Internet access and at the same time not to use your package on your mobile phone, check which of the prepaid internet is worth choosing.

In the age of dual-SIM phones, consumers have more opportunities with the offers of operators. When going on a trip or vacation, we can get another prepaid card (Pre Paid) mobile internet and turn our smartphone into a Wi-Fi router or browse the internet directly on the device’s screen.

SIM cards in different formats

SIM cards in different formats

We are spending more and more time outside, and the government is raising more and more restrictions on the COVID-19 pandemic. This means that Internet consumption is increasing on our smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

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What can we do to get unlimited internet access anywhere and control our expenses at the same time?

The answer to this question is as follows prepaid offers for mobile internet (SIM card only). Thanks to such a solution you’re not bound by a long contractIt forces you to make monthly payments. When you need to use the Internet all you need to do is top up your account with the appropriate amount.

Especially before the holiday Mobile network operators are competing to offer increasingly sophisticated offers for mobile internet.

In today’s material We present the most interesting offers for prepaid mobile internet. We immediately reject all subscription offers with an indefinite contract. It is much more difficult to give up such a solution.

Orange prepaid

Orange has developed an interesting offer for prepaid mobile internet. All we have to do is get an orange starter and fill it to 30 PLN.

Orange Internet packages

Orange Internet packages

Normally we get 15 GB of internet after paying 30 PLN and the package is valid for 31 days. However, it is worth sending an SMS with the content START THE CIRCLE Up to 630 Activate unlimited call package and 30 GB of internet per month for 31 days. The service is updated automatically every 31 days. However, you must have funds in your account that allow you to pay for the activation of the package.

Play cards

Developed prepaid mobile internet offers for Play customers. They are more expensive than the Orange offer, but in return we get more data transfer.

Prepaid Internet on Play

Prepaid Internet on Play

It is worth choosing two packages – Week without GB limit and One month without GB limit.

In the case of the first packages 20 PLN per month We get unlimited internet access for 7 days. Bandwidth decreases after 30 GB is used.

The price of the monthly package is 50 PLN and allows you to surf the internet at full speed for the first time 100 GB.

In addition, we will receive a bonus after filling. For 30 PLN we will get 15 GB for free for 30 days.

Prepaid T-Mobile

T-Mobile has an excellent offer for consumers who intend to watch serials and movies using mobile internet.

T-Mobile has developed a package There is no XL limit. It costs money 39 PLN per month for recalculation. This means that after activation we need to replenish the account so that we still have 39 PLN to renew the subscription.

T-Mobile - Unlimited XL package

T-Mobile – Unlimited XL package

We will get in return 40 GB internet and access to Supernet video service. This allows watch videos In Netflix, YouTube, TikToku, Player and other popular VOD services without the use of data transmission.

In addition, Unlimited XL package Offers access to 5G network.

Plus card

Plus, the basic offer of prepaid mobile internet doesn’t look like the cheapest, but it does The operator has prepared an interesting promotion.

On the Plus website you will find information about a package that allows you to get 120 GB of internet (40 GB per month) for 15 PLN. The option can be activated once on a SIM card. Indicates that it is the perfect package for your entire holiday. To activate the package with the code, it is enough to get a start and have 15 PLN in your account. Excellent offer!

Plus a special offer

Plus a special offer

Sorry on the card

Heyah offers exciting packages with extra gigabytes paid in advance. We will pay 45 PLN for 45 GB data package. Whole Valid for 60 days.

Heyah internet packages

Heyah internet packages

Alternatively, you can consider buying a cheaper 15 GB package for 15 PLN. Valid for 30 days.

Prepaid Lycamobile

International mobile operator Lycamobile has developed short-term internet plans for SIM card holders. Internet 4XL plan is the most profitable. In the back 35 PLN per month we will get 50 GB internet for 30 days. As part of this 4.5 GB package, we can use it in the European Union.

Lycamobile internet packages

Lycamobile internet packages

Virgin Mobile prepaid

Virgin Mobile currently has an interesting offer for prepaid mobile internet. We can activate the #package by paying 15 PLN per month for three billing periods (90 days)GIGAMAKS. Thanks to the silence, we will get 30 GB of internet per month. Important – you must have at least 30 PLN in your account.

Virgin Mobile Internet packages

Virgin Mobile Internet packages

Summary – Where can I get prepaid internet?

While preparing for the list, I looked at internet offers for the largest operators, as well as virtual operators. There is only one result – You can buy prepaid mobile internet at a low price on holidays. It is interesting Virtual operators do not have significantly better offers than the largest players in the market. Some networks have prepaid internet plans, but in most cases we need to have a regular prepaid system and get an extra gigabyte internet package.

Personally, I would choose an offer Orange, in addition or To play. As you can see, Play has better terms, but a worse range can be a problem.

Get acquainted with coverage maps before choosing prepaid mobile internet.

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