The cheapest mobile internet is now on Virgin Mobile. 220 GB for 50 PLN

Virgin Mobile has announced the first major change in its offer since it was officially taken over by Play. With an immediate explosion, without examining the offers of other operators, we can say that this is currently the largest data package on offer in the Polish telecommunications market without commitment.

Offers that are not required for mobile internet are especially important and important for tenants or students who have left another city, do not want to be connected to a two-year contract, and do not know exactly how long they will stay. new location, good and in general – they will really need an additional mobile internet card for the entire term of the contract.

Of course, when choosing an offer for mobile internet with a monthly warning period, it is best to adhere to the largest data package and relatively low price.

Data transfer with a limit of 220 GB is currently the largest data package to be used in a month when it comes to non-binding offers. There are Lajt Mobile, Premium Mobile and Otvart offers with 300 GB transfer per month, but it cannot be compared with 100 GB distribution during the day and 200 GB at night.

The cheapest mobile internet with no obligation

The biggest data package, but the cheapest? We can check this by converting the monthly cost in the offer to 1 GB data transfer.

The price of a 220 GB package for monthly use in Virgin Mobile is 50 PLN, so we pay 0.22 PLN for 1 GB.

Lajt Mobile with a 300 GB package (100 GB during the day + 200 GB at night) is the cheapest Lajt Mobile offered by Premium Mobile and Otvart for 39.99 PLN per month.

The price of 100 GB for 1 GB to be used during the day is 0.39 PLN. This will be a more affordable offer only for night owls, because if we calculate the 300 GB used in a month, they will pay 0.13 PLN for 1 GB.

Play, which already owns Virgin Mobile, also has a prepaid mobile internet package. The price of this package is 50 PLN, but only 100 GB includes full speed monthly transfer. This gives us 0.50 PLN for 1 GB.

At Nju Mobile, as a subscription without the obligation of PLN 29, we can use data transfer at the level of 120 GB per month, but only after two years of experience in the network. However, taking into account this experience, we will pay 0.24 PLN for 1 GB, which is still more expensive than in Virgin Mobile.

Until recently, Plush had more than 100 GB of space, now we can get 80 GB of data transfer for 30 PLN (PLN 0.37 / 1 GB) after a maximum of one year of experience.

The cheapest mobile internet is offered with commitment

By converting the price to 1 GB, you can see its installation by carefully reviewing all the offers of Virgin Mobile. In the mobile internet offer with a 2-year contract with Orange, we will pay 59.99 PLN per month for 250 GB of data transfer, which is 0.23 PLN per 1 GB.

The price of the 200 GB limit offered in Play without a device with a 2-year contract is 50 PLN, ie 0.25 PLN for 1 GB. The price of 200 GB in Plus is 70 PLN, which is 0.35 PLN for 1 GB, and in T-Mobile we pay 69 PLN for 200 GB, which is the same conversion as in Plus.

At Virgin Mobile, access to mobile internet is cheaper if we use a voice subscription with a 2-year contract. For a package with 220 GB of data transfer, we will pay 45 PLN per month, which is 0.20 PLN for 1 GB.

The perfect mobile and home mobile internet offer for me

I am currently using the Orange Flex hybrid offer. For 50 PLN I have unlimited mobile and landline calls, unlimited SMS / MMS messages and 50 GB of data transfer, which is enough to use the Internet on a laptop or smartphone every day.

If I want to watch a lot of movies, series or listen to music on HBO GO or Netflix in a certain month, I can activate additional Video Pass services by paying 20 PLN per month and 5 PLN per month for Music Pass. In total, this is an additional SIM card for a WiFi router worth 75 PLN, plus 9 PLN per month, and the price increases to 84 PLN.

So I decided to change this model a bit with the new Virgin Mobile offer. I will reduce the subscription fee on Orange Flex to 25 PLN per month (there is also no full limit for calls and messages and 15 GB of data transfer) and for mobile internet I have already ordered a 220 GB SIM card from Virgin Mobile. monthly data transfer package. In total, the price will be close to 75 PLN, but I will be able to use the Internet on a laptop and smartphone without additional packages and costs, including watching movies, series or listening to music.

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