Play has redesigned the purple LTE range again. Which places?

Play is still working hard to make purple LTE and LTE Ultra available in the largest possible area of ​​our country. In March, the range of these technologies expanded to new cities.

New cities are constantly appearing on the LTE Play network coverage map. By the end of March 2022, that was their number 2890 settlements including a population of more than a thousand 402 cities More than 10,000 people. LTE Ultra technology can be used in Play 2481 stations Including (1000+) 399 cities (10000+).

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It is time to regularly inform residents about new cities that can use high-speed Internet. The list of places for March is quite extensive, and you can traditionally find it at the end of the article.

And as a reminder – if you do not find your voivodeship in the list, it does not mean that we are not working on a network in a particular region. What not. The lists only include places that are not covered by high-speed internet and have recently appeared.

– Play wrote on the blog

New cities with LTE coverage – March 2022

Voivodeship Community City
Lower Silesia Rowarow Mrowini
Lower Silesia Wińsko Wińsko
Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voevodeship Dobrcz Kotometer
Lublin region helmet Pokrov
Lodzkie Wieluń Gaszyn
Little Poland Mszana Dolna Łostówka
Little Poland Pcim Trzebuniya
Little Poland Low salmon Bilsko
Little Poland Podeqrodzie Bjezna
Little Poland Stary Sącz Promise
Little Poland Tomice Witanowice
Little Poland Wieliczka Śledziejowice
Podkarpackie province Debica Obstacle
Podkarpackie province Pilsen Dolki Dolne
Podkarpackie province Islic It’s dripping
Podkarpackie province Qlogov Malopolski Villain
Pomeranian Coils Simerovitse
Silesian Panki Panki
Silesian Mating Krostoszowice
Greater Poland Doruchów Doruchów
Greater Poland Szydłowo Old Lubianka

New cities with LTE Ultra coverage – March 2022

Voivodeship Community City
Lower Silesia Bolesławiec Kruszin
Lower Silesia Now Ore Bożkow
Lower Silesia Dobromierz Roztoka
Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voevodeship Dobrcz Kotometer
Lublin region Szczebrzeszyn Szczebrzeszyn
Lodzkie Wieluń Gaszyn
Little Poland Mszana Dolna Olszówka
Little Poland Mszana Dolna Raba Niżna
Little Poland Dobczyce Dobczyce
Little Poland Niepolomice Zabierzow Bocheński
Masoviya Voivodeship Dębe Wielkie Xrocla
Masoviya Voivodeship Piaseczno Złtokłos
Masoviya Voivodeship New Duninow New Duninow
Opole province Lubniany Jełow
Podkarpackie province Białobrzegi Oak tree
Podkarpackie province See Whistle sounds
Podkarpackie province Tryncza Gniewczyna Łańcut
Podkarpackie province Świlcza Rudna Wielka
Podlasie naughty naughty
Silesian Goleszów Dziegielow
Silesian Hażlach Hażlach
Silesian Pszczyna Ikwiklice
Warmia-Masuria province Dźwierzuty Dźwierzuty
Greater Poland Rashkov Rashkov
Greater Poland Szydłowo Szydłowo
Greater Poland Rocket sprout
Western Pomerania Swieszyno Niekłonice

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