OTOZ Animals rescues dogs and cats from Ukraine. How did he adopt them?

How many animals have you kept in Ukraine so far?

149 psw and will receive anchors. Another 40 animals will arrive this week: 20 cats and 20 dogs. All of them are quarantined as soon as they arrive. They are treated, vaccinated against all diseases, dewormed, chipped, sterilized and castrated. Then we are looking for new homes for them. So far, half of these animals have found new, beautiful homes, which makes us very optimistic!

Half? It’s amazing how quickly this can be done!

In the first days of the war, we received letters from 300 people who wanted to help and adopt dogs and cats – either as a temporary home or as a permanent home.

Where do these animals come from? From Ukrainian shelters, foundations or maybe private individuals?

We work with volunteers from the Kharkov shelter. The city is under bombardment and is in a very difficult situation. We also have animals from Korosten and Lviv under the lithometer.

Today we are in a state of great emotion, a woman from Kharkov came to us and her two front applications were cut. We saw the nurses take him out of the cage, everything was flowing down his cheeks. It is clear that Sonia is under the supervision of a veterinarian. He was given painkillers and antibiotics. He is extremely scared. He is very afraid of people. We will do everything to trust him and then look for a new home for him.

I understand that this is not an old trauma, but a bitch wounded during the war?

Unfortunately, yes.

What is the mental state of these dogs?

All of them are under great stress during such long distances. At first I was very scared when he reached us. They hide behind huts, but slowly get used to them. After a few days, pass into the hands of a man, then start hugging and kissing. We have videos showing how much these dogs have changed. When you see that we have good intentions, break it.

I saw a video where two dogs were trying to squeeze into the smallest gap between the scary kennel and the barn wall – they are very scared. And it was really very moving.

He has two teeth. We call them Uszatki because of their funny ears. Go slowly towards the person! Wag your tails, be glad to see us. Today they are completely different dogs. It was a big metamorphosis and we are very happy about it. Such dogs later find it easier to find a home.

And are there people who take this socialization process a little longer?

Yes. We have two dogs that are still very scared, but we are working on it. We enter the cabin and sit next to them. Come to us slowly, come in. Sooner or later you will get used to it. He has the right to do so after they have been pierced.

What is the physical condition of these animals? You mentioned a girl with a wounded application. Are there more such cases?

There is another female dog stumbling in the right apk. His knee joint is injured and he will be on the ball for the rest of his life. But it is very beautiful and will surely find a home soon. He is sitting next to me now and should be dry [miech].

In addition, we have several dogs that are very thin and have sunken sides. However, most of them are in good physical shape. In the mental field, unfortunately, no.

You just mentioned quarantine – how long does this quarantine last?

15 days. During this time, we observe the animals and check if they are healthy. We vaccinate against infectious diseases, although some animals have been vaccinated before – at the border or in Ukraine. We try to make sure that new caregivers get healthy ones with a health booklet. Although, of course, if something bad happens later, you can always come to us – we have veterinarians and of course we will help.

And if someone wants to adopt such a dog or cat, where should they look for information? Preferred on our website and Facebook. There we give information about animals from Ukraine and others. We take photos and videos of them. We describe their features and history.

On Facebook, you can find our first adopters, ie animals from Ukraine, in new, beautiful homes.

What is a special adoption procedure?

You have to come in person and talk about adoption. You can see a cat or a dog, go for a walk, you can get to know each other. Then think about it quietly and decide. It is good that the whole family comes to such a meeting – let everyone get to know each other and accept the chosen pet. People with dogs and cats often come to us from Polish shelters. Take my third or fourth pet because I want to help.

Thus, the houses are already being inspected.

Yes. We are glad that there are many people who are susceptible to dog and bone injuries.

We also help in a different way. We have crossed the border with more than 30 tons of pet food. For shelters from Ukraine, but also for private owners.

Do you remember the first moments after the war? How did you get started in terms of your work and help? Were there any fears, how would all this be organized, embraced and reconciled with the work for the animals in Poland, but it has not yet disappeared?

To this day, these feelings keep us going. I remember that they were all very mobilized. Immediately, a whole group of workers and volunteers from our headquarters went to the border. We are still there, in Korczowa, we have a booth and a man who always helps animal owners who cross borders.

We will help until the horror is over.

And if someone wants to help and feed the robber, for example, what is the best connection with the state?

Preferably through social media. We also have an email address adopcjeukraina@otoz.pl. Just give us a call or write and we will get back to you.

In addition to food – pots and cages for animals are very much needed. Many people keep their pets in bags, nets or blankets when crossing borders. You need carriers, containers – so that the animals are under stress, just do not run away.

This is very important for Ukrainians. For many people, animals are family members. Not only humans but also animals need help. If we want to accept a dog or a cat – let’s accept their quadrupeds. Let’s not allow refugees to be forced to leave their animals on the streets and in shelters.

Unfortunately, it is often said that Ukrainians who have pets have a big problem finding an apartment in Poland.

If any of the refugees have a dog or cat and can’t find their place, contact us. We will publish this information on Facebook. We do not guarantee that you will find such places, but we will stand up to help. Dozens of people have already found a place.

What is the plan for the next steps?

We will definitely find new homes for other animals. For those from both Ukraine and Poland. Adoption is a ticket to a new life. I would like to emphasize that we do not forget about animals in Polish shelters. We run 10 shelters and shelters, and thanks to our adoption campaign, more than 90 percent of our animals find new homes.

Of course, we will continue to work with volunteers from Ukraine. We will collect food, cages, ants and trailers and send them to Ukraine.

We know that these needs are a drop in the ocean. We would like to do more, but we need this support. We are a public organization authorized to collect 1 percent. Our National Court Register is KRS 0000069730.

The help of society is very important for us. That is why we can save more animals. We would like to thank all the big-hearted and kind-hearted people.

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