“No, disgusting” banner. Smarzek cried and the league is thinking about punishment

£ KS Commercecon Developers Rzeszów lost 1: 3 in Lodz on Sunday. In the first match of the Tauron League, Rzeszowlu players also won – 3: 2 – and reached the final. But after Sunday’s game, the events are talked about from the stands, rather than from the field.

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A volleyball holiday is being prepared in Poland. The Prime Minister announced that our country will take over the organization of the world championship instead of Russia

Photo from Z “Smarzeki left Russia

SKS fans greeted one of the stars of Polish volleyball with the banner “smarZek BACK TO Russia”. In this way, Malvina Smarzeke was reminded of her game in the Russian league after the Russian aggression against Ukraine. The enlargement of the letter “Z” in the name of the volleyball player is a clear reference to the symbol of the Russian troops and the symbol that identifies all Russians who support this war.

The “Return to Russia” banner caused Smarzek to shed tears. As he stepped onto the field, whistles were heard

In one of Lokomotiv’s games, the club’s fans waved boxes with the letter “Z” on them, then took pictures of the players, including Smarzki, holding them.

Supporters of Kaliningrad LocomotiveMalvina Smarzek does not want to do anything with them. “Regardless of the results”

After this incident, the manager of the Polish representative, Jakub Dolata, after consulting with lawyers, decided that there were grounds for termination of the contract. – The situation has changed dramatically. There was no legal argument to terminate the contract. Now they are there, so Malvina returns to Poland. Until these photos were published, we had no legal argument to terminate the contract, and our lawyers stressed that if we wanted to do so, we should be afraid of compensation procedures, civil cases in Russia and the CAS tribunal, Dolata explained in an interview. On March 18 with Sport.pl. Smarzek soon left Russia and found work at Developres.

Since arriving in Poland, Smarzek has avoided talking about the war. When asked about him, he simply says he doesn’t want to answer. Earlier, he was criticized for being on social media while he was still in Russia. “There are tons of criticism about how I can stay in Russia and play here. I could go home, but will it solve anything? Does playing a league game draw me to someone else’s side?” he wrote in one of them.

Banner worked better than five coaches

Now we hear from Dolata that neither he nor Smarzek want to comment on the banner.

The situation is assessed by the vice-president of the club from Rzeshov. – We played a fantastic game. We won 3: 1 and reached the final of the Polish championship. I am sure that if I had hired five mental coaches before this match and given dozens of sessions to the girls, I would not have been able to achieve the effect we have achieved thanks to this banner. It was disgusting, disgusting and out of place, but it brought our girls together very well, says Marek Pieniążek in an interview with Sport.pl. – The girls showed team spirit and did a great job. Well, some make banners, others make the finale – add.

Piotr NowakowskiPiotr Nowakowski did a test of conscience. “A stone fell from my heart”

Lawyers have a protocol. Possible proceedings as a court hearing

The Rzeszow club agrees and justice must be done by the Disciplinary Commission of the Polish Volleyball League. – In the past, we could directly punish ourselves for violations of the law, but now it is carried out by the Disciplinary Commission of the PLS. It consists of lawyers, says Kamil Składowski, director of the communications department of the Polish Liga Siatkówki SA. – There was a commissioner in the match, he explained the events, we gave a protocol describing the incident at the request of the spokesman of the Disciplinary Committee, and now the lawyers of KD will decide whether it is in accordance with the rules of discipline. to some extent violated. If so, there will be a process similar to a quick court hearing. Otherwise, the spokesman will declare that the rules have not been violated, according to KD – explains Składowski.

– It will be known in a few days whether the process will take place or not. If so, he will have to wait another week or two for a possible sentence, PLS SA’s communications director added.

In ŁKS without much emotion. “Yes, it is”

SKS is in no hurry to conduct an internal investigation into the banner. – I haven’t talked to the fans yet. First I have to ask them what the reasons are. You should always know the reasons for both sides, – says the president of the club Hubert Hoffman.

– I would have preferred not to have such things, but on the other hand it was so annoying? I would argue. People with a high level of sports have supporters as well as rivals. That’s it – adds an activist from Lodz. – I will definitely talk to the fans. But to be honest, I didn’t look at what they wrote much, I watched the game more – it’s over.

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