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OTVARTA is one of the newest mobile operators in Poland. It debuted in the market in early 2018 and has gained a fairly large customer base since then. Is OTVARTA’s offer in 2022 more attractive than the competition?

Last updated: 28/1/2022.

OTVARTA – introduction

OTVARTA mobile operator

OTVARTA is a virtual GSM network Moreover, the infrastructure. This is good news for people who enjoy good green operator coverage in their areas. What’s worse, Plus is sick when he’s there and has problems with connections or the Internet. It’s always worth checking coverage in your living space in advance, although you don’t have to worry about a long-term contract in the OTVARTA network – and thus long fatigue when there’s a coverage issue – but more on that later.

OTVARTA – basic information
Admission in addition
Offer Subscription, mobile internet
Type of contract Indefinite, for a period of 24 months
Supported technologies 3G, 4G / LTE, 5G
HD Sound Yes
Roaming in the EU In 24-month offers

OTVARTA debuted in the market in the first quarter of 2018. From the beginning, he was superior SIM subscriptions only, so without a phone, it encourages you to buy separately. When the network is established, its offer includes 6 subscriptions from 7.99 to 55.99 PLN. That was the case in the beginning, and what does OTVART’s vote proposal look like in 2022?

OTVART subscription

OTVARTA 10 GB campaignPolish mobile network OTVARTA has been consistently focusing on phone subscriptions. Currently, it still offers 7 different sound packages, but these are different plans from 2018. Their prices vary From 9.99 to 49.99 PLN. The main thing is that in 5 cases you will receive a subscription with an indefinite contract, ie for an indefinite period. It is up to you when to refuse the operator’s services.

The cheapest and most expensive regular OTVARTA subscription:

In the remaining 2 cases (24.99 PLN and 28.99 PLN subscription) the contract is traditionally concluded for 24 months. This sounds very bad, especially since you only get 2-6 GB of transfers per month, but you’ll get in return. completely free AB roaming! You can only rely on so-called indefinite contracts. Holiday Package, which you can work twice a calendar year.

OTVARTA subscription with 2-year contract:

OTVARTA promotion

OTVARTA’s voice offer, which is limited to a SIM subscription only for 1/24 month, means that It is useless to look for prepaid offers from this operator or packages over the phone. Unfortunately, in this way, the operator closes the door to potential customers. On the other hand, the operator knows how to attract customers – that’s it you will transfer the number to OTVART and you will always receive a larger data package! The difference can be up to 10 GB! Thus, you earn 3 out of 4 subscriptions for an indefinite period (2-year contracts are excluded from the campaign).

OTVARTA with 11 GB for number transfer (with new 6 GB):

OTVARTA with 21 GB for number transfer (with new 11 GB):

OTVARTA with 31 GB for number transfer (with new 21 GB number):

Along with large internet packages on cheap subscriptions, you will also benefit from the quality of this transfer – OTVARTA offers 5G for customers! In addition, you can count on the quality of calls HD Sound.

At the end of 2021/2022, OTVARTA introduced eSIM. This is another advantage of Poland and the virtual operator!

OTVARTA Internet

OTVARTA more internet

OTVARTA virtual operator offers not only mobile subscriptions, but also mobile Internet packages. Provides something that is not in any network! About it Ability to choose between fixed and dynamic (variable) IP address. After choosing the first one, you should consider monthly accounts that are 5-6 PLN higher, but you can also choose between public and private IP. The choice is yours!

OTVARTA Internet 2022 ->

In total, OTVARTA offers 4 mobile internet packages in 2 variants: dynamic and fixed IP address. In the first case, its prices change From 14.99 PLN to 79.99 PLNin the second From 20.99 PLN to 84.99 PLN. The operator provides the following data packages (prices in dynamic IP):

As you can see, the choice is huge. The attractiveness of the offer on OTVARTA increases with the addition of 5G! The operator introduced the latest generation network coverage in May 2020. Of course, 5G – as in voice offers – provides Plus, on which all the activities of the virtual operator OTVART are based.

OTVARTA 2022 customer reviews ->

OTVARTA coverage

As already mentioned, it is based on OTVARTA Additional links. This infrastructure is used by many virtual operators, not only OTVARTA, but also, among others, Premium Mobile or lajt mobile.

OTVARTA 5G, LTE PLUS Advanced and LTE coverage (as of 28/01/2022):

Coverage of OTVARTA network

You can also find an interactive map of the coverage of the OTVARTA network on the Plus website.

OTVARTA customer service

OTVARTA is in the spotlight online sales – You can order any voice or internet package on the operator’s website or even through Komórkomat without anyone’s help (as well as without leaving home). there is no additional commission. If you have any problems or questions, you can use the help of the Customer Advisor.

You will receive assistance:

  • contact us by phone (you can also fill out the form to call back via CC OTVARTA from 8:00 to 21:00 on weekdays; on Saturdays from 10:00 to 18:00 – the choice is yours)
  • email connection
  • chat connection (Facebook)

Despite the strong activity on the Internet, OTVARTA is not limited to online sales. Dozens of operator outlets across the country. You can find a list of them on

Does OTVARTA have a good offer? Summary

campaign for number portability

OTVARTA network is good and characterized by low prices, large GB data packages and (usually) flexible offers because they don’t have a long contract. However, it is useless to look for a very wide choice here, especially the lack of a classic prepaid option is painful.

Despite some flaws and shortcomings, this virtual operator really does very good offer for at least a certain group of buyers. Not surprisingly, it is systematically ranked in the Cyclical Ratings of Mobile Offers and Mobile Internet Ratings.

Advantages of OTVARTA network:

  • attractive prices
  • large GB transfers
  • + 6-10 GB bonus for permanent number transfer
  • often open contracts
  • Ability to choose a permanent IP address on the mobile Internet
  • 5G connection
  • Free Holiday Package on permanent subscriptions
  • HD Sound Support
  • eSIM
  • fast online shopping is possible …
  • … but also at stationary outlets
  • In addition, network coverage …

Disadvantages of OTVARTA network:

  • … This will be a disadvantage for many
  • There are no prepaid offers, on the phone, mix
  • Completely free roaming in the EU only on 2-year subscriptions
  • 2-year subscription conditions are worse in the country

Half of the phone bills? CHECK

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