Mobile internet with no information restrictions in our telecommunications offers

Unlimited mobile Internet – what is it worth not knowing?

Unfortunately, this is not physically possible – the capacity of mobile networks is not made of rubber, and such restrictions should have been imposed to ensure equal access to mobile Internet for everyone.

Most operators use the so-called “Vuni” to create unlimited offers, ie it limits the speed of data transmission at the level specified in the contract after the data transfer limit is reached. As a result, access to mobile internet is unlimited, only at limited speeds.

Some time ago, T-Mobile was the only operator in Poland to offer such a “funnel” at an acceptable level for everyone. Their offer T-Mobile 1 – HOME INTERNET allowed them to access the network with no data limit on speed. 20 Mb / s and 60 Mb / s.

Unfortunately, it turned out that such a restriction resulted in a decrease in the ease of use of the mobile network for other users, and T-Mobile refused to do so for new customers, introducing a new Giga Tariff offer with data transfer restrictions.

Unlimited mobile internet in offers for companies

If you have a business that you manage from home and have an office, it will be more profitable for companies to use mobile internet. So we will start with them.

in addition

Plus there are 4 plans for mobile internet offered for companies, all of which have an active “LTE endless” option, about which I will write about the offer for individual customers, which I have used for many years.

The cost of these plans is 30 PLN, 40 PLN, 50 PLN and 70 PLN (you need to add VAT) and the data transfer limit is set at 35 GB, 50 GB, 70 GB and 100 GB at full speed in 2G, respectively. / 3G technology. / 4G / 5G. After using this limit, if we have LTE or 5G coverage in our space, you can still access the network without a speed limit.


T-Mobile also has 4 plans for companies with prices of 40 PLN, 70 PLN, 90 PLN and 120 PLN. The cheapest transfer limit is set at 10 GB, but for PLN 70 we can use unlimited data transfer, with a speed limit of only 20 Mb / s, which was once offered to individual customers.

For another 20 PLNs, the speed is limited to a maximum of 200 Mb / s, while for PLN 120, it is limited without any data or speed limits. The main thing is that we buy two SIM cards here, for the phone (without any restrictions for calls and messages) and a WiFi router, so we can halve the individual cost of these plans, which also looks really attractive.

If we don’t need a SIM card for a smartphone, T-Mobile still has a separate plan with network access for only 60 PLN. Unlimited data transfer, speed limit 20 Mb / s and the contract is signed for 30 months. But we pay only 2 PLN per month for the first six months, so it is like a two-year contract.

To play

In turn, Play has 3 plans for mobile internet for companies 32.51 PLN, 35.56 PLN (including free quarterly) and 48.77 PLN. They include data transfers of 50 GB, 100 GB and 200 GB, respectively, and in the last two plans the funnel is activated at 1 Mb / s when the limit is reached.

In the plans with the device, these fees are a bit higher, and for PLN 65.03 there is an additional subscription to the package with NET BOX, where the full-speed transfer limit is raised to 300 Mb / s.


Orange, in turn, offers 3 plans for companies – 30 GB, 60 GB and 90 GB with a transfer limit of 34.99 PLN, 44.99 PLN and 64.99 PLN. There’s no madness, but as with T-Mobile, we find an additional plan that looks better here.

By paying 55 PLN per month, we can use up to 999 GB of data transfer per month, including 60 GB outside the home area.

Mobile internet without subscription limit

in addition

Now let’s see how our telecommunications appear in the offers of the “big four” to individual customers. This will be a subjective opinion, but in my opinion, the largest limits on the relatively low price among our telecommunications are currently offered by Plus after T-Mobile refused the above-mentioned offer – T-Mobile 1 – HOME INTERNET.

By subscribing to home mobile internet for virtually 40.00 PLN per month, we can use any technology – 2G / 3G / 4G / 5G – with access to the network with a limit of 45 GB per month, but we can be within the scope of LTE or 5G network. Use at full speed without any restrictions. I can say that a maximum of 300 GB of data transfer is achieved per month, because I have not yet been able to transfer more while using this offer.


After the last change of the offer to home mobile internet, T-Mobile offers a full speed data transfer limit of 300 GB, for which we will pay 79 PLN.

Two cheaper subscriptions for 49 PLN and 69 PLN have a limit of 100 GB and 200 GB, respectively. After reaching the limit in each plan, we have a “funnel” and a speed limit of 1 Mb / s, which we can still access the network without any restrictions.

To play

The Play offer for individual customers for mobile internet includes 20 PLN, 40 PLN, 43.75 PLN (including free 3 months) and 4 plans for 60 PLN with 20 GB, 50 GB, 100 GB and 200 GB data transfer limit, After exceeding the limit in the last two plans, the internet speed decreases to 1 Mb / s.

As with the offer for companies, the offer with NET BOX router includes a new plan for 80 PLN with a limit of 300 GB.


Orange currently has the smallest data transfer limit among the “big four” of 250 GB per month, but also the cheapest, as it costs 59.99 PLN and is the only one that offers free data transmission for night brands. Here, too, after using the limit at full speed, a “funnel” of 1 Mb / s is activated.

Unlimited mobile internet in prepaid services

As for prepaid offers, in order not to delay this post, I have dedicated a separate update to them in today’s post, I would like to encourage those who want to use prepaid mobile internet. – Prepaid home mobile internet – we choose the best offer.

Unlimited mobile internet – before signing the contract

When there are prepaid offers, we buy a starter, check the coverage at our location, and if it is weak, we buy another one from another operator. A similar practice should be followed when signing a subscription agreement for mobile internet. We have been here for 2 years, so it is extremely important to check the coverage of the selected operator in advance.

See more: How to check the best mobile coverage.

To eliminate the need to get several startups for such an inspection, the initial selection of operators can be done by checking the coverage maps:

The last option to test mobile internet with a certain operator is to use the internet offer on a trial basis. In Orange, such a trial internet costs 10 PLN more than the standard offer with a 2-year commitment. Plus, you can order mobile internet with the router included and test for 9 PLNs in 15 days.

In turn, we can order mobile internet from each of the operators via the Internet, and if there is a problem with the coverage, we can terminate the contract outside the operator’s territory within 14 days, as defined by law.

Internet with no information restrictions on voice offers

Let’s not forget that we also have voice offers with internet speed limit of 1 Mb / s. We do this in Orange (also on nju mobile, but unfortunately only 64 kb / s on Orange Flex), Play (also RBM) and subscription offers on T-Mobile and Plus (price over 50.00 PLN) we can find. 70, PLN 00 or even 2 Mb / s – this is probably the largest “funnel” in the voice offerings of our telecommunications.

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