LTE mobile and home Internet – a comparison of offers in 2020

June 4, 2020, 12:49 PM

Mobile internet reaches home more than optical fibers. This applies not only to small towns, but also to cities. Home LTE Internet is therefore a good alternative and can sometimes be the only option. Which operator offers the best terms?

The large range of mobile Internet exceeds the area covered by fiber-optic infrastructure. However, even 4G does not provide a speed comparable to the speeds obtained with a fixed Internet connection. So the choice is simple. Optical fiber is not only significantly faster, but also more stable and often cheaper. If anyone has the technical ability to install this type of link, I refer you to a comparison of fiber-optic internet offers. What to do if you live in a smaller city or in a part of the city where “light” is not available? In this case, the home LTE Internet access to the white router.

It turned out that mobile Internet can be successfully used as the main source of connection to the home network. It is often associated with certain restrictions. Something like unlimited mobile internet is basically a dream today. How does the 4G network work? The download speed is stable and is always about 20 Mbit / s. Downloads now range from 20 Mb / s to 45 Mb / s. Nevertheless, it allows even relatively large games can be downloaded relatively easily (enough to start a computer overnight to download more than 100 GB of data), watch and play online on Netflix in the best 4K quality with HDR. Ping is stable and oscillates around 50ms. This is not a dream come true, but it should be enough for someone who does not compete seriously. Radio Internet worked for me at a maximum speed of 8 Mb / s and was only in “good winds” and reached 3 Mb / s on the previous Neostra. So the transition to LTE was a big leap. However, I realize that not everyone is as lucky as I am.

The article focuses on home LTE Internet.

I must admit that mobile internet works unexpectedly well in my area. The speed of 35 Mb / s is maintained for most of the day, and at night it rises to 45 Mb / s. It drops to 20 Mb / s only in the evening, most weekends. Disconnection does not occur at all. I know it’s not so good everywhere transmitters are often overloaded. The work has reached the point where it is very difficult, if not impossible, to use the Internet in the afternoon and evening. Therefore, staying in LTE coverage alone may not be enough. However, you can check how much internet traffic is near the nearest broadcasting station before signing the relevant contract. It is possible to test Mobile Internet and it is always worth using this option! Only then can you check the speed of data transfer to a specific location.

Mobile internet without a contract? Not really, but you can try

The LTE Internet trial period for a remote contract cannot be less than 14 days. This is the result of a law that all operators must follow. Therefore, this should not be taken as a good intention of service providers, as indicated in the advertisements. Only the extension of this period can be considered as the generosity of telecommunications companies. They seldom decide to do so, but as you will soon see, there are noticeable exceptions.

The biggest drawback of LTE Internet is the data limit, which can be downloaded at full speed.. It is currently used by all companies. Therefore, difficulties are important, but not disqualification. You can deal with the limit by downloading large files overnight. Unfortunately, only some operators provided watches where the downloaded data did not reach the limit and only one of them did not use any ticks. However In the case of 100 GB supply, it turns out that an average of 3.33 GB is used per day.. It should be enough to browse the Internet, watch a few YouTube videos with limited resolution and play for a few hours. The problem will arise when using VOD platforms. In this case, it is better to bet on a larger data package. After using the lowest before the start of a new billing period, the operator can significantly reduce the speed by applying the so-called. funnel. A speed of 1 Mb / s is enough just to browse websites, and it will not be convenient. The trial period is a good opportunity to learn how big a package a particular user will need. The level of data consumption should meet within a week or two.

Who offers home LTE Internet and at what prices? Where can you find the best terms and the biggest packages? And does anyone offer unlimited mobile internet? The answers to these questions require checking each operator and comparing the most important figures. This is the rating.

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