He was not admitted to the ward after the suicide attempt. Hospital: “There was no need”

The woman described on social media that she came to the emergency room of the Psychiatric Hospital.

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– I do not feel audible and do not feel safe, I am completely ignored – writes a woman who came to the emergency room of the Regional Psychiatric Hospital in Gdansk after a suicide attempt. He was not admitted to the ward because, according to doctors, there is no need for it.

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On social media, a woman explained that she went to the emergency room after trying to commit suicide. He came to the hospital with his mother.

– I entered the office and sat in a chair right next to the door. I asked the doctor who consulted me if what I said could be heard from outside. He said you hear everything. I described my suicide attempt and took my medication with alcohol. I also said that I still have suicidal thoughts and I am receiving psychiatric treatment and going to therapy where I was diagnosed with borderline – describes the patient.
However, the woman did not say whether the intervention of the general practitioner was necessary after the attempted suicide and whether she went to the emergency department. In turn, he stressed that he was not admitted to the ward after consultation in the emergency room of the hospital in Srebrzysko.

– After hearing my speech, the doctor replied: “These therapists send him to the hospital immediately” and I know what the border line is like and I do not need to stay in the center. I asked him if I was safe, and he replied that I was not depressed because a depressed person does not draw lines, stick crystals and paint himself beautifully, and “I think I can control myself,” he describes. – I am not heard and I do not feel safe, I have been completely ignored. I want to publicize this issue, because I will not allow anyone to do so – he adds.
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We asked Il Psychiatric Hospital to comment on this issue. prof. Tadeusz Bilikiewicz in Qdansk.

– We confirm the consultation of an adult patient at the Emergency Medical Aid Station of our hospital. Following the examination and interview, the doctor on duty did not find any grounds to place the patient in a psychiatric hospital. Anna Charnovska, Press secretary. – We can not tell you the details, but we assure you that the situation was different from what you described on social media. Although our hospital is still crowded, it works professionally and cares for patients, he added.
According to experts, it is the doctor on duty who decides whether a person is admitted to the ward or does not require hospitalization because he or she really poses a threat to himself or herself, because, for example, it is not a deep depression but a behavioral disorder.

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What is a border line?

According to the woman, she had previously been diagnosed with a personality disorder at the border. What is a borderline identity?

Experts explain a disorder called “borderline personality disorder” or “borderline personality disorder” – a disorder associated with emotional instability, personality disorder and a feeling of incompleteness and emptiness, among other things.

This disorder affects about 1-2 percent. is social and is often diagnosed in young adults. The patient is prone to take various risks, use psychoactive substances for experimental purposes, lie pathologically, have eating problems (eg, anorexia and bulimia), attempt suicide, or self-harm. Fear of rejection and abandonment is strong in patients with borderline personality disorder. The disease requires comprehensive treatment and psychotherapy.

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According to the ICD-11 classification, emotionally unstable personality is distinguished, which includes two subtypes: impulsive (F60.30) and borderline (F60.31). The boundary line must meet three of the following characteristics:

  • uncertainty of self-image,
  • lack of clear goals and preferences (including sexual preferences),
  • to participate in tense, unstable relationships that lead to emotional crises,
  • try to escape without leaving potential,
  • threats or acts of suicide and self-harm,
  • a feeling of constant inner emptiness.

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