From stomach to heart – Exclusive Empire Super Petfoods for your pet !!

Proper nutrition is the key to keeping your pet healthy and enjoying good condition and strength for daily play. As in humans, dog and cat food nourishes the whole body: daily performance depends on its quality! How to feed your dog or cat? What to look for when choosing ready meals? We recommend!


There is a lot of truth in my famous saying: what do you eat. Proper nutrition is the basis of health, and therefore well-being and strength. Those on the plate (and in animals – in the bowl) determine the state of the organism – but also those that are not visible at first glance.

A good diet is one that meets the animal’s need for the right amount of nutrients. These are different from human needs. The dog’s diet should be based on the right ratio of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. The basis of a dog’s diet is protein and fat, and carbohydrates should be the lowest percentage. In addition, it is worth paying attention to the proper supply of vitamins and minerals. In this regard, the requirements of dogs and cats are different from humans.

The health and life of pets is in our hands – conscious and responsible caregivers. Therefore, in addition to pampering, fun and training, provide your dog and cat with valuable and delicious food. As a result, he will grow up healthy (if he has a kitten or a kitten) and will be able to go crazy every day. The main thing is that your pet will be less susceptible to various diseases (for example, heart or joints).

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Dog handlers and cats, who prefer to stay hungry rather than ready meals, sometimes give their pets home-cooked food or cook special meals for them. Is this kind of diet good in the long run?

First, eating meat and vegetables deprives many of their nutritional value. They are destroyed during heat treatment. Second, it is very difficult to prepare cooked food in a balanced way in terms of nutrients. Third, considering all the ingredients (definitely the best), the energy expended, and the time we can devote, for example, to play with the student, cooking is not a cost-effective solution. looks different.

Caregivers who prepare food for pets, no doubt follow the best intentions, but unfortunately unknowingly do more harm to pets. First, because the meal will probably not be useful (special dietary supplements should be added to cooked portions, but without the necessary knowledge and preparation it is not easy). Second, because a dog or cat accustomed to smells and tastes that are very attractive to them may be more selective and offer high-quality food, it is more likely to fail.

Therefore, if your dog or cat is restless and does not eat ready-made food, analyze what the problem may be. Maybe it contains an ingredient that makes the pet feel bad (for example, flatulence) and therefore does not want to eat it? The reason may also be that the food tastes unattractive to the pet, even though it is well balanced and properly selected for our pet. If so, try adding quality fat to your food (salmon oil is a popular and healthy choice). But sometimes that doesn’t help, and eating is still not acceptable for your pet.

If an eating problem occurs suddenly or occurs with any food, it is advisable to consult a veterinarian or animal nutritionist. Maybe the problem is related to your health, and anorexia is a sign of some problems. But if such a possibility is ruled out, it is worth looking for food that meets both conditions, that is, high-quality and balanced, but at the same time attractive in terms of taste!


Among the ready meals for dogs and cats, two forms are the most popular: dry food and wet food. What kind of nutrition is best for your pet? It depends on several factors.

Dry food is more efficient, easier to store (it does not spoil as quickly as when it is wet when opened), it is easier to separate the relevant part, and it is easier to take it with you, for example, on a trip. It is also more caloric than wet food, so it consumes less than wet food.

On the other hand, wet food is usually more attractive in terms of smell and taste. However, it is lower in calories than dry, so you need to give more, which is associated with more monthly expenses to feed your pet. An open box or package should also be used as soon as possible, usually within 48 hours.

In addition to the main foods on the market, there are various delicacies: dry and wet. This is a great way to reward your pet or encourage them to do something. Delicacies can also serve as a variety and attractiveness in the daily diet.

The most important thing in each of these options is to remember the high quality of the product. It is definitely healthier to eat a piece of meat of better quality than lunch or fast food. It’s the same with animals!

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What to look for when choosing food for dogs and cats?

The choice of dog and cat food is huge – it does not make the right decision. When choosing pet food, consider a few important issues that determine whether it is a good pet food. Firstly:

  • meat content – cats are ruthless meat lovers, and the basis of the dog’s diet should be meat. Therefore, the composition of the meat in the feed should be the main selection criterion;
  • meat type – it does not matter what meat is the basis for the cost of food. The most popular (but also the cheapest) meat, which makes up the majority of the food’s ingredients, is chicken. However, it should be remembered that poultry is the most allergenic;
  • meat quality – an equally important issue is whether the basis of the feed is muscle meat or whether it contains “animal ingredients”, which means production waste;
  • Source of carbohydrates – Carbohydrates are important in the diet of animals, but they must come from good sources. In high-quality feed, vegetables and fruits with low glycemic index are a source of carbohydrates.

Feed should also be made of high quality natural ingredients. After all, what a pet finds in a bowl starts its good day, health and strength!

Although the digestive systems of dogs and cats during evolution adapted to digest ingredients other than the raw ingredients they ate in the natural environment, it is worth providing them with food as close to nature as possible – that is. as natural as possible.

We are guided by this when creating Empire hypoallergenic feed for dogs and cats. Created with pets’ health and satisfaction in mind, the Empire product line is an exclusive dry food that meets their most basic needs for dogs and cats.


What distinguishes Empire Karma is its uncompromising composition. There is no space in between! We focus on what is best and most valuable. That’s why our food consists of fresh game and lamb. The meat content is up to 80% – the rest of the composition consists of carefully selected vegetables and fruits, which are a valuable source of carbohydrates with low glycemic index. Hypoallergenic food for cats and dogs does not contain any form of chicken, thus eliminating one of the most common food allergens. Empire foods will not contain grains or gluten.

Empire pet store offers exclusive, full dry food for dogs and cats. The offer also includes high quality delicacies and flavors. Dogs and cats are not just companions – they are family members, so take good care of your pet as much as possible. From the first weeks of a dog’s and cat’s life, it is necessary to take care of their healthy development, to give them daily energy and health, and to attract them in terms of smell and taste. Complete it with delicious food that will be a great reward for your pet. In the evening, feed your pet in a comfortable, ergonomic nest so that he can get up the next day with full strength and health, get ready for the next happy party!

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Hypoallergenic Empire dog food, as well as hypoallergenic cat food is the basis of our range. The products available in our offer will meet the needs of animals of different ages and weights.

Empire food was developed in consultation with experts in the field of veterinary dietetics, as well as taking into account the recommendations of modern trends in pet nutrition. That is why our nutrition program can be called ULTRA PREMIUM QUALITY with full confidence and responsibility.

Empire’s offer includes dry food for young dogs, adult dogs (with a certain weight), older dogs, barren dogs and overweight dogs. Thanks to this, you can easily choose a diet that will fully meet the needs of your pet. You can complement your daily main dishes with delicacies – but also designed to meet the different needs of dogs. So you can find treatments for dogs with joint problems, puppies in intensive development, as well as products that support oral hygiene.

In turn, the hypoallergenic Empire cat food consists of 4 lines tailored to your needs:

  • cats during intensive development;
  • adult cats;
  • sterilization;
  • long-haired cats that facilitate the removal of hair balls from the animal’s body.

Health and vitality depend largely on what we eat – this also applies to our four-legged pets. Many people show their love for pets primarily through food, pampering them with delicious food and appetizing portions.

So your dog’s and cat’s food should be not only tasty, but also valuable and meet all their nutritional needs. Recognize Empire karmas created with love for four-legged friends. They combine the most important thing: excellent quality balanced ingredients (will meet all the needs of children), animals with an attractive taste and smell will gladly eat them!

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