For manhood, for a hit! A short story from the movie that fucked Jerome

Mr. Czarek is hiring several young girls to play for him in the ad. And with what! As before, babies were not turned into men until the world was turned upside down, breaking the erections of decent men.

  • Office space advertising in Warsaw became a viral virus in 2022 that no one expected.
  • Real estate agent Cesari Brzoski himself played the role of the company’s sexist president.
  • Her bizarre video has been criticized for sexualizing female workers and anachronistic sex.
  • We asked the author for a comment Agnieszka Szpila.

I am an ordinary webcam. Some are not thousands. My owner, Mr. Czarek, bought me from a store, not for idiots, although it was strange that they sold him there.

When he approached the shelf and put his sticky hands on me, I immediately felt that I was in the hands of a madman. He approaches me, pulls the package, pulls it out of the box against the seller’s offer … his palms are wet with sweat, the breath I feel in the lens, until the glass is foggy … man is subjected to civilized and civilized behavior and has the highest suspicion of temperament.

Plus, it’s a hilarious cry when you see the discounted price! Then I knew that nothing good awaited me:

But before the idea of ​​advertising the apartments on 77 Geromskiego Street came to my mind, Mr. Charek used me many times and crossed the border each time. As if he could not do otherwise. It was as if a red cloth had touched a bull.

One morning before the event, he went out on the balcony as usual, and, of course, he did not leave me because he was my master. And instead of filming the bulge in front of his eyes, along with the number of criminals fleeing the scene, euonymus preferred to enjoy close-ups of the pairing of dogs on his arm.

This is not the end … A few hours later, in the middle of the night, she was filming a neighbor who went out on the terrace to smoke after an argument with her husband, interested in the infrared function. When the man inserted his hybrid claw into his left nostril and removed the “dirt” from it, then wiped it on a cast-iron, patina-covered gold rail, he suddenly grabbed me with excitement.

A few days later, after taking his son to a private kindergarten, Mr. Charek held out his hand to me in the pocket of a quilted jacket that weighed less than a pack of cigarettes, because the skirt of the preschool teacher was folded after he came out of the toilet. Voyeurism waved his soul so as not to betray himself, and laughed with the piano pianissimo. What he mentioned was his!

Mary’s round figure will serve her in flagship situations for the next few evenings. When he thinks, “Wait a minute, this is my son’s kindergarten teacher, and he’s from a war-torn country,” he’ll quickly chase him away: “What was that? He is here for my money! “

“Oh … it’s … money! whore! I have a plan! Finally, to reproduce them, because they have been lying idle for several months, it is enough to fuck Raymont and Przybyszewski Żeromsky! To be more precise, I have apartments in Żeromskiego 77. But I need to rent them soon, he thought.

“Spectacular place – Bielany’s heart, Zoliborz’s gut” – my master’s thoughts, like cards from an amusement park, collide with each other and delight him. And immediately abused himself. For punishment, as a reward, for the release of emotions – for immortality, for youth, for hits – as Steven Spielberg puts it Golden Train It was performed at the Dramatyczny Theater in Wałbrzych.

For this purpose, Mr. Czarek hires several young girls who will play in his commercials. And with what! As before, babies were not turned into men until the world was turned upside down, breaking the erections of decent men. To make them insecure, pale and ridiculous. Never fuck again!

It should crackle and come out. It should disgust you, but to sell the product in the luggage! And it would be as it is inside office. Looking at the Polish version, Mr. Charek stood behind the screen and filmed himself – me – in the background of the series and pretended to be “boss”. He felt. He was finally looking at something that resonated with his true self.

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And he is a Polish boss office An actor who is the face of an image campaign at mBank – he trembled with excitement and rubbed his hands, thinking that he would build his strategy on this commercial!

– What is the scenario? The girls ask.

– You are stubborn, proudly presenting your breasts, hips and legs, nostrils and skinny shorts, and I am selling or renting you out, or really in romeromskiego, these two big apartments.

Then the movement continues rapidly. He hands me over to his cousin, who has made several films in his life, including the birth of a wife, the baptism of a baby, and fishing in the Bug River. And a few amateur porn, a mystery from my wife.

And it all went through me. Their predictions, fantasies, desires. That would be the same as before. Before everything starts. Before being fired for placing a photocopy of the secretary upside down in front of a photocopier or testing her pen. When hiring a woman, it was considered inappropriate to ask for measurements. When you see a chick that looks attractive, you can turn it on its face before you turn around and whistle, and it turns out that it is a boy. These free larvae were previously insane and threw away everything that was always female, thus depriving us of the right to rape and immediate erection – the right to cross borders. Because isn’t this real manhood ?!

Mr. Charek now sits comfortably in a chair and rubs his hands. She spits on the internet, but her company has the most clicks and likes so far, feminist sites write about her, and even some immoral plant sex chick in Krytyka Polityczna.

And I still shoot them all. You don’t even know where he put his tripod.

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