Fast as lightning: How is fiber internet different from “ordinary”?

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The number of Internet users is growing every year at an extremely dynamic rate. Not only globally, but also in individual households. Even in one apartment, several people can use the network at the same time. Someone is watching a movie, another member of the family is broadcasting, another participant of the teleconference, and in addition, a game or program purchased in the store is loaded in the background. In addition, the home Internet is used not only by laptops, smartphones and TVs, but also … modern refrigerators, vacuum cleaners and washing machines. All this means that high-speed Internet is no longer a whim of the most demanding users, but a kind of necessity. This is where the optical fiber comes into play.

Fiber-optic Internet is simply a connection made of glass fiber or plastic that transmits light waves. As is well known, they pulsate much faster than radio waves. For this reason, fiber-optic internet is faster than a traditional permanent connection based on copper cables – and this is the biggest difference between its “ordinary” network. Suffice it to say that the speed of optical fibers can reach 1 Gb / s (for example, in the Plus Fiber service based on the Netia infrastructure), which is many times more expensive than other types of landline Internet. For example, via cable.

However, optical fiber means not only higher bandwidth and greater speed, but also greater stability. The quality of this technology is not affected by various types of electromagnetic interference in the room or the weather outside. In addition, we are not interested in the limits within the purchased package. And it is impossible to forget, because when the data runs out, the speed of the Internet drops sharply. When browsing the Internet, it will only be difficult, it may be impossible to watch movies comfortably, participate in teleconferences, or even download large files.

Fiber-optic Internet is therefore the ideal solution for people who use the network mainly at home. The better, the more household members use it at the same time. Even a few people connected to the network at the same time will not adversely affect the speed of the Internet. Optical fiber is also the best choice when you want to download files or games quickly. And the latter can “pull” more than 100 GB today. With a slow transfer, this could mean loading the production we purchased in a few days. We also need to remember that we play online more often and it is very difficult without fast and hassle-free internet.

The choice of optical fiber should be considered not only by players, but also by people working from home. In this situation, unstable internet operation can cause us a lot of stress. Even if we often hold online meetings or teleconferences. Lost contact during an important conversation with a client or manager? We do not want even the worst enemy.

One of the fiber-optic internet offers can also be found at Plus. So far, customers who do not have any products from this network will pay only 1 PLN per month for a fiber optic offer with a speed of 1 Gb / s. In turn, in addition to the year of subscription at the same price to sign a new contract or an existing contract for a telephone subscription thousand. 50 PLN / month After this period, fiber optic subscription will be 60 PLN per month. (including 10 PLN discount for smartDOM and 10 PLN discount for e-invoice).

If we broadcast online, play online games, watch online movies, series or sporting events, and we want the image to be high quality and without distortion – there is currently no better solution than optical fiber. Compared to conventional Internet, this means faster data download and upload speeds and better connection stability. Given all these advantages, it is not surprising that this technology is gaining popularity every year. It is not only cheaper, but also more accessible. Therefore, the thesis that more and more small towns will have access to it over time can be safely jeopardized. This is a solution that currently offers the widest range of opportunities and will continue to develop only for this reason.

Article with partner demonstration

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