Dogs for special tasks. Lublin Territorial Defense Forces create a search and rescue team – Polish Radio Lublin

The 2nd Lublin Territorial Defense Brigade forms the K9 search and rescue team. Training of navigators, guides and search dogs continues.

“Currently, seven people have passed the exam, they have been certified in the 13th Silesian TD Brigade and are ready to form a group with us,” said Yaroslav Hasiek, ensign of the 2nd Lublin Territorial Defense Brigade. – Every time there are disasters and we are in a region where there are enough of these disasters, it happens more and more every year, so the demand is growing. These are the search for missing people in the open, in the woods or under the rubble.

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– I am training for the K9 group in the Lublin Territorial Defense Brigade – explains the second lieutenant Jacek Szynkarczuk. – At this point, we had basic training for navigators. After this training, of course, there will be training courses for the K9 group that will take us further in search and rescue functions. The role of the navigator is to look for a certain area, sector with a guide and a dog, so that he knows where he is, to find himself on the map in any situation, to work in the field. . Dogs are very helpful in this work, because the dog is able to shorten the search time by six to seven times, and does so with great confidence. The more dogs we have, the less time we spend searching for the missing person.

“In two hours, 10 people searched 40 cars, they had to find two parcels,” said senior officer Yaroslav Hasiek. “It simply came to our notice then. They surrendered with another. The released dog found both loads in less than 10 minutes. The scale of the comparison between how a dog works and how a person works is irreplaceable.

– The dog always goes with a guide – explains the 2nd lieutenant. Szynkarczuk. – It is a manager who knows in which sector he is moving and the dog is connected to the manager. The worker goes a certain route and the dog is looking for a clue. If he finds it, of course, he escapes and notes the place where he found the wounded and missing person.

– Dogs can’t bother themselves. We can’t mix perfumes too much, says Yaroslaw Hasiec. – The more odors there are in a certain area, the more difficult it is for a dog to determine the location of a specific person. Our dogs will be trained to look for people, not to look for a specific smell, such as gloves or clothes. The more “helpers” we have to walk around and the odors left behind, the harder it is for the dog to find the right smell of the missing person.

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– The dog must work in its own rhythm – emphasizes Jacek Szynkarczuk. – He knows that he has to find a missing person, so he runs to that person. He celebrates it with a laugh. We hear and then we can come to the dog.

“Dogs used in services should first and foremost have an ability and love to have fun,” says Chor Hasiec. – Teach your dog through play. Search for hidden objects, and then associate these objects with, for example, people or some material. Dogs always learn to work because they are always playing. Most of all, it should be fun for them. Working for a dog should be all sorts of things, otherwise he won’t do it. If he is afraid, he does not want to work with a guide or cooperate. The guide should always play with him and always inspire him. Always positive words. The attitude of the guide is also very important.

– This group will be mainly dedicated to the search for missing people – explains the 2nd lieutenant. Szynkarczuk. – Everything depends on the capabilities and certificates of dogs. There are several races that are suitable for this type of work. Dogs, Labradors, gold retrievers. Belgian Shepherds can be used. Even a Yorkie can be taught, because he is a hunting dog.

– If there is such a need, other services will need our help, then we are ready and open to fulfill our task, – said Chief Officer Yaroslav Hasiek.

Each dog performs better in different conditions. One is not worried about frost, the other is not worried about heat. By having several dogs and knowing their tendencies, you can adapt your dog to a particular movement.

Lublin Group K9 does not yet have its final form, and areas with dogs can apply for training to join its ranks. Finally, the group should consist of 15-20 people. So places are still waiting.

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