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Conspiracy theories about 5G have been multiplying with the power center for some time, so it’s no surprise that devices are appearing on the market to protect against this technology (allegedly). I don’t think anyone is surprised anymore. There were aluminum caps and pants to prevent radiation. Now new gadgets have appeared. The reliability of these devices would not be surprising if they did not leave anything to be desired.

I have always believed that conspiracy theories do nothing good for ordinary people. They create unnecessary panic, social agitation, and the grounds for fear are unrealistic. These stories are completely absorbed by people with mental health problems. Depressive episodes are usually accompanied by paranoid schizophrenia. People with such problems need the help of experts, not online freedom of speech. Unfortunately, they intimidate society with their hysteria. The shortest way is to intimidate people who have no idea about the subject and need to express themselves. Thus, people who have never had a test tube in their life, for whom medium or quantum is the name of an infectious disease, have recently expressed their views on research topics. In such an environment, it is best to make money by selling a piece of junk that has a story written on it.

This is how 5G-protected devices appeared on the market

As soon as I saw the headlines on the Internet, I laughed. But after a while I saw a certain mechanism in front of my eyes. I was horrified by the stupidity and fear of the people, who could be deceived by such peculiarities. Of course, it was quickly shown that these devices do not do what they are supposed to do. I know people who were afraid of the Bamboo teddy bear as a child, who lived in the attic and ate naughty children, but whose children were 3-4 years old. It is easy to manipulate such a citizen because he believes everything his parents tell him. I do not understand how mature (sometimes educated) people can deceive themselves into such nonsense and backwardness. I know that Don Quixote fought the windmills, but I think some people took Miguel de Cervantes’ novel very well.

5G protection devices are an attempt to profit from people’s fear and ignorance.

It was a lot, but the last scream of the internet blew me away. After being connected to a USB port at auction, these deadly 5G-protected devices emerged. The British company 5GBioShield is responsible for the sale of these gadgets. As if everyone is mature and responsible. If you want to believe in left-handed vitamin C and 5G protective nanotubes, believe me. The problem is that such collective hysteria does no good. Frightened people have already set fire to telecommunication poles, which could lead to tragedy. The company is believed to be selling for £ 283, but that could be paranoid. However, let’s focus on gadgets that protect via 5G. The device (apparently) protects living organisms as a shield thanks to a holographic nanolay catalyst, and its connection to the USB port increases the distance from 4 to 20 m.

However, no one thought that anyone would consider dismantling 5G protection devices.

True, the photos are not necessarily of good quality on the network, but you can easily see what the device from 5GBioShield really is. This is called deception, a false scientific toy to confuse the buyer. In other words, it is definitely not protected from 5G radiation. There is no trace of catalyst in the device. Interestingly, we actually pay about 1400 PLN for an ordinary USB flash drive. For such money, my flash drive should be made of gold and make coffee in the morning, and this “something” is not 128 MB capacity antidiluvian g $% ^. Yes, you didn’t read it wrong, and it’s not a typo. Meqabayt !!!! This means that devices from 5GBioShield are simply fake. Interestingly, the company succeeds in the market and buyers praise the product. It turns out that you can also earn money from the placebo effect.

The most interesting thing about all this is that the devices that protect against 5G also have a serious Polish thread.

It is probably not surprising that our compatriots also appear where there is a conspiracy theory. It turns out that (according to the BBC) for 5GBioShield, among others, Anna Grochowalska. This is a lady who recently branded a supplement called Klotho Formula, which should be relatively diluted (my head just burned, I think I’m too old for such “news”). Interestingly, a pendrive worth 1400 PLN is not everything a scammer can do. The work of 5G protection is endless.

Devices that protect against 5G are really expensive and do not need to protect your health.

This is a hypothesis put forward by fraudsters. People play with naivety and fear. As you can see, an expensive USB flash drive is not everything. Another gadget appeared on the Internet, namely the Chembuster Nano 5G Emerald with 25 kg of emeralds. The price of such a toy is 3700 PLN (note)! We were able to find the website of the creator of this “work” on the Internet. As the author writes: “This is my original formula for a mega-powerful chemical basaster in NANO technology that emeralds, cleans the sky from chemical sprays – CHEMTRAILS and protects against GSM frequencies, including BTS stations – 5G emitted by mobile base stations. The most interesting thing is that this device has a range of 100 km (according to the manufacturer). What really frightens me is that a lot of false scientific nonsense is enough, and people go to such auctions and buy such equipment. The worst thing is that some people even borrow to do such shopping. In the past, witches were burned at the stake, and I have the impression that we are going back to those times.

5G protection devices can also be found at more affordable prices.

This does not mean that they are superior for some reason. This is another rubbish, only this seller has come to the conclusion that if less money is spent on a gadget, more people will be deceived. At Allegro, we can only find flash drives that need to be protected from 5G for 140 PLN. Compared to the above products, such a price is a piece of cake. This means that the less affluent part of a paranoid society may fall into it. The only problem is that this seller bought their devices on AliExpress and they are now sold as 5G protection. In fact, these are LED flash drives that can be purchased at the original auction for $ 1.56. And, of course, they are not protected from any radiation. Especially for you readers, I even found “mother” auctions so you can compare products.

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