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Stable, fast and reliable landline internet is something that is becoming increasingly difficult for us to do without. It is a real window to the world, but also a tool for work, education and entertainment. To forget about the problems with the Internet, not to spend too much money for this purpose and not to conclude an operator with a long-term contract, it is necessary to choose the right one from the many offers available in the market. Everything shows that the stationary Internet in the Play offer is one of them.

This material is primarily dedicated to students who go to major academic centers every day to go through the stages of education with their foreheads. They will face the problem of ensuring that Internet access in the most rented student apartment is not a nuisance, but a convenience.

Why stationary internet from Play? Due to a number of advantages, it perfectly meets the real needs of students, above all. Of course, you don’t have to be a student to take advantage of the offer – that’s it It is an excellent choice wherever it is not advisable to sign a long-term contract for the provision of servicesno

First: the price

As you know, the student budget is not made of rubber. In addition to student life, study and entertainment, it is also a very good way to manage money. In this case, the Play offer is unrivaled. The price of 35 PLN per month for a connection with a speed of 150 Mb / s is the most affordable among all the offers of popular operators.

Stationary internet for students from Play

As a rule, assuming that the student’s apartment is shared by several people, the cost of Internet access will be only a few zlotys per person per month. When it comes to a service with such parameters, the cost is practically invisible.

Second: speed

Fixed line Internet from Play, in the basic version, works at a speed of 150 Mb / s. Of course, this is not the only option available on the price list. At the request of the customer, the speed can be increased up to 300 Mb / s by paying only 10 PLN per month. Another 10 zlotys is enough to increase the speed up to 600 Mb / s.

Stationary internet for students from Play
Stationary internet for students from Play

Higher bandwidth will be especially useful in apartments where several people plan to use the Internet at the same time. For a fixed phone connection with such settings, it will not be a problem to provide satisfactory settings for a multiplayer game, even if another person is watching the series. Participate in one of the popular VoD services such as NOW PLAY, YouTube, Netflix, HBO GO, Viaplay or Amazon Prime Video, and the other in video conferencing.

Third: lack of long-term liabilities

Use of the stationary Internet offer from Play is possible after signing contracts concluded for an indefinite period. In practice, this means that you can cancel it at any time without receiving a high contract penalty. This solution works well above all for students, as well as for all tenants. The lease expires in a few months and it is unknown whether it will be extended? Classes at the university last from October to June, and the rest of the months you do not need the Internet? An open-ended contract is an ideal choice for the above scenarios.

Despite the lack of a long-term contract, The service is installed by a professional craftsman, in rented apartments, only the consent of the owner is required.

It will even deal with providing a network connection to dozens or more devices modern WiFi router provided by the installer.

Stationary internet for students from Play
Stationary internet for students from Play

Fourth: not only in big cities

Even the best landline internet offer cannot be used if it is not available where we want to connect to the network.. Play offer can not be found only in large cities such as Warsaw, Gdansk, Vroclaw, Bydgoszcz or Katowice.but also in small towns, including Pruszków, Żary, Sochaczew, Racibórz, Piaseczno, Tczew, Żory, Ustka, Czeladź, Bartoszyce and Prudnik.

The availability of stable internet from Play can be quickly checked thanks to a special website.

Fixed and mobile Internet – depending on your needs

It’s been a few, really many years since I ended my carefree student life. However, while creating this material, I thought about those years, and remembered that access to the Internet, tailored to the real needs of buyers, including students, was not as open as it is now.

In my time, especially many students living in rented apartments, decided to use mobile internet. This is a great thing because mobile internet has a number of really important advantages, especially when we travel frequently or don’t have WiFi access in university buildings. However, it is important to keep in mind that this type of connection has its full advantages in strictly defined scenarios.

Stationary internet for students from Play
Stationary internet for students from Play

Even if the place of residence is temporary, such as a student apartment, it is worth opting for fixed internet. There are at least a few arguments for such a decision. First of all, landline internet is unlimited. This means that no matter how much data we upload per month, it will still work the same.

In addition, landline internet it does not depend on external factors, such as weather conditions or how many people use it at any given time. Each of the options has its own advantages, and is it worth analyzing your needs to choose one of the options or even use both?

Is it too much for so little? Just take it!

Concentrate, In the offer of landline internet from Play, paying 35 PLN per month, we offer internet connection with data transfer speed up to 150 Mb / s, contract for an indefinite period and installation by a professional locksmith, as well as rental apartments. In addition, the ability to increase bandwidth at a low price, as well as the availability of such in small towns.

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