What is the value? Ekipa Holding debuts in the stock exchange BBI

The main shareholder of Beskidzkie Biuro Inwestycyjny is JR Holding Fund, which has been advising Ekipa Holding on its stock market debut for more than a year (it owns 33.68% of the capital and votes at the general meeting).

Our cooperation with the crew is going well. The accepted assessment is confirmed to be conservative. Already in the first published results, the team exceeds the initial assumptions. This should come as no surprise to the company’s attentive observers. The group already has several strong sources of income, both growing and highly profitable, says Janvar Ciszewski, president and major shareholder of JR Holding.

As we recently reported, at the end of March this year. JR Holding owns 11.17 percent. Shares of Ekipa Holding increased by 40.1 percent to 28.37 million PLN. At the end of September last year, the merger plan with Beskidzki Biuro Inwestycyjny, which was listed on the stock exchange, was less than agreed.

Two weeks ago, the Holding Group announced its financial results for the previous year: it earned 45.89 million PLN sales revenue, 12.13 million PLN operating profit and 9.57 million PLN net profit.

I hope that we are already at the end of the necessary legal and organizational activities and will complete the introduction of our company to the NewConnect market. We look forward to itą And I can assure you that we want to show a new quality in the company’s communication with exchange investors, including the training of new, young investors – comments Krzysztof Misiałkiewicz, CEO of Ekipa Holding.

– In addition, we have a well-functioning, diversified business model, should satisfy current and future shareholders. We want to focus on the development of all our segments – announces.

Prior to the merger plan, the Ekipa brand was valued at 241 million PLN

For the purposes of the merger of Ekipa Holding and Beskidzkie Biuro Inwestycyjne, both companies were assessed as of 1 August. The market was estimated at 26.44 million PLN based on the value of Beskidzkie Biuro Inwestycyjne and its stock price. On Tuesday, at the end of the trading session, the BBI price was PLN 9, which gave a capitalization of PLN 36.89 million. On Wednesday, the share price rose to PLN 11.4, which gives a market capitalization of 46.73 million PLN. At the end of last year, the price remained at the level of PLN 3-5, and after announcing the merger with the team, the turn of February and March went up to PLN 18.

On the other hand, using the adjusted net asset value method, the fair value of Ekipa Holding was set at PLN 252.25 million. September Ekipa Holding last year. Until August 1. 651.1 thousand were recorded. PLN sales revenue 832.5 thousand. PLN operating costs 181.7 thousand. PLN operating losses and 128.6 min. PLN net loss. preparation of the assessment by the auditor’s office established by law The crew expected the holding’s revenues to exceed 3 million PLN this year. In 2025, with a weaker increase in operating costs to 120 million PLN (from 2 PLN to 40 million PLN), its operating profit will increase from 1 PLN to 80 million PLN.

On this basis The value of the crew trademark is estimated at 240.97 million PLN.

However JR Holding will estimate the share of Ekipa Holding approximately three times – up to 47.35 million PLN. This resulted in a company capitalization of 423.89 million PLN.

Holding team with new investors and new products

In the second half of June, Ekipa Holding announced that it had sold 10.38 million new issue shares of PLN. It intends to allocate all funds raised for this development.

In the spring of last year, ice cream with the brand Ekipa, produced by the company Koral, was a hit hit. Their first batch immediately disappeared from stores, and the next batch also appeared in Biedronka and Lidl chains. In late April, Coral launched an additional production line announcing that it will be producing one million units of Team ice cream per day. In July, it was announced that Herlitz would produce a number of stationery designed by team members. In September, carbonated Ekipa brands went on sale in September with Krynica Vitamin, which is responsible for their production.

Ekipa Holding’s activities mainly consist of youtube channels of a group of creators gathered around Frieze (Ekipa Management is responsible for selling their advertising offer) and an online store of clothing and gadgets (managed by Ekipatonosi).

In the middle of last year, many allegations were made against the team’s activities, including. In his songs “Season 3”, the car explodes and Beskidzki Biuro Inwestycyjne fall. Crew members referred to them in an extensive video. Weronika “Wersow” Sowa admitted that he had been using the owl logo illegally for two years and should not buy a toy that would not use Nowciax – the song Cypis without a contract.

In recent weeks, Biedronka donuts stores have opened under the Ekipa brand, and Ekipa has returned with ice cream sales.

The team wants to produce a series of video games and cartoons

In the middle of last year, Karol Wiśniewski explained at a conference of the Association of Individual Investors that the Holding Group had decided to go public through reverse procurement, rather than an open offer to save time. – Most of the people I buy are adults who are not interested in this (capital – ed.) Market. By entering the exchange, we will bring a new group of people to the entire exchange, a new capital – said Youtuber.

Wiśniewski reported last year that Ekipatonosi earned about 10 million PLN and this year became profitable PLN records about 3 million per month (this is also responsible for the band’s music album, which will be released in June).

Earlier this year, the Holding team listed All In! He was negotiating with the studio. Collaborate on the development field and release a video game, but no relevant collaborative games have been created. On the other hand, it has signed a framework agreement with T-Bull Studio, which is listed on the stock exchange and mainly creates mobile games, to release at least two games.

– In my opinion, it can be a business with the most expanding business games – commented Karol Wiśniewski. – Thanks to our recognition, we have a great influence on it. We can then start this machine, which will be able to catch game users all over the world, such as a snowball – he stressed.

In addition, the Holding Team is developing a film animation studio, Pigeon Studios, which is currently working on an animation series. – A lot can happen there, in fact, it can be a leading company. We have very high ambitions to make a little Polish Disney – said Wiśniewski.

– This is a big enough topic, a lot of money is really spent on these projects. I think they can give really good results, “he said. The crew is also completing a music album and plans to make a feature film.

In turn, through the company Ekipa Investments ASI intends to make investments in the media and entertainment sectors. Karol Wiśniewski said that currently about 40 people work in the holding on a permanent basis.

“Our image is a lever”

Karol Wisniewski made sure that during the conference, the team’s current activities in the field of social media and e-commerce profitable projects launched in recent months in the initial stage of development. “These new elements are starting to create products, so they are not making money yet, but they will definitely make money in the future,” he said.

The team strongly wants to diversify their activities, not to depend on popularity on social media. – Our image is a lever, a lever that will make only part of what the company earns on social media, one of its legs. Wisniewski explained – to protect us against any possibility that we are all involved in conducting business.

He described what his role in the holding would cover. – I will definitely increase the potential range of Internet-based projects. My role will also be involved in making important decisions, he said.

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