Vectra internet does not work. Failure on Elbląg since morning (update)

Vectra customers have been having problems accessing the internet since the morning. According to the change detector, the fault mainly affects large cities and thousands of Poles.

Vectra customers are a few hours away they complain about the lack of services en masse – primarily the failure of the Internet, but also television and telephone. According to Downdetector, clear problems on the Internet began at around 6:00 in the morning, but yesterday there were moments when there were problems with the stability of Vectra.

Currently, Although more than 3 hours have passed since the first reports, Vectra’s internet problems are still reported by hundreds of users. Customer comments show that in some places the problems continue since yesterday and there is no effect in notifying the operator. “We haven’t had internet since yesterday afternoon, we reported failures and then nothing. They’re still asking you to reset the router …” – we read an excerpt from one of the comments.

Vectra is out of order
Photo source: © downdetector

Vectra is out of order

A published map of Vectra accident reports shows this So far, most of the reports have come from Warsaw and Tri-City, among others. After a few hours, the website receives 300-500 new notifications in the following time intervals. Everything shows that the failure is serious, and now it is difficult to predict how quickly it will be resolved. Until then, Vectra customers do not have access to the Internet.

What is interesting, Vectra did not confirm the failure on social media and other users who report Internet problems are encouraged to contact them via private message. This suggests that internet failure reports are – at least theoretically – treated individually. We will follow up on this topic and update this publication as new topics become available.

Update, hours. 12:15

Everything shows that the failure of Vectra is still uncontrolled. New reports are constantly appearing on the Downdetector site, and users are adding new comments. One of the last shows it Vectra informs the hotline about the ongoing problems and offers to fix the problem by 14:30.

The number of Vectra failure reports is not particularly declining
Photo source: © downdetector

The number of Vectra failure reports is not particularly declining

The operator also admits in his comments on Facebook that there may be problems in some places. “Unfortunately, there may be problems with access to the service at this location. Our technicians are already working on troubleshooting. We apologize for the inconvenience,” said in a new comment on the customer’s message about the shortage. Access to the Internet and television.

Update, hours. 12:40

As for the problems with access to the Internet, we received additional comments from Vectra. According to the operator, the problems only apply to some of the inhabitants of Elblągand the work is scheduled to be completed by 16:00:

Due to long-term modernization, some Elbląg residents do not have access to our services. Our technical services work intensively on the site. We are gradually restoring our services, the expected time for the completion of modernization in the whole area is 16:00. We will inform you about the next steps. We apologize for the inconvenience.

PR Coordinator, Vectra SA

Update, hours. 18:45

Unfortunately, even in the evening, reports of low detectors show that problems with the Vectra internet are still uncontrolled.

Vectra's failure still continues
Photo source: © downdetector

Vectra’s failure still continues

Update, hours. 19:55

According to Vectra, access to television has been restored throughout Elbląg. Some customers can also use the Internet.

We would like to inform you that we have fully restored the television service in the whole territory of Elbląg. We are gradually restoring other services in other areas, and a significant part of the city’s residents already have full access to the Internet. The reason for the failure was the intensive modernization work. People suffering from service errors today will receive compensation in the next billing months. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this situation.

PR Coordinator, Vectra SA

Update, February 11 6:50 p.m.

Significant reduction in the number of presented in the low detector It can be concluded that Vectra internet problems were solved by midnight. We hope that for customers, this will mean the end of failure and the return of services to full operation. For the sake of formality, we continue to follow the case and continue the issue of compensation for customers in a separate publication:

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