The 16-year-old fought with five attackers. Shocking report on rapes in Ukraine – News from Poland and the world –

Russia’s independent website Mediazona has published a horrific report on the rape of Ukrainian women by Russian soldiers. Although many cases are already known to the public, some of the manifestations of Russian crimes are emerging for the first time.

Alla Konstantinova writes that the only information about the rapes came from the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but the scale of this crime became clear only after the Russians were pushed out of towns and villages near Kyiv. Mediazon’s journalist Ekaterina Galant was interviewed. The woman is a clinical psychologist from Kiev, currently working in Tallinn, Estonia, where she deals with refugees from Ukraine. It also accepts patients with rape trauma remotely. Often they do not know their names, women do not open the camera, sometimes the meeting lasts only 5-10 minutes, because the girls cry and hang up. According to the psychologist, there is a terrible picture of degenerative savagery committed by Russian “soldiers”.

Criminal proceedings

“At first it seemed to me that there was a moral wolf, a pervert – there are people like that in peacetime. But they came here as a group and everyone was doing the same thing! Maybe they had an order or a plan … [pokrzywdzone – przyp. red.] they say practically the same thing “ – Says Galant, quoted by Mediazona.

According to the legends, the Russian soldiers’ work schedule was as follows: first, the soldiers went around the houses and checked whether there were men. They also took their mobile phones. Then they stole everything that could be stolen.

Then, about a week and a half before the withdrawal from Kiev, “the beast began.” The men were taken away and no one knew what had happened to them. Only women and children remained in the houses. In the evenings, Russian soldiers marched in groups of 3-5 people. Witnesses said they were usually young, under 30, but there was an old man in his thirties.

“Alcohol, cigarettes and women – that’s what interests them”

“If there was alcohol in the house, they would take it, sit at the table, force the girls to cook, and serve them (…). Then the rape began – we read in the article Mediazona. These were usually gang rapes, and the more the victim resisted, the more brutal the soldiers. The 16-year-old tried to defend himself against five attackers at the same time. He failed. Another 17-year-old girl fainted during the rape. “And he even enjoys it” – says the psychologist.

Some girls lost their speech after being raped.

Many women even say that they want to peel their skin when they go to the bathroom. “And they start doing it: they pour alcohol into their vaginas” Galant says in an interview with Mediazona. Many women did not seek help from a gynecologist. When they ask for psychological help, they often do not say that they have been raped before. “They wrote that there is no point in living, they think about suicide, they can’t sleep, they can’t eat, they touch each other, they hate their bodies,” said the psychologist.

“I hit your husband because he was a Nazi”

Not all rape victims remain silent. Some women prefer to tell journalists about their experiences. In an account with The Times, one of the victims described how the Russians killed her husband and raped him with a pistol and insults. At that time, his son was hiding in the boiler room: “I heard the sound of a single bullet, then the sound of the gate opening, then the sound of footsteps in the house (…)”. My wife’s body was lying in the yard. The Russian soldier put a pistol on the woman’s head and said: “I shot your husband because he was a Nazi. The woman managed to escape during the next “visit” of Russian criminals – they were so drunk that they forced themselves to stand up and fell asleep in chairs.

A Cherson resident said he was captured by Russian soldiers on his way home from the store. They took the phone and then raped her. As if nothing had happened after the crime, they said: “Well, we have to go back to the station. We are going “.

A 31-year-old Russian soldier from Malaya Rogan near Kharkov cut his face and neck with a knife and forced them to have oral sex. He also claimed that he remembered his daughter who went to school with him.

After Russian troops left Bucza, a woman in a fur coat was found naked in the basement of one of the houses. He was shot in the head.

The scale of the crime was unimaginable

“There are more scary stories,” he said. For example, the rape of a 16-year-old pregnant girl or a 78-year-old grandmother in one of the villages (…). Such things cannot be forgiven “ – Alexander Vilkul, the head of the military administration of Kryvyi Rih, quoted in an article by Mediazona.

“If someone has an idea to do business with Russia, to think about the price of gasoline, let them ask themselves if I would like my daughter, husband, friend to meet a Russian soldier on the road.” Tomasz Terlikowski commented on Mediazona’s report on Facebook.

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