Surprising airlines with their ideas. They did not survive in the market

  • Pet Airways passengers were pets. However, the seats have been replaced with special seats for transporters, pets have been given a walk and a toilet break.
  • Over the years, there have been attempts to create airlines where you can smoke. Despite many additional opportunities, no one was able to implement the idea
  • In the 1980’s, a religious airline was established to present the Bible and the Torah instead of regular magazines.
  • Most companies crashed before the planes took off
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Pet Airways was founded in 2009 in Delray Beach, Florida. They are an airline that only serves pets such as cats and dogs or, as it is called, for passengers with paws.

These animals flew without owners in the main cabin of a specially adapted aircraft, where the seats were replaced by carriers.

The idea was that anxious pet owners would prefer to travel with a private airline rather than carry their pets on an airplane, which Pet Airways called “safe” due to temperature changes and lack of proper lighting.

Pet Airlines – David McNew / Staff / Getty Images

Each plane could carry about 50 animals, and “guards” checked them every 15 minutes. Before the flight, the animals took a walk in the specially designed lounges of the airport and took a break from the toilet.

Pet Airways could not survive in the market, unfortunately their ambitious and selfless Shelter-Animal Resettlement Program aimed to provide new homes by sending homeless animals to cities where there was a high demand for adoption. Interestingly, the Pet Airways website is still looking for investors, and their social media accounts are still active with new posts and photos.

After the Federal Aviation Administration imposed a smoking ban in 1990, in early 1993, two investors decided to circumvent the rules by setting up an airline based on a private club. A $ 25 membership fee was required. and was only open to people over 21 years of age.

Smoking on a plane is a risky idea, but these airlines had to offer passengers more than they could satisfy their nicotine cravings. Smokers Express was also unusual in that it had to offer free cigars and lottery tickets, and placed advertisements on the sides of the planes.

However, about a year after the airline’s announcement, it did not have a license or even a plane, although the founders claim to have collected more than 5,000. notifications, regulators refused to issue a license to operate Smokers Express, which led owners to abandon the idea without flying in their accounts.

A similar idea came from Alexander Schoppmann, a German businessman who announced the founding of Smoker’s International Airways in 2006. Sam wanted to allow passengers to smoke on long flights because he smoked 30 cigarettes a day. The first flights were to be between Tokyo and Schoppmann’s hometown, Düsseldorf, home to many Japanese immigrants and European offices for hundreds of Japanese companies. His company suffered the same fate as Smokers Express because it failed to raise the necessary capital.

The first Hooters restaurant, opened in 1983, is famous for its chicken wings served by the Hooters Girls. attractive women in orange shorts and tight blouses. The restaurant has more than 400 locations in the United States and additional branches worldwide. After establishing itself as a powerhouse in the restaurant market, the brand decided to use its name to promote its services on the air.

Like the places on the ground, the weather brand recognizes attractive girls who entertain guests with conversations and prizes with various games.

Hooters HavaHooters Air – Erik S. Lesser / Stringer / Getty Images

However, they did not act as a typical stewardess. There were regular flight attendants on board, serving passengers, and the only task of the Hooters Girls was to entertain guests. This created certain problems, as there is no space in the narrow corridors of aircraft for games and at the same time fun and efficient service.

With affordable prices and direct connections to cities such as Atlanta, Newark and Baltimore, Hooters Air has attracted a large number of passengers. mainly golfers and tourists.

Three years later, the company closed in early 2006 after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, due to insufficient revenues and rising fuel prices.

Lord’s Airlines planes were to show only religious films, not to give alcohol, and to hide the Bible and the Torah in the pockets of the seats instead of catalogs and newspapers. A quarter of the cost of each ticket was intended to fund the mission.

Founder Ari Marshall bought an old DC-8 in 1985, which would be the company’s only aircraft. In those days, U.S. believers wishing to travel to the Holy Land had to move to New York, and the Marshall Plan included three flights a week from Miami to Ben Gurion Airport near Jerusalem, Israel.

However, until 1987, the airline was denied an FAA license due to incomplete modifications and maintenance on the aircraft. Investors became angry and fired Marshall, appointing a new board to begin commercial operation of the aircraft.

The rest of the company’s history has little to do with mercy and forgiveness, as the company’s new president was constantly arguing with Marshall through the press. Finally, the president and his brother came to the founder’s house and beat him. The case went to court, and the gentlemen went on trial on charges of intrusion into the company’s territory. They were acquitted, but Lord’s Airlines went bankrupt and the only plane was canceled.

Managing flights with Hello Kitty as the main motive was a big job for EVA in the past. In 2015, the operator announced a 3 percent decline in sales of Hello Kitty-related transactions. higher than other flights. This increase occurred despite the fact that the company charges a higher fee for on-board experience.

Hello Kitty themed Airbus A330Hello Kitty themed Airbus A330 – Boarding1Now / Getty Images

Higher incomes were somewhat offset by higher costs. Loading more than 100 Kitty-themed items on the plane increased flight costs. The situation was exacerbated by the fact that the deck equipment, which is a subject of cartoons, often disappeared after the flight.


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