Specialty stores are a big deal in the market. The Polish bicycle manufacturer buys a network of 45 stores

The total area of ​​all stationary facilities of the Prorowery.pl multibrand chain is more than 30,000 sq m. sq m They are located in all cities of the country where Romet has no stores yet. The company plans to open another 30-35 stores by the end of the year. In addition, salons will be opened in selected major cities to witness the transformation of the network into omnichannel and the integration of stationary sales with e-commerce.

The history of the Romet brand dates back to 1948. Today, the company has more than 65,000 factories. sq m area and produces about 400 thousand per year. bicycles. This is about a third of bicycle production in Poland. Half of the bicycles are exported, including to Western and Central Europe. Baltic countries. Romet bikes are already available in 50 global markets.

– The new investment is a response to the current needs of customers expecting comprehensive, professional service in specialized stores, as well as a conscious step in the development of the Romet Group in direct sales in line with the latest global trends – the company explains in the announcement.

Grzegorz Grzyb, vice president of Romet Group, notes that sales trends in the sports industry have changed significantly over the past few years, especially in the area of ​​connecting online shopping with a customer and providing him with experience. product physically. Therefore, the company has taken steps to expand its business in line with these trends and to develop a network of brick shops.

– The new investment completes the existing bicycle distribution network of the Romet brand, which currently has more than 600 partner stores, with its own stores. What sets us apart from the competition and most existing bike shops is the ability to test the bike before you buy it. Many customers are waiting for this, and only a few stores in our industry offer such an opportunity. It is equally important for the customer to have a wide range of several leading bicycle brands specializing in their segments, Grzyb adds.

Prorowery.pl is a multi-brand network of stationary bicycle stores in Poland and offers sports equipment as well as maintenance services with a special focus on bicycles. All stores offer bicycles from several well-known global bicycle brands; Customers will also find electric bicycles, outdoor clothing, fitness equipment and electric scooters.

– Bicycle accessories are becoming an important product in the network. The upcoming season already shows that this category will dominate, along with the sale of sports equipment. The Romet brand has developed separate accessories for each category of bicycles. In addition, in the new version of the online shopping platform Prorowery.pl, these accessories will be correctly classified in terms of price and application, as well as assigned to a specific model group, which will significantly simplify the procurement process – the company announces.

He adds: – The concept of our sales model in the Prorowery.pl chain of stores is based on several key pillars of the customer’s shopping path. The customer can order the bike in the online store and announce the collection in a stationary store all over Poland. Then, thanks to the area of ​​our stores, often exceeding 1,000 square meters, unprecedented in the bicycle industry. sq m, the customer can test the bike in person before making a final decision. If he decides not to buy the model he orderedyou can pick it up at the store, change your purchasing decision, consult a specialist, and leave the salon on the bike of your dreams that fits your needs perfectly.

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As Grzegorz Grzyb argues, the specificity of a bicycle product makes the customer want to see the bike in the purchase process, “test” it, and test it before making a decision. – At the same time, we see a clear, even leap in growth in online sales. Therefore, in parallel with the development of e-commerce channels, we are building a network of the largest, fully professional, stationary bicycle shops in Poland. We are convinced that a product like a bicycle should be sold in a stationary store and e-commerce channels at the same time. These two areas, which we are currently focusing on and intensively developing, must interact with each other and complement each other smoothly. We are confident that this synergy, which increases the sense of comfort and security among customers, will allow us to reach a wider audience.

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Romet is convinced that it is the right strategy to buy your own shops, go to the omnichannel and open exhibition halls in prestigious places in big cities. in addition The group plans to expand to foreign markets. It has already taken the first step in this direction by opening offices in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia with strategic partners, where contract orders for Romet bicycles in the region have increased by 100% year by year.

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