Ski Team stores help refugees from Ukraine

In early April, Ski Team Polska, the owner of a chain of specialized shops with an exclusive range of ski, snowboard and bicycle products, opened a shelter for Ukrainian women with children.

In the restored building of the Cleofas mine ul. The Sportowa 20 in Katowice, a 1300-square-meter, yet-to-be-opened two-level store, has places to sleep, cook and relax. The facility is already full of female refugees.

Ski Team stores are located in 6 places in 4 cities of Poland. It is planned to open another store at Katovitse ul. Sportowa 20. But plans have changed due to the start of the war in Ukraine. Tomasz Piątkowski, the owner of Ski Team, decided to adapt the store area to the shelter in consultation with the Katowice City Hall (Crisis Management Department) and the MOPS in Katowice, out of a desire to help refugees seeking asylum in Poland. refugees. Mothers with young children used to come here.

The facility is adapted for permanent living needs. Three bathrooms (toilet and shower) have been put into operation. The store area is divided into two zones: leisure and active. The seating area has 70 beds – separated by partitions that provide privacy. There is also a special place for people who feel bad or sick. In the active part, a zone for cooking and eating has been created. The food comes from wholesalers and stores adjacent to Ski Team. Clothes can be washed and dried on the spot. The smallest was also thought out – the beds were provided thanks to a collection organized by the Ski Team. There is a playground for the little older kids and a screen to watch movies.
There is parking for more than 30 cars around the facility.

– In response to the great tragedy of the war in Ukraine, we want to actively help and join the many Poles who show their hearts to the Ukrainians. For many years, we have been helping various institutions and foundations, participating in initiatives aimed at building good on evil. Today we know that we are involved in an extremely difficult and very painful task for those who were forced to flee the war. We hope that the space of our store will provide them with a safe roof over their heads and the most comfortable living possible. Our little students are already going to schools and kindergartens. We can wait for the store to open until the situation stabilizes, says Tomasz Piątkowski, shareholder and chairman of the board of Ski Team Polska. And it adds

– This project would be difficult to implement without the extraordinary assistance and cooperation of the local government of Katowice and its leader, Mr. Marcin Krupa, President of the City of Katowice.

Within the framework of cooperation with the mayor’s office, it is planned to organize psychological assistance to the remaining group in the institution, as well as regular visits of nurses, interns and pediatricians. For those who want to stay in Katowice for a longer time, the mayor’s office will create a mobile point, which will allow them to obtain the necessary documents and PESEL number without leaving their place of residence.

Ski Team is a network of specialized sports shops in Poland

The company has been operating continuously since 1989. In 6 stationary stores and online store you will find offers of ski, snowboard and bicycle equipment. Ski Team is a high-end product – the store’s range includes high-end ski models, snowboards, winter clothes and accessories from Head, Rossignol, Salomon, Atomic, Tecnica, Lange, Blizzard and many other brands. . The company is also a distributor of the Spyder brand (ski and snowboard clothes). Ski Team is also a Polish distributor of Cube bicycles. In Poland, the widest range of this brand is available in stores.

In stationary stores and online stores you can buy carefully selected products used not only by sports fans, but also by sports authorities and champions.
Ski Team stores are located in 6 places in 4 cities of Poland. Sales outlets are located in Warsaw (3 stores), Poznan, Katowice and Wrocław. Each store has a ski and bicycle service, where you can diagnose problems or prepare equipment. Ski Team offers special services, including. with the help of professional consultants in the selection of appropriate equipment – as well as the use of technological devices such as a 3D scanner for the selection of ski boots.

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