Plush has a million customers and will certainly not stop there

Plush has a million customers, and it certainly won’t stop there. Lazy and even a bit rough Plushak is very entertaining on this occasion and gives free gigabytes. But let’s see what his path to the peak of popularity looked like.

Plush has one million customers

The Plush brand has just received its first million customers. Plusha – and especially Plushaka, the brand’s trademark, should not be introduced to anyone. After all, he is the hero of one of the best advertising campaigns of recent years. But let’s go back to the beginning of the whole story.

Plus, he announced the teaser campaign correctly so that it was impossible to pass him by indifferently. On the Internet – Facebook, there was a recording of the toy month Plus, which “decorated” the billboard and finally added the letter “H”. Plus’s online communication channels also had some confusion. Pluszak’s jokes were “officially” called vandalism or hacker attacks.

Example of “damaged” billboard (source: GSM Online)

The official presentation of the Plush offer (then Plush paid in advance) took place on September 8, 2014. At the original press conference hosted by Maya Bohosiewicz, we (in a stage phone conversation) heard who the mysterious moon was. Thick, muffled sound, shooting expressions like a rifle, unambiguous suggestions. It’s controversial, but also … how fresh and original it is.

One of the first questions the guide was asked was whether the bear played the role of a friend – whether he knew what Article 288 of the Criminal Code (the crime of damage to property) meant, and whether he had previously offered to “visit upstairs together.” for a great pizza. This was a clear signal that the month of Plushak, the symbol of the brand, was leading a chaotic lifestyle and did not care about anything and, of course, did not care about the results.

Just like young people.

It was also the idea behind the offer, which was aimed primarily at young buyers. In line with the idea of ​​YOLO, this abbreviation was adopted in 2014 as a joke. So it was decided to use an open and attractive slogan: without results. Although the initial probable target group is 16-24 year old customers, there is no age difference.

Plushak does not care about the results and at the same time follows all the trends – as young people. How do the first 1,000,000 customers register? See for yourself:

Prepayment, subscription, phone in the package

What is Plush today? Because it is not enough to call it an offer only for young people. Plush offers a full range for different customers: choice, color, with a special hint for those who actively enjoy life.

The slogan “Ineffective” is becoming a proposal based on unlimited minutes and SMS, and still is today. For this, of course, the Internet, but not only the dry number gigabytes, because Plush provides additional gigabytes for YouTube and TikTok (when filling at least 25 PLN). Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp and Instagram do not reduce transfer consumption.

Plush, this is not just an offer for the card. This option is available, of course, but you can also use it in addition subscription – for a definite or indefinite period (ie with the possibility of terminating the contract at any time) and the allotted period internet offers. Also in 5G technology.

Just as the Plushak toy bear has responded to trends, it has not gone unnoticed to reach the first million customers, citing popular sayings, pop culture or viral events in advertising campaigns. There are a number of bonuses that any customer can use on this occasion, which is currently celebrated by Plush.

Special offer for one million customers

Plush fills the Internet with a package of up to 100 GB for one million customers. Anyone can take advantage of the offer. New and expanded customers using the network on a subscription basis (by signing a 24-month contract) will automatically receive a gigabyte package (100 GB immediately, which can be used for 2 years).

In turn, those who have an indefinite contract or use the Plush Internet offer should send a free SMS to the number. 80848 about the content MILLION. In return, the client will have 10 GB per month – for 10 months – only 100 GB. As for the users of the “prepaid” offer (package minimum 25 PLN), you also need to send an SMS-number and content as above. Then 100 GB is immediately transferred to the account, which must be used within 30 days.

Details of the presentation for one million customers can be found on the special website

You can find the brand’s offer on I also recommend looking at Plush’s social media.

Startups are available at points of sale such as Inmedio, Relay or 1 minute.

The introduction was created in cooperation with the Plus network, which owns the Plush brand

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