Melosik’s sisters, Ania Dąbrowska’s choir girls, recorded the album “I know by heart, continued”.

Dagmara and Martyna Melosik have been singing in Ania Dabrowska’s choir for years. Recently, the beautiful twins released their album “I know more by heart”. Melosik’s love songs are a beautiful mix of pop and country music. Who did they create it for? But how does the creative process go in twins?

STYLE: How to join the choir of a famous artist? And what is your story?

Dağmara: At Ania Dąbrowska, our choir is a matter of chance. We met her 13 years ago when she appeared on the same label as a duet after Martyna’s victory at Fabryka Gwiazd, a Polish talent show. Józek, Paweł Joźwicki from Jazzboy Records – our manager at the time, came up with the idea to join us in Ania’s concert program.

Martyna: The idea was, on the one hand, to get to know the environment better, and on the other hand, to earn a few pennies for living in Warsaw, where we moved from Poznan a few months ago. Thus, the adventure, which lasted several months, continues to this day.

Can singing in a choir bring pleasure? Do you always think of being in the foreground?

Martyna: Our life plan has never been to sing in a choir, although we are prone to it because of the inherent harmony of the voice and the ease of adaptation. We enjoy it, but it is difficult to talk about its implementation. After realizing very quickly that this was a comfortable job that could lead to laziness, we decided to dedicate this activity only to Ania. Now we know it’s a good decision when our sister releases her album.

Why did you decide to write it?

Dağmara: Our main occupation since childhood was performing. For many years, it didn’t matter whose songs we sang – it was important to sing. But then we realized that we really don’t want to write a cover album. It became increasingly difficult to find ourselves in our texts and compositions. So we picked up the guitars to see if we could tell our own stories.

Martyna: Moreover, we have always been interested in how the whole hall feels when we read our text, and how it feels.

What is your new album? Who did you create it for? Are you the author of music and lyrics?

Dağmara: Yes, this album is 100 percent. of the author. Well, maybe 95 percent, because we could count on the guidance and help of talented friends. Our songs were created very naturally, there was no pressure on hits or any plan to fill any special musical niche. Their pop and country voices surprised us. We did not force anything, we just wrote what affected us.

Martyna: And because we are two women, we are mainly affected by heart issues. Although, according to our latest single, All One, the co-authors of both the lyrics and the music are men, we can assume that these stories are universal. In any case, the clip of the song with Julia Kamińska in the lead role was also directed by a man, so we think that he can move the audience, regardless of gender.

What is the creative process of twins? Are there quarrels between you, or is the division of roles pre-determined and you don’t mind?
Martyna: There was an unofficial trend towards this album – I wrote most of the lyrics to Dagmara and the melodies. However, the last word has always had artistic value.

If my sister had a better idea, we would all be ready to leave. In this regard, we are quite modest, although the talks were sometimes held in a rather non-parliamentary environment. (laughs) Even though we have arguments, we have a common goal – to achieve a good record. It quickly reconciles us.

You debut with your own album, but your words and melodies are also read by other artists. Hard to write for someone?

Martyna: In some ways it’s even easier. When writing for others, you generally mention the subject – as was the case in the song “Tips on Betrayals” where the story is dictated by the film’s script – and you can leave your comfort zone. The words that, for some reason, I would not include in the song, if another artist likes it, it suits him. This has happened many times.

Dağmara: There are also touching moments, as I received a message from my childhood idol Edyta Górniak. He thanked me for the heartwarming text. Writing for others is fun!

Are you twins or do you have similar voices?

Dağmara: It’s weird, but sometimes we don’t know which part of the song we’re singing. But the similarity of voices applies not only to us, but to all women in our family. Friends have a good time guessing who is answering the phone.

Martyna: In terms of two sounds, the division is constant, it has not changed since childhood: I play the upper parts of Dagmara, and I play the lower parts. We already have a reflex that when we rehearse for a new song, we don’t really fix anything.

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