Lidl Polska has been with us when shopping for 20 years

The first Lidl Polska store was established in Poznan in 2002, exactly 20 years ago. That year, the chain had 1,000 employees in our country, and three years later 10,000.

Lidlin’s 20 years in Poland have been marked by significant events. The brand participates in a number of charitable activities. From the first day of its existence in Poland, it cooperates with the Federation of Polish Food Banks, which provides food assistance to those in need. Since 2009, he has also collaborated with the Grand Orchestra of Christmas Charity, and in 2012 he launched the “Ma faizy percent, big help” campaign, which encourages customers and employees to donate 1% of their taxes to the Public Benefit Organization. In 2014, Lidl also partnered with the Mam Marzenie Foundation, which provides unforgettable experiences to sick children and their families and makes their dreams come true. In the same year, 2014, the first edition of the “Lidl on pink” campaign took place, in which the brand highlights the need to prevent breast cancer and encourages women to apply for tests.

Lidl is partnering with WWF – earlier this year, Lidl Polska and the WWF Polska Foundation joined forces to work together for the betterment of the environment and launched a campaign to promote a planet-friendly diet. Together with others, they encourage you to start eating more seasonal vegetables and fruits and limit the amount of meat consumed. The network also helps Caritas restaurants. In 2018, it supported the renovation and equipping of Caritas Polska-run canteens for the homeless crisis and people in difficult life situations.

Promotes healthy eating

One of the main goals of Lidl Polska is to offer high quality food products. In 2016, it introduced a purchase policy for released eggs, and a year later a procurement policy to reduce the amount of sugar and salt in products. In 2019, the “Buy, not waste” program was launched. The network also teaches Poles how to cook delicious and healthy food – Lidl’s Kitchen was launched in 2012 and involved well-known chefs Pascal and Okras. The published recipe books (the first was published in 2013) enjoyed a great saying – suffice it to say that the cookbook “Pascal vs. Okra” came out with 1 million copies! In 2020 Lidl has launched a new Dobry Theme podcast, where Carol Okrasa, among others, talks about ecology and nutrition trends..

In addition, Lidl Polska is also the largest exporter of Polish agricultural products according to Rzeczpospolita’s 500 list. In 2021, Lidlin’s exports to 28 foreign markets under its own brands amounted to about 4.3 billion PLN.

Award-winning employer

From the beginning, Lidl cared not only for his customers, but also for his employees. In 2016, the first campaign with Lidl Polska employees was launched, and in 2019, the network introduced a worker application called “We Lidl”. Employees can learn from him, among others, what is happening in the company, what benefits he can take advantage of, and look at internal job offers. Thanks to the application, they can also join newsgroups and chat with friends.

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