Is the internet too tiring? Recent research suggests that people are tired of this

Today, it is hard to imagine the world without access to, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok or Instagram. Every day I read dozens of news from around the world, read technology news, watch all the news about new games or consoles, and always use different information programs. I keep in touch with my friends every day and use the internet at work. Because of all this, I sometimes want to turn off the phone, disconnect from the computer and spend time outdoors, preferably with a little barbecue next door, a cold lemonade and birds singing in the morning. The digital revolution has many undeniable advantages, but for some it has significant disadvantages. All of these diseases were shown in a survey conducted by Americans on a sample of 1,002 people by NordVPN.

It is clear from them that more than 50% of Americans want to completely “disappear” from the Internet, mainly due to limited confidence. Up to 18% of respondents prefer the Internet to never exist, and about 8% prefer to never use it. This is a lot, considering that we are talking only about 1002 people. 26% of them said they wanted to erase old dating profiles or embarrassing moments from their lives. Interestingly, 12% of respondents would pay $ 500 to remain completely anonymous on the Internet, and 3% would pay more than $ 1,000. 24% of people said they wanted to know financial information about their friends. I wonder how you perceive the results of this study?

Global internet network

I will also refer to the discouragement of the Internet itself. I want to take a break from it, but I can’t imagine it disappearing completely. I remember at the beginning of this century, as a child, I ran to Internet cafes for an hour to surf the Internet, because we did not have regular contact at home. Not to mention those long hours of sessions after LAN with friends who play Half-Life, Quake or Warcraft. Today, it is difficult for me to imagine leaving home without a telephone, which is constantly connected to the network and sometimes transmits a lot of information. The world has taken a step towards global digitalization, to which more products and facilities are connected. Today, the Internet can be used for refrigerators, washing machines, televisions or stoves. We build network-dependent robots, autonomous cars based on data collected from satellites, and we can open one of the nearly 80 million songs on Spotify, Tidal or Apple Music at any time. I used to put cassettes on Walkman and I had dozens of songs with them, but what a joy it was!

Although each of us sometimes wants to “disappear” from the radars, the world has developed so much that it is virtually impossible to work without the Internet. Shopping, chatting with friends, or even watching TV is almost entirely online. I turn on the TV mainly to play on the console (connect to the network), watch something on HBO Max, Netflix or YouTube, or use Canal + when the Premier League match is active. I wonder how you perceive the Internet, and like half of Americans, are you tired of it? Please see the comments section. Talk to you soon!

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