I have internet via Starlink. They transferred my cell phone for me. Customs officers asked if it was military equipment. I have 250/25 Mb / s

He was one of the first Poles to receive the Starlink kit to use SpaceX satellite internet in mid-September, or at worst. He had to submit a declaration to the customs authority that it was not a weapon or a dual-use (including military) goods. Now he has it, he uses it. And he shares his impressions with us.

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Starlink in Poland. It is even 251 Mbit / s. The subscription is, of course, 449 PLN per month, but may not be an alternative in remote areas.

I knew I was the first man [w Polsce]Received a Starlink set. It’s like all the others (YT has a lot of box openings). However, the standard of work, the sense of touch of the material surprised me – it’s hard to take photos. SpaceX has a completely different approach to quality than Tesla 😉 Rolls-Royce between routers and satellite dishes.

I had some adventures with the customs officers, and Starlink’s technical support also asked a lot about it. It turned out that they should join in the future
Descriptive kits in Polish for Polish customs services. I also had to make some statements that this is not a weapon or a “double commodity”.
applications “(civil plus military).

Order to old address = problem

At first, the set didn’t work because I ordered it at the old address, and SpaceX opened individual cells for a specific recipient. The size of these cells is about 8 to 10 kilometers, and services can only be used within them. When I took my package, there were only eight in Polandone of them at my previous address.

For comparison: there are almost no white spots in Germany. It depends on what? From ground stations. The satellites are still sending signals to base stations in Germany, but as I write this, they are working on launching a base station in Warsaw. Then the cells in Poland had to be put to large-scale use.

I did not know when the satellites could pass to my new address. Fortunately, SpaceX support approached the issue individually, contacting engineers to try to open a new cell around my current location. “They couldn’t promise anything,” but you can see they’re working hard.

It all started about 2.5 weeks later, in early October.

As the device changed its destination, the connection improved. At the beginning of the day, communication was often cut off (80% had no access), and as the hours passed, the problems seemed less and less apparent. Evening downloaded and installed both router and plate updates, and then a leap improved. The connection was almost completely stable.

I started with tests, first of all, connection stability (delay, number of lost packets) and speed. I also checked the path of the information (traceroute). When I looked at Starlink abroad, I expected quite good results. I was wondering how the connection would work via Frankfurt, but it looks like the base station in Warsaw is already working.

I know that the trees partially disrupt the signal, so I have to move the antenna to a better place. It was already dark that day, and when it got dark, many boars and deer came out. [dlatego wolałem nie ryzykować]. The next day I planned to go shopping for a better place. The application beautifully shows which part of the sky is dark. You can see three-dimensional visualization with the directions of the marked world, great thing!

Screenshots show a visualization of the signal being cut by trees (red corner). I don’t know where the little red dots come from, and they are visible. I think they are birds. They disappear and appear elsewhere. In addition, the application has a schedule with intervals marked on the connection, which usually takes a few seconds.

The speed test is interesting because it measures the speed of the connection between the phone and the Internet, and between the router and the Internet. Thus, in the case of some devices, the limitation may be WiFi technology, for example, it will not allow us to use full speed because we are too far from the router.

Although the application seems simple at first glance, it turns out to be very useful. Even though I lost my job from time to time – I was hoping to fix it by relocating the antenna – I finally felt that I could work on my computer. It turns out that none of my homes have broadband Internet access, despite the promises made in the Digital Polish Operational Program (OPDP) run by the Electronic Communications Authority.

I can say this directly on the example of many farms in different parts of Lower Silesia: POPC is a great trick. All addresses had to have fiber optics, the deadlines for government contracts expired a year ago, and there would be no such thing if there was no high-speed internet connection.

Subscription: 449 PLN per month

I know that for most people, a monthly load of 449 PLN is unbearable. I am lucky because my life is built in such a way that I can afford it. In addition, my earnings depend to some extent on access to the Internet. I expect Starlink to save time and make money. So I decided to buy the second set, the one I pictured in the box was his [otwarcie tekstu].

Finally, I will install Starlink at each of my addresses.

In terms of price: the main problem is the inability to include the tax identification number in the invoice. I can calculate for myself, but I will not collect VAT. I hope this will change over time.

As I was finishing this email, I took another look at the connection measurement statistics. Right now I can access the Internet at 96 percent speed Downloads over 200 Mb / s. My current Internet access on copper runs at 1 Mb / s and loses 3.5 percent of packets. Thus, Starlink is 0.5 percent worse (the sky is partially covered with trees), but with a loading speed of 200 times higher.

Here are my Speedtest results (source):

And one more news from the last minute: I didn’t have time to move the antenna so that the signal wouldn’t hit anything, but yesterday there was another plate update and now it works 100%. There has been no such break for a second in the last 12 hours. I can see it visually learned to consider antenna obstacles. It seems to be getting better with Tesla, only with subsequent updates.

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