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  1. LPG supplier – how to choose?
  2. How to order LPG online?
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Want to order gas online? Visit the first Polish online gas order portal in the country! You can find more information about this portal in today’s article. We invite you to read the topic and take advantage of the online order of liquefied gas.

LPG supplier – how to choose?

Interested in ordering LPG online? Check out the offer now available on the website Gas for you and check what price you have to pay when deciding to order gas through the portal provided.

The company provides interested parties with liquefied propane gas in accordance with the Polish standard PN-C-96008: 1998. This is a standard that states that LPG contains at least 90% propane. Liquefied gas produced in accordance with this standard does not change and, above all, is a guarantee of high quality gas. It should be remembered that the use of high quality gas to heat the house has a positive effect on the service life of both the tank and heating devices.

Gas dla Ciebie liquefied gas is a solution that can be used by any interested person with their own gas installation in Poland. Workers use modern tanks to safely transport gas to the specified address. Gas is supplied every working day for 5 days after payment. However, it should be remembered that the delivery date can be extended up to 10 days. We may encounter such a situation when unfavorable weather conditions occur or when a large number of orders need to be fulfilled.

Regardless of the day and time of the week, you can now get gas without leaving home! All you need is a mobile device, laptop or computer and an Internet connection! Don’t hesitate and order gas today!

How to order LPG online?

How to order LPG online at an affordable price? First go to the Gas For You website and use the price calculator. Find out how much a full tank can hold by entering the zip code, size, and filling level of the tank location. You will then receive information about the total price of the LPG, including the unit price, quantity and tax. To complete the order, you must provide all information, including your first and last name or company name, delivery address, email, contact phone number, and PESEL or NIP number, depending on whether you are a consumer.

The next step is to read and accept the statements. In the end, you will be directed to the payment. Payment for the order can be made by traditional transfer to the specified bank account number, by mail or by instant payment.

Delivery of LPG ordered online is relatively fast. As a rule, it takes about 5 working days from the moment the payment for the order is confirmed. If the company has a large number of orders, the waiting period can be extended up to 10 days. The situation is similar in the winter months. The day before delivery, the customer receives an SMS and e-mail from the form with information about the scheduled delivery and an hourly interval, and calls the tanker driver.

It should also be noted that the company fills only liquefied gas tanks owned by the customer. In addition, the tanks must be inspected by the UDT, which may be required by the supplier. If you do not have such documents, the supplier has the right to refuse to issue an LPG.

Gas Supplier – Why is it worth using Gas for you?

Why do you think you should take advantage of an offer from a liquefied gas supplier? First of all, because on the portal Gaz dla Ciebie you can quickly and easily order LPG without calling, sending an email or asking for a price. The price is open to the public after using the price calculator. Other advantages are the absence of contractual obligations, excellent customer service, secure payment options and transparent and reasonable prices. In addition, the company guarantees delivery within the country.

It is worth visiting the page shown and then ordering. Why? Because in the future you will be able to look at the history of all your orders, invoices, as well as take advantage of promotions and discounts. However, it is possible to place an order without creating a customer account. Don’t hesitate and order LPG online today. The offer meets the standards in force in the country, so it is an excellent way to buy gas on attractive terms.

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