He lived with his mother’s body. “Only bones left.” Dorota S. died

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He lived with his mother’s body. Dorota S. died

Małaszewicze. Dorota S. (+59) died, a woman who lived a very long time … with the body of her late mother. A dark secret hidden from the world in the privacy of your home was revealed last year. Dorota S., 59, was due to appear in court soon, but she did not live to see the trial. He died in the apartment where his mother died. Near the place where the rotting meat rots for months …

Dorota S. from Małaszewicz, near Biała Podlaska (Lublin Province), lived for a long time … with the remains of her mother Teresa S. (+81 years old). Last year, the whole of Poland was in a state of shock. It was more than a month, not even six months. Dorota S. hid a dark, terrible secret for a long time. Only the bones of his mother’s dead remains …

Dorota S. had to stand trial for illegally collecting benefits for her late mother. The body of the unfortunate woman was found a few days ago in the same apartment where her mother died. The cause of death is unknown.

Let me remind you. The remains of Teresa S. were discovered on the night of July 19, 2021. Just then, the daughter of Dorothy S., who lives in England, called the police. She asked for help because her mother’s life could be in danger. As we have learned unofficially, Dorota S. had to try to finish herself. Police officers entered through a window on the third floor of the building at ul address with firefighters. The railwayman found the woman unconscious. The doctors treated him quickly.

Rescuers were amazed that the door of the large room (not large and small, three-room) of the apartment was firmly glued … Inside, they found a corpse on a collapsed bed, standing next to the door. What is left of them, in fact.

The corpse was in a very advanced stage of disintegration. He was more of a bone than a body – From the Lublin prosecutor’s office then prosecutor Agneska Kępka said. – There are almost only bones left, so it is difficult to quickly identify him.

It soon became clear that this was Teresa S. It was only after this horrific discovery that people who knew both women linked it to facts from about two years ago. – They smelled bad. Dogs and cats are said to have stomach problems, so one resident remembers. And another adds: the balcony opened in the winter, and the third: suddenly he began to buy a large amount of vinegar … No one thought that the truth was so scary.

Express Biedrzycka 25.04 (gen. Mieczysław Cieniuch, Krzysztof Gawkowski, Andrzej Byrt) Case: Katarzyna Lubnauer

Dorota S. did not let anyone into the apartment. Even a doctor or social worker. “I’m taking drugs,” he interrupted. As we know, the apartment was in a great mess. Dorota S. slept in the farthest room from the large room, which was tightly tied with ribbon. There was a skeleton on the old sofa …

During the ongoing trial, experts discovered that Teresa S. died of natural causes. In January of this year Dorota S. heard allegations that she received a pension from her mother between October 2020 and July 2021 and was not entitled to it. It was about 18 thousand. zloty. He would soon appear in court.

Mysterious murder in Kostrzin. Died on Sunday night?

Dorota S. will no longer be responsible for what she did and how she treated her mother’s body. On the evening of April 19, a resident of the neighborhood where he still lives told police that he had not seen him for several days. Forms appeared at the scene.

Firefighters forcibly opened the door and found the body of a woman in one of the rooms. Preliminary results show that the 59-year-old lives alone – Commander Barbara informs Salczyńska-Pyrchla from the Biała Podlaska District Police Department.

The autopsy showed that no third parties were involved in the woman’s death. Specialists must determine the exact cause of death of the woman: whether she killed herself or died of natural causes. His trial was to begin soon. He faces up to eight years in prison.


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