“My friend has a soft spot for money, guys. He does not understand that a knitted businessman will not marry a waiter. “- Real life

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Kashka has a weakness for people who have money. When we were in high school, he followed boys who already had cars and looked rich. So far, nothing has changed. We are 25 years old, we are still friends and the most important thing for him is a paid guest. He even found one recently. He was a handsome, well-mannered, and courageous boy. Perfect, except that he is about ten years older. He came to the tavern where Kashka was a waiter.

He was sitting in another luxurious bar, talking about work at the bar, and he was walking around them because he was immediately noticed. Finally, the gentlemen finished talking, and the other one got up and left, leaving my friend alone. Then Kaśka decided to take action.

– Would you like something else? – in the backHe asked with a casual smile.

“No, thank you,” he replied.

“But I didn’t mean to eat,” he added, glancing at her fondly.

He loved such games took the initiative enthusiastically. He was attractive and usually acted as if he was meant to flirt. So it was this time. She found a boy who loved her charm. He allowed her to deceive him and continued the conversation. When he finished, he was waiting for him in the parking lot next to the restaurant. Neither is any car.

“I’m telling you, Malvinka, you’re crazy!” – He told me that they were after the first meeting.

“Well, I’m very lucky for you,” I replied sarcastically.

“Oh, you wouldn’t be so tough if you saw him.” American Ford. Sporty, low, ferrous metal. And what a power. I tell you, it’s cramped in the seat!

– I think the boy is also impressive …

“And from the first meeting,” he laughed.

This time I think she is in love

Her self-confidence and willingness to have erotic relationships always made us angry and laugh. But he was also a little worried. My friends and I were scared for him. We would not want him to be in trouble. because The boys she met were mostly sexually active. None of them thought seriously about marrying him. But Kaśka did not look for anyone for a long time.

But recently, he began to say that someone needs to stay longer. “I’m not the youngest anymore,” he said. And he was right. Years passed, and he was still alone. This worried our boys and brides. They saw how freely Kashka approached the relationship. They were afraid that he would lead us astray. At least I’m engaged.

– How can you be friends with such a stupid person? – Maciek was disappointed.

– Don’t talk about him like that! He is my friend!

– That’s what worries me.

– Come on. In the depths of my heart she is a really good girl.

And he was. We all knew that. He never discouraged us, he was always loyal and kind to us. That’s why we wished him the best. Especially when she falls in love with this handsome guy in a sports uniform. In the end, love touched him too. His name was Andrzej. Kaśka did not stop admiring her beauty, manners, progress, class and … money.

He was really rich. The first weekend of his acquaintance took him by plane to Warsaw, to a good hotel and shopping. He seemed really happy when he told us about it – combining memories of good expensive shops with the story of their first experience.

I wrapped it around my finger. He boasted that he was pleased with me.

– What about you?

– Come on. For the first time in my life, I have to admit that it really took me.

Not surprisingly, she fell in love. When he introduced us, we realized his weakness. One Saturday he told us when he would come for her and asked us to go out of his gate. We should have claimed that we met by chance. We did. Me and two other friends.

In fact it was as he said about it. Beautiful, polite, beautiful. He introduced himself and greeted each of us. Beautiful and discreet – no annoyances. And he hugged Kashka, as if he were really someone special to her. He shone. I was watching the sports Ford behind them and I couldn’t believe it was happening. I had serious doubts.

– Well, let’s go, baby? Andrzej asked Kaśka.

– Where is this watch?

– Do you want to know?

– Surprise me as always! – Nazli smiled and looked at us.

“All right, come in.” Goodbye, girls. ” He waved to us.

Who was that blonde?

Kashka got into the car with pleasure and grace, as if she was born in such a car. They left and we were still standing there and didn’t know what to think about it. The boy made a good impression, but overshadowed all this luxury and big money. I was also amazed that everything went so fast … In his place, I would be careful.

However, Kaśka was overwhelmed by this connection. Andrzej worked a lot, but to take him more often and for longer, he took him on business trips to different cities. He liked it very much, because when he was in business, he could walk around a few sights and shops. Of course, he financed these purchases. That’s how they lived.

The following weeks passed, Kaśka met Andrzej regularly, and we always met the girls. we wondered where all this was going. Of all our packages, I was the most skeptical. I still thought something was wrong with him. This is very similar to a sponsorship agreement, it is not a normal love affair between two people.

My suspicions were heightened when I came across Andrzej’s car on the way home from work. He was standing in the parking lot next to the supermarket. At least at first I thought it was his car. But suddenly a blonde approached him, opened the trunk and began to fill it to the brim with plastic bags filled with food.

I thought I was wrong and went to the entrance of the gallery, but then something touched me. I realized that there are not many such cars in our city. I ran back quickly, but the blonde was already inside and the car just shone in front of my nose. I didn’t even have time to remember his registration numbers.

“That’s why I can’t tell him what I saw.” When I returned home, I told my fiancé.

– Why?

“Because if he didn’t have a car, I would suspect a lie.” If it turns out to be wrong, Kaśka will be unnecessarily worried and hate me.

– If not? What if the boy had a second lover? Or wife? Then what?

– I do not know.

– I know. He will continue to blow the balloon until Kashka disappears and his heart will be broken.

“You’re probably right, but I can’t say a word anyway.” I just can’t.

I kept this strange meeting a secret from Kashka. I tried to tell him many timesbut then I bit my lip and said nothing. Anyway, how will this confession sound? “Listen, Helmet. I saw the blonde get in the same car with her boyfriend. You know, it’s a pretty rare car, so he has a wife. Pay attention, girl! ” I couldn’t say that because he would hate me right away. He would accuse me of envy. She would think I was jealous of her because she had a knitted boy, not me.

Although it was difficult for me, I was silent. I did not admit the truth to him, even when one day Kasia told me about her disturbing plans. He announced his resignation.

– I won’t get tired there anymore. Now that I am Andrzej, I don’t need this job anymore. He buys me everything already, ‘he said, and my skin hardened.

– I understand that he gives you expensive gifts, but what will you do on a daily basis? You know, food, bills …

– This is Andrzej …

– What are you talking about ?!

It gives me money for everything. I don’t have to worry about anything. ” He smiled, though there was a look of embarrassment on his face.

– Really? Does it keep you after two months of dating?

– Yes. I did not want to, but he insisted.

– And there was no way to give up, right? – I could not help but be sad.

– Oh, come on. Why should I claim that I don’t need money ?!

– Does he know you want to resign?

– No. But he will definitely be happy, because I will have more time for him. Now we really rarely see each other. It works during the day, I go to the restaurant in the evening and at night. We only meet on weekend evenings. And sometimes we manage to mix his delegations together, and then I relax. I tell you, it is good for us. Maybe I’ll finally spend the night with him. Because I never went to him …

– Really …? – I was really impressed by this confession.

– For this case. His and mine. There is never an opportunity … – he explained.

– Why didn’t you tell us before?

– What is the significance of this? he said angrily. – Anyway, now everything will change …

“I hope so,” I sighed already I was sure that Andrzej was hiding something.

Probably blonde.

Maybe it will finally be smart

Maybe I should have prevented him from leaving at that time. Perhaps he should be persuaded to keep the traces of independence. And it was probably the right time to tell him about the mysterious blonde I saw in the car. But I did nothing and Kaśka resigned. Only a few days later, he told Ange.

He thought that the person he chose would be happy to tell them that he would have more time now. Let them meet in the evening. Unfortunately! Worse, he could not be wrong. During that conversation, Andrzej simply convinced himself. Later began to run away from him. It was as if something had happened between them that day.

He called her, asked her to visit him, to go somewhere together. At first, he answered the phone again, but apologized for his work. And then he completely ignored the relationship. He just wrote weird, random text messages. In these messages, when asked for a sincere conversation, contact, explanation of what happened, he replied: “Kasia, I can not meet with you this week, because I have a lot of work. But I love you and I miss you. See you later. “And then nothing, silence. He didn’t speak until he remembered again. And again he fired him.

Finally, Kashka, who loves to take matters into her own hands, decided to explain what happened. He decided to follow her. He knew where Andrzej lived and worked. So he hid in front of his house and waited for him to come. In fact, he just wanted to be honest with her. He did not expect everything to be explained without a word.

“Jesus, you don’t know how I felt when you saw him …”

“I guess so,” I sighed when he told me that Andrzej had come with some blonde.

– No, you never guessed! she cried in my headline. If the conversation was just about disappointed love, I would come to him and shout, shout, maybe hit. But I was taking money from him! Because I was very ashamed I understood who I was for him. An ordinary prostitute. A girl who will be taken on business trips … Eh, what do you know …

– Wait. It didn’t have to be this way – I agreed, but I persuaded him.

But I couldn’t sink it anymore. Especially since I feel guilty. I saw this woman a few weeks ago! It was a long time ago. Before Kaśka left work!

– It was the last time! I promise! Do you understand ..? I promise – Kaśka sobbed and I hugged her as much as I could.

My fiancé does not believe that Kashka will change. And next time she will be interested in a normal guy and try to build a real relationship with him. He insists that he will probably fall in love with some “touch escape” again. Why? “Because that’s the way it is.” And maybe he’s right. But I am I do not lose hope that Kashka saw his eyes and finally find the normal one. How could I be friends if I didn’t believe him?

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